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Our resilient pallet cage units are crafted with space optimization features, durable structure and as a premium safety for your palletlifting solution in industrial settings. The safety lifting cage is compatible with integration with wooden or plastic pallets. These pallet lifting cages are for safely move cargo from Work Boats to Rigs, lifting pallets from marine work vessels, safely and efficiently lifting and moving material on loading or unloading docks etc. Customized sizes as per customer requirement are available.

The pallet safety cages are easy to increase workflow efficiency, while making space management more effective when lifting open pallet cargo. If you are looking for a safe, high quality, and reliable lifting solution in warehouses, oil rigs or logistic stations, RAAH Safety Pallet Cages match all your expectations.

pallet cage for lifting

Industrial Utility

These cages for lifting facilitate storage and transporting goods in warehouse infrastructures, cargo stations and within any business that requires fast and safe lift and move cargo solutions with maximum security, both for stationary or in transit load handling.

Keeping safety and efficiency at the core of our designs, RAAH Safety pallet cages boast a Safe Weight Load of 2.5 Tons. Each palletized cargo lifting cage is designed to cater to load transport in marine vessels, offshore platforms, and heavy duty cargo handling onshore. Here are some generalize examples;

Pallet Cage Features

The top side and bottom side of the wire mesh pallets is openfor easy and fast placement over palletized cargo, while the side walls are not created with door assemblies. This feature assists easy placement and removal of the load and straightforward installation. The metal cage storage is manufactured for instant attachment to bottom lifting bars and a secure lockable mechanism. At the top four corners, a pallet forklift platform safety cage can be attached to hoisting solutions for mechanical lifting and pallet management schemes. Our heavy duty pallet cages can handle any knocks, scratches, bumps and other forms of impact in industrial environments provided this is being used under expert supervision and well trained personnel, then it will keep the goods safe at all times. Also named as pallet lifting cage for crane, they are crafted from non-corrosive and heavy-duty material to increase the life cycle and provide a durable and lockable cage. Moreover, these palletized cargo cages help maximize your storage space and revolutionize your heavy load lifting systems, whether in a cargo truck, a boat or in an onshore warehouse.


Transform Your Workplace with RAAH Safety Pallet Cages

Designed with sturdy and durable metal, you can save money, and reduce load related incidents in your workplace. As the name indicates, these pallet cages are made with a cage-like construction to handle large cargo or heavy loads for suspended transport, as well as stationery storage.

For transport, our pallet cages reduce shock to your load by keeping it secure in place from internal damage and offer a strong outer shell which prevents external impact, which eliminates the possibility of stock loss or partial damage to your goods.

Mechanical management with forklifts or a lifting crane is an integrated part of handling large goods around commercial environments. Our lifting cage for pallet material offers prefabricated details to cater to any requirement of mechanical lifting arrangement.

Lastly, workplace safety and prevention of over head injuries is significantly reduced with the foolproof structure of these heavy loads pallet cages, when organizing or lifting goods. In essence, there are no chances of dropping the goods. Moreover, the lockable feature of these pallet systems keeps them in place at all time.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit when it comes to safety precautions, especially in an industrial environment where suspended heavy loads, large, stacked goods, and bulk material lifting are in question. Using the secure pallet lifting cages to transport such goods is a must follow protocol, which is achieved by using our safe, durable and reliable Pallet Cages. Secure your loads with peace of mind with RAAH Safety Pallet Cages. Call us to place an order on standard designs or customized pallet lifting cage, or get the best prices of bulk purchases today.

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