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Industrial portable and ergonomic lifting device with SkyHook

Skyhook lifting device was designed to replace the traditional chain hoist or cable lifting systems and potentially hazardous overhead gantry lifting cranes. The construction is dedicated to small load lifting with ergonomic aesthetics with the precision of manual lift assist devices. This portable lifting equipment also complies with the new limitation mandates on overhead weight lifting, while upholding the maximized safety and user friendly features.

This lightweight and small lifting device increases your workflow efficiency with user oriented design and possibility of managing loads with one hand operation in confined spaces, workshops and warehouses. In addition to increased productivity, a safer work environment is another noticeable change brought to your business by the Skyhook small portable lift.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Skyhook?

This ergonomic lifting device has revolutionized several businesses, often named as the reel lifting devices for its function. Here is a list of industries with maximum utility for this innovative device;

  • Utility Companies dealing with water, electricity and energy platforms
  • Hydraulic and fluid energy products
  • Marine industries
  • Aerospace manufacture and maintenance
  • Military camps
  • Auto and machine lifting equipment
  • Medical and chemical manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of metal and plastic components
  • Oil drilling platforms offshore and onshore

In general, any workplace that deals with ergonomic concerns may integrate skyhook lift for enhanced operator safety, posture and decreasing muscle strain due to excess lifting force.

How It Works?

The general outline on the efficiency of skyhook crane function equals the force capacity of four people at once, while these under the hook lifting devices only calls for a single operator for one hand load lifting operation. Here is a general outline of the parts and their functionality:

After attachment of the load safety to the skyhook hoist, the operator must ensure of the correct installation to avoid mid-operation incidents. In order to raise the load, the wheel must be rotated clockwise by an easy hand crank lift mechanism. In case of intentional and unintentional release of the wheel amid the load transport, the ergo lift systems are fused with a brake mechanism supporting the load stable in its place.

This industrial lifting equipment is created with clutch brakes with a safe mechanism known as Loadlock. Rubber casters are placed on each caster wheel for improved brake action in premium editions while economy versions benefit from friction mechanisms. This structure responds to the load which means by increasing the load’s weight, the clutch brake grasps tighter- hence more safety.

To maneuver this series of ergonomic lift assist devices, the operator can control the movements with the hand wheel rotation and no lever control is required for lowering of the suspended load. As mentioned previously, the operator only needs to let go of the wheel to set the load in the desired height, with no complicated practices involved.

Lastly, to set the load down, the hand wheel must be rotated in an anticlockwise direction. The sky hook lifting device is created for precise positioning of the load by providing a remarkable control over the maneuver. Every of these functions are mechanical and done without the use of electricity.

This gantry lift device offers several models available, designed to carry out a wide variety of load lifting tasks across a variety of industries.

Key Specifications of Skyhook

For enhanced overhead load lifting safety, we highly recommend you to integrate the skyhook system to your industrial lift, carry and transport operations in replacement of classical chain lift mechanism. With several models, there are generally three sub categories in their designs.

Economy: they come with a simple friction brake used as low-cost lift assistance.

Premium: the premium skyhooks are enriched with designs for the betterment of ergonomic aspects as an advanced industrial lift assist, 6” caster wheels for a safer mechanism and heavier load lifting

Customized: made for customer’s specific requirements of size and other integrations.

Moreover, the skyhook can be categorized between fixed and mobilized


This skyhook portable lifting device is in compliance with the latest ASME and OSHA policy standards to ensure safety and premium quality performance. Each edition is hand tested thoroughly before reaching into your premises.

Adjustability of skyhook design

The design includes its own adjustments for maximum ergonomic lifting such as adjustable control wheel, height variations, etc. Although as a plus feature, the company offers customizable varieties with any height, width and even weight requirements, without compromising the device’s effectiveness. For ordering the best fit, all you have to do is to contact our experts with your desired specifications.

A Final Observation

Described as an integral line of portable lifting devices, the skyhook comes with both fixed and mobile base options to choose from according to task requirements. If you don’t find the perfect fit among the prefabricated skyhook models, we can provide you with custom lifting devices to accurately meet your needs.

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