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A great percentage of workplace accidents are caused by slip and fall. The main reason behind slipping is the lack of appropriate flooring, where enough traction is created between the bottom of the foot and the floor in order to keep the step steady. When slipping occurs on flat ground, the consequences are much milder that the time sleeping happens on elevated surfaces such as ladders of maintenance decks. Other factors involved in increasing the chances of slip and fall are; inappropriate footwear, chemical and lubricating material spillage, electrocution, and sleek footpaths.

Any industry is required to safeguard its employees and clients from injuries and slipping on high traffic pedestrian passages, entrances, footpaths exposed to spillage, by providing suitable flooring and anti slip ladder rung covers.

Our clients form oil and gas rigs, marine industries, food process and package companies, hospitals, schools and public subways and many more sectors have safeguarded their locations from slip and fall incidents with our premium safe mate anti slip mats and accessories.

Safemate Antislip – Delivering nonslip solutions through innovation.

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Safety hooks for cables are designed with an S shaped structure that from one side gets hooked to hoisters, trays, ceiling grids or similar anchorages, while the lower part is used for wires and pipes.

It caters to small hoses, wires, cables and even small tools such as gloves and safety hats. By lining a few cable hooks, operators can pass the wires through these overhead fixtures both on temporary and permanent terms. This facilitates keeping a workplace tidy and organized, while preventing trip and fall incidents. To Know more about Cable Hooks


Cable guardrail systems are made of durable material, UV and chemical exposure resistant, non conductive and above all safe to use for almost any workplace.

In a worksite or public sector where cables, wires and pipes cross over the ground, chances are someone could trip over and fall down. To create a trip free passage, Cable Hooks functions as a bridge over the pipes and wires, while protecting the cables from impact, abrasion and environmental factors consequently.

The Cable Safe Mats also known as Cable Barrier Systems are made from a lightweight and heavy duty polymer material that can withstand industrial grade pedestrian step impact and even light vehicular traffic. Our slip proof mats are non-conductive of heat and electricity, and resistant to chemical exposure, abrasion and UV.


Made from high traction and resilient fiber glass (GRP), these non-slip rubber mats are designed for easy installation, semi permanent use and permanent fixture. The udder side is safeguarded with rubber webbing to create dielectric and heat insulation to protect the pipes, hoses and cables that are passing underneath from impact. These anti slip rubber mats are available in safety black and yellow striped design with standard sizes, and also available for customized sizing and color codes according to your industry. The standard varieties can be used as stair tread anti slip products, ladder rung covers, and anti slip door mats. To know more about Pipe mat roll


Also known as Portable Cable Covers, pedestrian walking pipe ramps are engineered to create a small bridge over pipes, hoses and cables. Each drop over pipe protector is made from premium polyester to withstand impact, and ward off slipping incidents by providing a high traction surface.

With the lightweight profile, this anti slippery ramp calls for a single operator to move and install these ramps. These cable guards and pipe protectors can be incorporated in temporary cable and pipe coverage, such as in music festivals and public fairs, or permanent installments through mechanical fixtures in heavy duty industries like marine decks, large company entrances, etc.

These covers are resilient to the harshest environment and available in two varieties; pre-made and customized based on your demand.


In addition to primary drop object plans, secondary schemes play an important role in prevention of tool drop, tripping accidents when working at height.

Corresponding to the drop object policy standards worldwide, prevention of tool drop from stairs and elevated decks results in prevention of fatally dangerous situations. Guards, toe barriers, and safety nets are among these precautionary methods.

Our drop object safe guards help prevent even the smallest objects and tools from slipping through by a safe mesh, while offering resistance to corrosive material and UV, and offers durability.


One of the most simple yet innovative additions to tool drop safety is our safety net panels. Working at an elevated surface, tools that have no secure attachment for holstering, lanyard installment or subjected to turning over, can only be safeguarded with a fall protection net barrier.

It holds the tools safely within a tight grip, and attaches it to a physical anchorage point. These nets are also suitable for heavy tools and machineries that cannot be maneuvered easily in usual tether systems. In essence, if your workplace needs a secure hold for any tool and object that does not comply with tethering standards, the safety nets offer an alternative safety solution. Check out Drop Safe net


In workplaces that are dimly lit, prone to recurrent power cuts, or operative outdoors at nights, safety glow mats help to avert fall, trip and slip accidents. These heavy duty anti slip mats are designed with a photoluminescent technology that involves no maintenance: it means they recharge in the sunlight or artificial room light, requiring no extra power source.

In addition to being sustainable, the glow in dark and anti slippery mat can offer passage indications that are non-toxic and highly resilient, while providing a high traction surface. They are available in small antislip stair nosing pieces to large no skid mats for an entire entrance. You can also place an order for customized pieces. If requiring wall indications or much smaller scale glow in dark signals, simply go for our safety antislip tape that glows in the dark. They are easily cut to smaller pieces to use as glowmat stair nosings and glow in dark ladder rungs.


An anti-slip solution for ladder steps, Safemate Ladder Rungs offer a simple installment, durable use and reliable safety to prevent our employee from slipping. With a peel off mechanism, you can cut the exact size from the roll of non-slip coating for ladder rungs and attach them on the required service. They are resistant to humidity and spillages, while offering weight and impact support.


In any workplace prone to chemical and lubricating compound spillage such as petroleum oil, water and greases, safeguarding the floors from slip and fall injuries is vital. Non-slip walkway safe plates are designed to safeguard pedestrian passages traditionally, but also cater for a wide variety of other slip-prone surfaces such as slippery stair solutions, doorway exits, ladder rungs, whether fixed steps or floating stair nosing anti slip mats, and more for private, industrial and public utility.


Looking for ultimate safety for your stairs? Look no further! With our anti slip stair treads solutions, you can secure any time of uneven surface from slip and fall injuries, whether it is Stair Nosings, Stair Cappings, Bull Nose Cappings, and Offshore Nosings. All of our products are compatible with any floor type, including metal, wood, concrete and plastic.

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