PRO Pipe Handling Tool

General Description

The 10” PRO Pipe Handling Tool is manufactured to make the drilling process efficient while providing a safety line. This tool can be used with an extensive variety and sizes of drill pipes. As the name indicates, they are utilized in the operations involving maneuvering large diameter pipes, casing joints and hoses that reach up to 10”.

Industrial Utility and Benefits

Oil and gas companies that handle drilling operations in both offshore and onshore stations can benefit from this rig pipe handling tool. The PRO Pipe handling tool is primarily used to reduce the potential risks involved in drilling tasks and manual handling of the drill pipes in the rig floor and catwalk areas.

In essence, any task requiring the movement of suspended larger pipe, drill tools, bulk hoses and BOP service lines, the PRO Pipe Handling Tool more than delivers. It is compatible with standard taglines for better load control and user handling.

As a versatile oil rig tool, this addition to the pipe racking system offers several benefits to the drill sites, including;
  • Providing hands free working environment and a safe buffer zone
  • Offering impeccable function when used as a drill pipe moving tool and fishing tool
  • Better maneuvering of pipe movement
  • Safeguarding the operators from crush points and hazardous drilling liquids


Our pro pipe handling tool is designed by considering safety factors, ergonomic features and convenience of handling the pipes. The result is a highly precise tool that offers a great leverage even in the most confined areas. The pipe handling equipment engages around the pipe with ease, accommodated by a single opening 10½.

The construction presents a staff with two handling points. It is highly recommended to use the push pull pipe tool while incorporating both hands; both for better balance and control over the operation.

Furthermore, it comes with two internal hook mechanisms; one of the hooks faces forward, while the other is designed to grip the rear side. This structure essentially facilitates push and pulls functions. This way the operator can move or stabilize the suspended pipe.

To wipe down the harmful drilling liquids, the pipe and bulk hoses handling tool is coated with fully replaceable non-slip and low compression rubber grommets on its attachment.

The tool is tailored from medium density polyethylene on the hook and 30mm marine grade aluminum staff. The choice of material presents exceptional features, such as a lightweight profile, durability, resistance to rust, and ease of maneuverability.


Points to remember When Using the PRO Pipe Handling Tool

  • Safety is an integral approach. It means for getting the best out of the pro pipe handler, the operation supervisor must combine it with other safety equipment of your worksite, including protective eyewear, footwear, gloves, etc.
  • Respect the maximum pipe size; the two internal hook features can compile with pipes and hoses with a max diameter of 10”.
  • Waist level is the recommended inserting position for engaging
  • the casing joints handling tool in the pipe work.
  • Only attach the large drill pipe tool when the pipe or hoses are stable to prevent swinging load accidents
  • Operators should use both hands for maximum control and leverage.
  • The correct way of engagement is face-on that provides the maximum contact and grip.
  • Harmony and communication must be established between the tool operator, banksman or operator of mechanical lifting devices.
  • When handling larger piping casing joints, the task calls for two personnel required when handling larger piping casing joints.
  • Only remove the tool when the pipe is stable and the tension from lift wire is removed
  • Do not use this BHA handling tool for leveraging activities.

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While performing drilling operations, it is highly recommended to combine your push pull pipe tool with other safety equipment such as anti crush point safety bootssafety gloves and suits resistant to drilling liquids, and face and head PPE. RAAH Safety supplies safety tools, oil field tools and equipment for a variety of international sectors. To place an order, get a quotation on bulk purchases, or get advice on complimentary safety tools, contact us today.

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