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How Will Fork Mount Drum Handler Change Your Industry?

Heavily loaded drums while manual transport can impose a heavy effort, increase chances of workplace injuries and hinder the time and efficiency of personnels. An industrial staple, the powered drum lifter was introduced to the market.; the fork-mount drum mover is engineered to enhance safety and increase efficiency while handling plastic, steel and fiber drums. In essence, the automatic drum palletizer is designed for grabbing, lifting, and carrying the barrels, by steel, fiber, or plastic drum grabber forklift attachment, as an easy and effective custom drum handling equipment.

Uses Across Industries

For any industry dealing with charging, embarking and transport of these heavy barrels are a routine task. Categorized among the crush point prone activities, manual movement of barrels is an outdated method, replaced by motorized barrel movers.

How it Works?

A drum attachment is a solution that replaces manual handling that connects a barrel to a forklift truck. This powered drum lifter proves effective when there is a frequent handling of barrels involved. The rotating drum lifter is simply designed to attach to the drum handling equipment forklift attachment truck with a simple yet secure mechanism to empty, tilt, mix and transport a loaded or empty barrel.

While there are four sizes of industrial drum, the drum racker is designed with adjustable bolting to cater for any sizing demands. In addition to forklifts, the drum attachments can be used with other fork-mount drum mover, such as cranes. On such occasions, the forklift drum clamp tines are replaced with carriage mounts. Therefore, the attachments facilitate both lifting with a hook and bottom lifts.

Key Specifications

The automatic drum palletizer is available in fully automated and semi-automated variety, ranging in offered features according to models. All the editions offer automatic rim grip with size versatility to match a wide variety of barrels, whether steel, plastic or fiber. Moreover, the settings offer an efficient metal or plastic drum handling equipment with lid or lid-less. The rim is further enriched with a steel jaw mechanism that offers extra care for sidewalls, and safe movement.

The morse drum handling equipment also offers single or double drum seatings in the fork-mount drum mover varieties.

Detailed Features:

Optional Features:

  • Ordering stainless steel finish for zoned areas
  • Factory installed remote control and camera

Available Models

Requirements on movement of barrels or pouring and mixing the content may vary from industry to industry. To respond to these specialized demands, the innovative rotating drum lifter offers a variety of models to choose from. Here is a quick look at the available truck lift varieties introduced by morse drum lifter and tilter- from hydraulic drum rotator forklift attachment to double drum carriers;

  • Model 290F GRIP+GOTM Power-Grip
    It offers powered handling of barrels, title, and 180 degrees inversion with a capacity up to 1500 pounds.
  • Model 285A-BP
    Forklift-Karriers with in-built battery power, 180 degree tilt, requires manual placement. Capacity reaching 1500 Lb or 681 kg.
  • Model 285XBP
    Forklift-Karriers with in-built battery power, 180 degree tilt, requires manual placement. Capacity reaching 2500 Lb or 1134 kg.
  • Forklift-Karriers with Manual Drum Grip and Tilt Chain operated drum tilter, requiring manual placement. Available in four series ranging in capacity from 800 to 2500 LP.
  • MORSPEED 1500 Forklift equipment attachment
    Fork mouted drum grab attachment of drum palletizer and heavy duty maneuvering of barrels up to two at a time. Jaw activation with a weight of drum at least 75 Lb or 34 kg. Maximum capacity of 1500 Lb.
  • MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift attachment
    heavy duty handling of drums. Jaw activation with at a minimum 50 Lb or 23 kg weight Maximum capacity of 1000 Lb.
  • MORStakTM Model 289F
    For rimmed steel and plastic drums of 55 gallon size, with a maximum capacity of 800 Lb or 363 kg. Drum lift and tilt with fork mount
  • MORStakTM Model 289F Model 289C
    For rimmed drums of 55 gallon size, with a maximum capacity of 800 Lb or 363 kg, lifting with carriage mount
  • Morse model 284 Fork Mount Hook
    Suspend hook with a weight capacity reaching to 2000 Lb or 907 kg

How Your Company Can Benefit From Fork Mount Drum Handler

Powered lifting of drums, transport, pour and mixing of content is an innovative addition to modern and effective industrial drum lifting procedures. It not only helps you to pick up a drum off the surface, but from a pallet, stack it, truck, loads, etc. Although considered an investment, these editions to your drum handling equipment can reduces costs on financial structure as well as reduce man hours while safeguarding the personnel.

