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The Ultimate Wire Rope Lubrication Solution with Masto

Engineered for any variety of wire ropes with a range of structural construction, or steel sheathed umbilical cables, lubricating the ropes is an essential maintenance task. While increasing the lifespan of a wire rope, this procedure is also considered a safety procedure to avoid fatigue and mid-operation incidents.

What Is Masto and What Are Its Industrial Utility?

Highlighted as an international elite brand, the Original Masto Wire Rope Lubricator is made in Norway. Invented only a few decades ago, this lubricator was invented as the first effective Wire Rope Lubricator worldwide. Only to address an in-house incident due to rusting and lack of lubrication.

Working with wire rope in industrial scale and heavy duty utility of steel wire rope require lubrication on recommended intervals. This is done to avoid incidents and also increase the life of the rope by 300%. 

The lubricating intervals must be increased in respect to the rise of the humidity in an area. Here is a list of industries that rely on wire rope lubrication for safer operations;

  • Exploration stations such as cable cars
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas rigs
  • Cargo and shipping
  • Marine industries
  • Used as crane cable lube and in-house lifting cords
  • Public bridges and cable operated transports

What Causes Wire Rope Failure?

Whether for high tensile stress or environmental degeneration such as inner or outer layer rusting, rope cable components are bound to degenerate gradually. However, the rate and predictability of degeneration highly depends on the wire rope maintenance.
Here are some factors affecting the rope degeneration;

Here are some factors affecting the rope degeneration;

  • Over burdening the load limit
  • Cyclic loading; bending, tension, and torsion
  • Rate of periodic lubrication
  • Abrasive factors
  • The wire rope components design
  • Weathering
  • Corrosive material exposure

When degeneration is grave enough, the rope fails by a single or multiple raptures in the structure. This occurrence often takes place mid operation and while handling a load. Whether wire rope fatigue or tensile related failure, these failures can take place in wire or strands. To avoid such circumstances, there are two factors at play;

1. Routine inspection of the wires
2. Appropriate lubrication

Which Type of Material Is Used to Lubricate Cables?

Many brands offer only cable greaser; it means that they use a combination of greases to create wire rope lubrication, most of these mixtures only lubricate the top surface, while leaving the rope’s core vulnerable to rustication and breakage due to imposed tension by loads.

Original Masto Wire Rope Lubricator instead, uses a combination of grease and additives for a thorough lubrication both on the top layers and inside- offering corrosion free and water resistant characteristics.

Advantages ofMasto Wire Rope Lubricator Some of the benefits of using Masto Cable Lubricators include:

• Compatible with dry and wet materials
• Prolonging the lifespan of a wire rope
• Improves functionality
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Easy to use
• Penetrates to the core of the wire
• Lubricate steel ropes, galvanized variety or other materials

Wire Rope Problems with of Rust and Corrosion

Lubricating the traditional way is costly, requiring brushes, gloves and spillages, while the effectiveness is far less. Low-quality lubricants create a superficial layer on the outside, which is still afflicted with rusting at the very core of the core of the wire. This will keep the appearance of a metal wire rope in a healthy shape, while the corrosive moisture is eating away at its core.

Importance of Lubricating Inside and Outside of a Wire Rope

Masto Wire Lubricators are the sole brand available to lubricate a wire thoroughly, both on the inside and outside. With the correct supervision and interval lubrication, the wires can last much longer, while avoiding a dangerous situation such as suspended load drop and wire failure. To gain this effect, the lubrication is performed under pressure, which passes through the most compact strand designs in the wire rope industry.

The systematic application of Masto Lubricators creates a minimum of 285 PSI; the lowest amount of pressure required in the lubrication chamber to gain a comprehensive lubricating result. Despite the material of the rope, the mechanical wear and moisture in an environment, the wires are prolonged significantly after Masto wire lubricators reduce friction, increase functionality and prolong the wires’ lifespan.

How Does It Work?

Masto Lubricators are designed for easy administration, which carry out the lubrication process by using Split Seals. These seals are installable chambers that create a high pressure environment for lubrication. The seals are engineered with two halves that come together and are further secured with two chains. A pump administers the lubricating content while the wire rope roller continues reeling the rope through the chamber.

Our Final Words

A world-renowned cable lubrication tool,Masto pressure lubrication is an all-in-one solution. It can be used on land or for underwater lubrication to effectively lubricate wire ropes. It also helps cutting down the overall costs by reducing the intervals of lubrication, increasing the life of wire ropes by eliminating rust, corrosion as well as friction. If you are looking for a perfect wire rope lubrication solution, there is no better choice than Masto Lubricators out there in the market.

Do you still require more information? Unsure about the compatibility of your wire construction with this lubrication method? Or wanting to get a quotation on bulk orders? Contact Us today and we will be eager to answer all your questions.

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