Stiffy Push Pull tools


RAAH Safety – Leader in Specialized Safety, authorized distributor for Stiffy Push Pull tool, Snare and Grab Hand Tools

Stiffy Push Pull tool is used for Maneuvering and Guiding Suspended loads and Snagging Taglines.

Adopted by major industry players RAAH Safety Push-Pull Pole Safety Tool is 100% manufactured in USA and a perfect solution to Hands Free Safety Policy implementation. RAAH Safety carries stock of Stiffy Push Pull tool in all its locations including USA, Singapore and Indonesia

RAAH Safety carries a wide range of Hands Free Safety solutions including the Push Pull tool. All our products are industry recognized, with all necessary certifications. 

STIFFY safety tool, the world's first rigid push-pull hand tool specifically engineered to prevent door collisions.

Better Safety with Raah Safety Stiffy Push-Pull Tool. An innovative safety product that gear operators for creating a more ergonomic and safer work environment.


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The Stiffy Push Pull tool is designed to enhance safety and efficiency in the workplace by allowing for the safe maneuvering and guiding of suspended loads. It helps in implementing a Hands-Free Safety Policy by reducing the risk of hand and finger injuries, making it an indispensable device for industries such as oil and gas.

The Stiffy Push Pull tool benefits industries that handle suspended loads and require stringent safety measures, such as oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing. Its design promotes a Hands-Free Safety Policy, reducing the risk of hand and finger injuries by keeping workers’ hands away from loads.

The Stiffy tool enhances safety by enabling a hands-off approach to maneuvering suspended loads, significantly reducing the risk of hand and finger injuries. This approach aligns with Hands-Free Safety Policies, promoting workplace safety and efficiency.

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