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Morcinch Drum Handling System

Operating large and heavy drums is a daily task across several industries. A barrel handling company may deal with sensitive materials that may cause health hazards if spilled, or create financial damages. Correct manipulation of the content and choosing the right custom drum handling equipment are essential to avoid such circumstances. Since there are several options available in the market, we would like to introduce to you the Morcinch Drum Handling System, as it satisfies all-round demands in a Drum Handling System.

Why to use a Drum Handler?

The morse custom drum handling equipment covers all the ergonomic aesthetics required in barrel handling, encompassing lifting, transport, spilling, and filling the barrels under controlled conditions. Such factors are dedicated to two core principles; hands free safety and efficiency in time and financial facets when dealing with a drum handling system. Considered a part of technological evolution, Morcinch Drum Handling System is a perfect fit for spill free and safe removal of barrel contents- designed to save time, safeguard the personnel and add value to the economic aspects of a production or service line.


Several industries use large barrels on a frequent basis. Movability is often facilitated with drum cradle trucks, dollies, palletizers, 55 gallon drum lifter forklift, cranes and other sorts of mechanical barrel transport. Here are some examples of barrel handling system utility;


The drum dumper equipment is an advanced addition which permits a controlled deployment of 55 gallon, or 220 metric liter content of a selection of drum materials. Whether built from plastic, metal alloys or fiber drums, the 55 gallon drum mover assists in controlled transport or indulgent in an array of functions.

Numerous Morse drum handlers are compatible with Morcinch Drum Handling System extensions. This best plastic drum handling equipment caters aesthetics and features that offer suitable handling options for flexible barrels or those that are not designed with any supporting ribs, including soft plastic barrels or sleek metal drums. With such features, the barrel handling system provides slip-free protection to stop the drum from sliding through the drum holder.

Please keep in mind that choosing the right size holder according to barrel dimension requirements is the key to avoid operational accidents.

Feature Specification

Several parts are combined to set forth a comprehensive system. Here is a quick look at the key features of each part;

Top Rim Clamp:

Top Rim clamp is an innovative addition to the barrel handling system, created with a clamp to bolt around the top rim clamp of rimmed barrels. While assisting in protecting the side walls of barrels the top rim clamp comes with a flexible cinch fastening to enhance the grip in case of rimless and extremely flexible drum categories.

The adjustment range of Morcinch top rim clamp range from 22″ to 23.5″ (55 to 59.7 cm) diameter

•  Sidewall protection
•  Compatible with variety of barrel material
•  Easy installment and removal
•  Secure grip with a bolt attachment to drum holder
•  Available in steel, spark-resistant and standard

Bracket Kits:

In addition to offering a strong brace at top and bottom sides, The Bracket kit is built to help handle rimless barrels that range in size, in both plastic, fiber and steel handing equipment. While several sizes are available, they offer adjustable options for smaller than conventional barrel sizes, with an adapter tool known as Diameter Adapter. This tool is customizable to the exact inserted diameter, and available in varieties of material such as spark-resistant, and stainless steel handing equipment. According to your needs, you can order a matching web drum strap and ratchet separate from the original kit.

•  Adaptable to barrels sizing from 30 to 55 gallon poly drum dimensions
•  Additional adapter for small barrels or cylindrical containers.
•  Bracket kit supports barrel at both top and bottom
•  Available in steel, spark-resistant and standard

Cone Adapter

Cone Adapters are engineered particularly to provide easy dispatch of dry and semi-dry material. It is attached at the top, while the barrel is held upside down, using gravity enforced weight for dispatching the content. Practical and convenient, Cone adapters are designed with several closure mechanisms, material and mouth sizes to cater for a variety of barrel handling tasks. Here are some specifications;

•  Designed for cone palletizing systems, and controlled dispatch of dry and semi-dry content
•  Several mouth opening sizes, at 55 gallon drum cone max
•  Closure with Iris Valve or slide-shut mechanism
•  Available in plastic and stainless steel
•  Drum bracket available for slip free use with its cone

Mechanical Lifters

•  Hydra-Lift Karriers; small handling equipment and lifting up to 8 feet, named as 55 gallon drum mover, and stacker
•  A drum tilting equipment with customizable as a vertical drum lifter, or horizontal mover, drum titler and tilt-free movements according to requirement; in essence, morse drum rotator caters 360 degree revolve
•  Electric powered easy lift equipment handling up to 55 gallon barrels in diverse materials
•  A powered replace for portable drum rollers

Is This Product For You?

