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Drop Object Safety with Guard Panels

When working on elevated surfaces, precautionary methods must be employed to prevent tool drop and creating injuries. This is often referred to as the Dropped Object Prevention Plan.

These schemes are designed to reduce risks both for personnel who work at a height and those on the lower surfaces. When a tool falls from a height, it gains speed by gravity imposed Acceleration (a), which results in a heavier impact than the actual weight of the tool. The higher the drop point is, the greater the impact will be.

It is known that a tool weighing just over a kilogram can prove fatal when dropped from a 9 meters’ height: an elevation equal to the top of a three story building. Now imagine a marine deck incident and if an object is dropped from a height of 200 feet the function of hazards are much greater.

Drop Object Safety with Guard Panels
Drop Object Safety with Guard Panels
Drop Object Safety with Guard Panels

Reducing the risk of the potential fall of the objects and tools remains an inseparable part of industries and activities carried out in height, often performed by incorporating a safe barrier. The global Drop Object Prevention standards require companies and private associations to introduce adequate solutions and equipment to their workplace.

Several factors are involved in implementation of a comprehensive stop drop tool plan; most notably incorporation of tool arrest equipment, personnel training, and primary and secondary drop systems.

Which option is an example of a primary preventive measure? The primary system solely includes first hand equipment such as tethers, lanyards, carabiniers and every accessory that helps to secure a tool to an anchorage point. The secondary tool drop systems are composed of drop net and webbings, highlighting;Toe Boards on the edges, and last, stopped object barricades.

Safety Barrier Solutions

Importance of Tool Arrest Safety

Fall protection barriers,similar to other tool arrest methods, are designed with the sole purpose of tool drop prevention, while ensuring the safety and convenience of the personnel who work at a height.

According to international workplace hazard status, dropped tools are one of the most fatal incidents causing injuries, mortalities and financial losses. Occasionally a dropped tool as small as bolt or snapper may even stop an entire operation, causing heavy financial damages.

This is a frequent occurrence around the sensitive workplaces such as maintenance poles around the oil well drills, or wind turbines, and many other offshore and onshore atmospheres.

In essence, the secondary tool drop schemes function as a backup to the primary plans. For instance, if a lanyard fails to hold a hammer, the webbing of the drop guard panel can ensure to stop dropping objects.

Utility Occasions of a Tool Drop Guard Panels

The tool guards are mainly used on two occasions:

1. Marine decks and other elevated and edged surfaces such as radio towers

Installment of guard’s anti tool drop netting on a marine deck or industrial towers offer additional safety of objects and help to safeguard the personnel, gears and below surface people and objects secured from such incidents. In addition to providing an anchorage point, these facilities ensure there are no drop incidents taking place. 2. Staircases

Staircases are one of the most hazardous locations on an industrial scale. Hand tools, mechanical and electrical gears, and even mounted objects may be subjected to impact, tripping over and simply being dropped over the stairs. Depending on the atmosphere, the severity of these drop incidents may vary. For example, industrial stairs in an offshore oil rig are one of the most dangerous areas that rise very high, and are prone to chemical and lubricating liquid spillage.

Guard Systems Specifications

Our drop object guards are designed with a tool arrest mesh panel to prevent even the smallest components from falling from height and creating hazards. In addition to offering extremely resilient construction, these guards are designed with a lightweight profile which can be easily installed.

Our guards for fall safety precautions are made to withstand the most demanding work environments and harsh industrial conditions including fire redundant features, heat insulation, impact resistance and more.

Our guard panels make a perfect companion for any elevated workplaces. Whether exposed to highly corrosive chemicals, salt water, or exposed to UV, these guards will deliver. You can rest assured of the quality of your guards, because each panel is tested before shipping and comes with a certificate.

Here is our outline of the key specification of our premium tool drop guards.

Our Final Advice

Safety inspections before and after setting up the guard is the key to ensure their safety functionality. The existing holes should not be large enough to accommodate the tools and objects from slipping through, hence resulting in the fall of objects.

If your fall protection guard systems are facing such issues contact our experts at RAAH Safety for further consultation to find the right mesh netting and other appropriate safety measurements that suit your workplace.Also checkout Dropped objects prevention Safety Nets.

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