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360 Degree Protection with Personal Safety Voltage Detectors

In most injuries and electrical incident reports, electricity does not leave a second chance when there is direct and accidental contact. Electric workers and maintenance personnel are constantly exposed to the dangers of electrical shock and exposed to high voltages.

Among the must-have safety apparel, personal voltage detectors have been engineered to warn the electrical worker from a distance about potential high voltage surfaces in the vicinity. They provide electric engineering, power engineering, firefighting and instrument equipment workers with prominent warning when approaching high voltage source .

This article introduces you to two categories of hands-free voltage detectors; a Helmet Mount Voltage Sensor, and an Integrated Hard Hat Voltage Detector. This category of personal safety equipment has proved to save lives by providing a before-hand warning before the personnel are in the electrocution zone.

Utilitarian Aspects and Benefits

There are several industries that are necessitated to utilize electrical safety equipment. While hands and feet are reported as the first line exposure on many occasions, the high voltage detecting helmets are an intelligible edition for alerting the worker from a safe distance while approaching live high voltage current. They are often used as electrical transmission towers worker hat and firefighting personnel safety voltage detector. Other utilitarian industries include;

  • Vigilance safety providers
  • Refineries
  • Energy substations and transmission towers
  • Electrical maintenance companies,
  • Train, auto and aero maintenance
  • Engineering workshops
  • Gas and oil rigs
  • Construction industry
Personal Voltage Detectors sole purpose is safety, but for a more detailed overview, we have put below some general advantages of using these personal proximity sensor;
  • Easy incorporation into electrical safety kit
  • Adding an extrasensory perception to workers when it comes to electrical loose ends
  • Generating alerts when close to energetic surface
  • Modifiable settings to increase or decrease sensitivity and its range of detection
  • Durable and rechargeable battery
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a self-test feature
  • The detection range includes a maximum 20ft and voltages higher than 35kV.

The Importance of Safety and Risk Assessment

Countless workplace incidents take place when a worker trusts a previously tested surface, which was displayed as de-energized. Meanwhile a surface can be exposed to high voltages and cause electrocution incidents shortly after the test, to avoid such circumstances, voltmeter sensors and high voltage detecting helmet play a vital part in industrial electrical safety. The detectors must be chosen with engineering and resistances that goes beyond companies requirements to avoid any short falling when it comes to voltage detection. High resistance and ease of integration into the working apparel brings 360 degree safety to workers and warns them before exposing themselves accidentally to life threatening and energized surfaces.

RAAH Safety Electrical Detectors Key Specification

There are two categories of electrical voltage detectors with tested reliability at RAAH International. All of our electrical detectors cover the following features;

  • Adjustable Sensitivity
    The electrician hat with detector integration or separate sensor can be adjusted for their sensitivity level for interpreting the electrical environment. When detecting a certain magnetic field and loose voltage, the integrated buzzer notifies the worker. To avoid false alarms, detection distance and voltage range can be modified according to the workplace demands.
  • Self Testing Features
    As a safety rule, testing safety products is essential to ensure the reliability of high voltage PPEequipment. These detection devices are designed with a self-testing feature that runs on an hourly basis. There is no notification until a dysfunction has been detected.
  • Re-chargeability and Long Usability Period
    The built-in battery of our voltage detector is made for fast re-chargeability and up to three days of battery life in a medium and low setting. For a more vigorous use and frequent alert generation, the device presents 12 hours of battery life.
  • Ergonomic Use
    The compact design and lightweight detection chips are a seamless addition to electrical safety kits, while making a noticeable difference in long hours of use. The AC high voltage detector helmet mounted varieties come with a low profile silhouette, while the integrated editions are only slightly heavier than normal safety helmets.
  • Industrial-Grade Durability
    Durability for a reliable usage lies at the core of these designs with water resistant features, shock and impact resistance, and heavy duty structure. To ensure a guaranteed functionality, each product is tested and certified before shipping.

RAAH Safety – 92286 Head Mounting Electrical Detector

The small electrical detectors are a lightweight addition, designed for mounting on the brim of a safety helmet with a secure strap. The device is configurable in response to workplace requirements and generates both audible and visual notification as warning. In the close proximity of energized surfaces, the detector sends a signal through a beeping sound, generated by the inbuilt buzzer. Besides easy accessibility, the strategic placement of the device on the electric current detector helmets offers a 360 degree detection range and protection.

Voltage Detector Helmets is Integrated Sensor

In addition to the electrical safety class of non-contact high voltage detector available, Electrical Safety Helmets are crafted with a detection sensor which sends audible alarms and light notification through a front side LED lamp. Each of our detector helmets is certified and compliant with IS 2925 -1984. The hard hat itself is structured for an ergonomic wear that is both lightweight and safeguarded with an adjustable ratchet for a secure fit, which not only helps to detect energized surfaces but also prevents head injuries. The interior is lined with extra padding for comfortable wear and sweat absorption technology. Here is a quick outline of the wearable voltage detector helmets;

  • Aerodynamic
  • Lightweight, padded and sweat proof interior
  • Compartments for fixing in accessories
  • Impact resistance for both detector and helmet structure
  • Compliance with international electrical safety regulations
  • LED lamp and audible notifications
  • Water resistant for rain protection

In response to industrial demands, our electrical sensor helmets are constructed with electrical safety color codes including white, blue, yellow, green and red.

Closing Thoughts

Electrical surface detection with these innovative and hands free devices significantly reduces the chances of electrocution. Considering the utilitarian aspects, you can also turn your workplace into a safer environment if your personnel are constantly exposed to high voltage hazards.

For getting a quotation on bulk orders, or receiving more details about our voltage detectors and their compatibility with your workplace, contact our experts at RAAH International now. We are one of the top distributors of safety helmet color code Singapore and worldwide.

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