Are you worried about workplace safety? Or seeking industrial supplies such as hands free drum handling equipment? Then the Morcinch Drum Handling System is a valid and efficient solution, the 55 gallon drum lifting device is considered a wise investment due to lessening the number of manual drum lifter equipment related incidents. Numerous industries use 55-gallon drums for storage of waste, raw materials and final products. This drum handling safety equipment is swiftly expanding as a necessary component in contrast to safety and adaptability, and has already established an inseparable element in advanced industrial systems. If you deal with any of these accessions, then this product could make a difference at your workplace;

•  Looking for safe and ergonomic barrel and drum handling solutions
•  Handling specialized and small or up to 55 gallon drum lifting, transport and packaging
•  Seeking powered lifting, pouring and mixing of barrel contents
•  Wanting to increase innovation and hands free safety
•  Work with hand drum trucks, custom drum handling equipment, industrial barrel handlers, specialized barrel forklift attachments, and heavy-duty barrels for crane or truck installments or mechanical-hook drum handling with large capacities up to a ton

RAAH Safetygroup of experts are in the constant pursuit of top rated and innovative safety products that are both functional and boost workflow efficiency.


Attach a cone to a drum to control the pour of dry materials and reduce dust. Choose the correct cone size for each drum diameter from 15.5” up to 23.5” (39.4 to 59.7 cm). Centered cones are 45° angle or longer 60° angle. Asymmetric cone (shown right) is offset. Drum Cones are available in mild steel or type 304 stainless steel

Drum lifter

1. 45° Drum Cone
2. Clamp Collar
3. Iris Valve

Drum lifter

1. Stainless Steel 45° Drum Cone
2. Stainless Steel Clamp Collar
3. Stainless Steel Slide Gate

Drum lifter

Four Separate Models:

1. Stainless Steel 45° Drum Cone
2. Stainless Steel Clamp Collar
3. Stainless Steel Slide Gate


Lift an 800 Lb. (363 kg) drum
Pour up to 96” (244 cm) high

–  Lift, move and pour a drum up to 8’ high
–  Models with power lift and tilt
–  Rotate drum 360o in either direction
–  AC, DC or Air power lift and tilt
–  The MORCINCH Drum Handling System (page 3) handles various sizes of plastic, steel or fiber drum
–  Models available in type 304 Stainless Steel
–  Models with spark resistant parts

Safety conscious way for one person to easily handle a heavy drum. You control the drum tilt angle to dispense drum contents. Attach a faucet or drum cone to control pouring.

The MORCINCH Drum Holder automatically adjusts for 22” to 23.5” (56 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum. Select MORCINCH Options (page 3) for plastic drum, fiber drum or smaller drums.

Drum lifter


•  Lift and pour drum up to 106” (269 cm) high
•  Easy to maneuver with tight turning radius
•  Compact base provides small foot print
•  Lifts drum straight up
•  Rotate drum 360o in either direction
•  Ergonomic battery, electric or air power lift & tilt
•  Capacity: 800 Lb. (363 kg)
•  Install MORCINCH Options (page 3) to handle plastic, fiber or smaller drum
•  Stainless steel & spark resistant models available


•  Pour up to 10.5 feet (3.2 m) high!
•  Fully invert drum in just 8 seconds
•  Familar propulsion and steering controls
•  Install MORCINCHTM Optionsto handle plastic, fiber or smaller drum
•  Straddle Pallet

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