Morse 86 Series Drum Lifters

Below-Hook Drum Lifters with Under-Drum Support

Model 86

made of carbon steel painted blue

Safety Conscious Lifters with Under-Drum Support

  • • Attach to crane, monorail or hoist
  • • Set drum on bottom support
  • • Secure chain around drum
  • • Lift steel, plastic or fiber drum
  • • Capacity: 1,000 Lb. (454 kg)

Lift and Transport Steel, Plastic or Fiber Drum:

  • • 22” to 23.5” (55.9 cm to 59.7 cm) diameter
  • • 23” to 38” (58.4 cm to 96.5 cm) tall
  • • Accepts Diameter Adaptors for smaller drum down to 14” (35.6 cm) diameter

Where is this drum lifter used?

  • • Docks and mezzanines
  • • Oil rigs and other marine applications
  • • Construction sites
Attach the drum lifter to your hoist or crane to lift and move an upright drum. You may also attach it to your forklift with Morse model 284 Fork Hook.

Secure drum with web strap and ratchet positive grip mechanism around the drum. Drum is supported from below by a bar at the bottom. This ensures that your drum will be transported safely with no chance of sliding out. No tools are necessary.

Once loaded, the unit carries the drum without tilting it.

Each Model 86 and 86-SS is load tested at the factory at 125% of rated capacity as per American National Standard ASME B30.20. A load test certificate is shipped with each unit.

Drum Lifter Dimensions for Model 86

86 Series Drum Lifters with Under-Drum Support
Model Description Capacity Domestic
Ship Weight
Ship Dimensions
86 Drum Lifter with web strap around drum 1,000 Lb. (454 kg) 56 Lb. (25.4 kg) L28" x W19" x H30"
(71 x 48 x 76 cm)