RAAH Safety is here to help improve your industrial barrel handling system with a variety of Morse drum handling equipment, in order to increase the overall safety and workflow efficiency around your industry.


  • Lift, move, and pour a drum with your forklift
  • Rotate drum 360o in either direction
  • Install MORCINCH Options to handle plastic, fiber or smaller drum

Turn your forklift into a safety conscious drum handler. Mounts quickly onto forks without power connections to control pouring right from your forklift.

Recommended MORStop Tilt-Brake Option automatically holds drum tilt angle, even when contents shift. Fits manual tilt 800 Lb. (363 kg) or 1500 Lb. (680 kg) model.


Safety conscious drum racking with your forklift. Lift rimmed 55-gallon (210 liter) steel or plastic drum up to 800 Lb. (363 kg). Rack drums side by side. Handle drum with faucet in place to use rack as a dispensing station.

Manually engage positive drum grip. Safety feature prevents drum tilting without grip engaged.

Self-contained battery powered drum tilt with control pendant. Wireless tilt control option.


Drum Lifter

Support under drum

Secure around drum

Handle steel, plastic or fiber drum 22” to 23.5”
(56 to 59.7 cm) in diameter, and 23” to 38” z
(58 to 97cm) high.

Capacity: 1000 Lb. (454 kg)

•  Model 86 is carbon steel
•  Model 86-SS is stainless steel
•  Model 86S-FP adds fork pockets
•  Model 86S-2D is for 2 drums

Kontrol Karrier

800 Lb. (363 kg) capacity. Control drum tilt with 30:1 ratio gear and sprocket drive.

The MORCINCH Drum Handling System enables handling a plastic drum, fiber drum, and various sizes of smaller drums.
Model 185AM has spark resistant parts.


Enjoy the benefits of ergonomic loading and unloading and eliminate the hazards of manual drum handling. Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers accept an upright drum at floor level. Then you control the built-in hydraulic system to tilt the drum over for rotation. Start and stop drum rolling with a second hydraulic control. Roll a 55-gallon (210 liter) drum at

Roll a 55-gallon (210 liter) drum at 5 to 20 RPM until contents are mixed as desired, then return the drum to vertical to unload. Models are available with AC or air power.

OSHA requires that all drum rotators be enclosed and include a safety interlock to automatically shut off the machine when the enclosure is opened.

Option # POLY-456 to roll plastic drum. Extra wheels support flexible sidewall. End stop prevents plastic drum from travelling lengthways.

Option # 1-5-1 Idler Attachment to roll a 1 to 5 gallon (19 liter) pail.

•  Load an upright drum at floor level
•  Power drum tilt to rolling position
•  Roll a closed drum on its side to mix the contents
•  Capacity :

 1) 1,000 Lb. (454 kg) liquid
 2) 400 Lb. (181 kg) dry load


  • Load with crane or hoist
  • Thorough “corner-over-corner” mixing
  • Tumble 30 to 55 gallon (114 to 210 liter) steel, plastic or fiber drum at 14 RPM
  • Capacity : 1) 800 Lb. (363 kg) Full Drum 2) 400 Lb. (181 kg) Half-Full Drum


  •  Quickly lift, move and rack a heavy drum
  • 620 Series rack a drum up to 102” (259 cm) high
  • 611 Series rack up to 56” (142 cm) high
  • Rack drums with virtually no space between them
  • Models with battery, electric or air powered lift and tilt
  • Capacity: 800 Lb. (363 kg)

drum rackers place drums with virtually no space between them. Lift an upright drum, tilt it to horizontal, and place it into a drum rack. Safely handle rimmed 55-gallon (210 liter) steel or plastic drum.

Move in tight spaces where your forklift won’t fit…with turning radius of only 6 feet (183 cm).

Choose model with battery, AC or air power drum lift and tilt. Air powered models are available with spark resistant parts.


  • Hand Crank Geared Tilt to Dispense up to 26” (66 cm) high
  • Palletize with V-shaped base
  • Capacity: 600 Lb. (272 kg)

Control dispensing with hand crank geared tilt. Rotate drum 3600 in either direction. Raise upright drum up to 20” (51cm) above the floor. Move a drum onto and off pallets.

The MORCINCH Drum Handling System automatically adjusts for 22” to 23.5” (56 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum. Add MORCINCH options to handle a plastic, fiber or smaller drum.

Ergonomic power-lift models provide quicker and safer drum handling. Choose battery, AC or air powered drum lift. Air powered and manual models are available with spark resistant parts.

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