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EGA Master is an industrial safety manufacturer dedicated to design and produce anti drop tools and height safety solutions. EGA Master Offer products that are highly efficient in drop controlprovide enough maneuverability and safety to the operative personnel and have been designed to control and prevent object dropping when working at height.

EGA Master’s anti-drop tools are designed with simple and manual piece to automated solutions for height safety with an aim to prevent incidents caused by tool dropping from a height.Each anti drop tool is certified with Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) to prevent objects from dropping and creating too-fall hazards.

Industrial Utility

Any industrial sector that requires working at height can benefit from a reliable solution for their tools and personnel safety. To prevent objects and people from falling, reliability is the first matter in question when it comes to working at heights, where small mistakes can create great damages. EGA offers integral solutions whether it is a public sector or a private industry. Here are some examples of industrial utilities of EGA Tool Drop Solutions:

EGA Master’s Range of Tools worldwide and Supplies Highlights

The Anti drop Tools range come with a Heat Shrink Safety System

Heat shrink is one of the world’s most reliable safety fittings; it creates a form-hugging grab around the tools’ profile while does not leave any space for slip and falls. This premium aspect has made heat shrink into one of the most reliable anti drop solutions which offer superior safety compared to other systems. Alltools feature the following factors: safety, resistance, durability, efficient and comfortable use.

Antidrop Tools Lanyards

Lanyards are a necessary part of tool safety, which connect a tool to a safety anchor- whether it is a human body, or a fixed point for tools over 2.5 kg of weight.

EGA Master Lanyards are reliable and tested for tear resistance even in the most extreme conditions. They provide maximum safety and optimum working freedom to the user; these various lanyards provide all required solutions for a comfortable and safe use of hands tools on heights, while assuring at the same time for best shock absorption.

Belts for Safety and Convenience

Safety belts offer several anchor points to attach tools and lanyards, D shafts etc directly. They are a perfect companion while climbing and working at heights, where hands free tool handling is an essential part of safety measures. The EGA Master safety belt is designed to fit comfortably enabling user freedom as well as maximum tool fixing points. Internal hooks system will safely retaintools while the operator is climbing or moving location while at heights.

In addition to safety, the scaffolding belts also provide convenience for accessibility of tools and keeping the workplace organized

EGA Master Tool Kits and Boxes

Leaving a single tool behind at times can create irreversible damage to machinery and/ or cause overhead accidents. To prevent misplacing tools and keeping the workplace organized, tool kits play an important role. The personnel can spot the missing piece by having a quick glance at the whole kit.

Ega master Tool Control Systems

Every project needs to have a tool control system, this is essential for many applications, where “forgotten” tools can create a high safety risk: airplane maintenance repair, wind turbine maintenance and specially construction at height for that matter. EGA Master Solutions offer exclusive and totally customized tool control system to every customer needs. Put down list which tools you need, and wecan design, manufacture and customized the set for yourunique requirement, with Bi-colored foam trays that perfectly fit tools and visually warn of any missing element. For more info, please RAAH Safety Anti-Drop Tools section.


EGA Master 1000V Safety Tools VDE. Working around electrically charged surfaces requires a comprehensive set of body coverage, as well as insulated tools that offer non conductive features. These measures are designed to prevent loose electricity and hence hazard, by incorporating spark less metals and electrostatic discharge tools and their uses. EGA Master offers Anti drop tools solutions for 1000V electrical works, ESD, Non Sparking and maintenance around Magnetic substances.

Anti Drop Tools Certifications

Each EGA Master Tool is tested before being relieved and certified in accordance with the global standard. Several sectors that deal with sensitive height safety such as mining companies, oil rings, wind turbines and energy stations require tools that comply with insulation standard, zero fault fall safety, spark-less solutions and non-magnetic tools due to environmental sensitivity.
The outstanding performance of EGA Master tools in contrast with these regulations have made them one of a kind of tool safety products in the international market. These tools are tested against pendulum fall, free fall and load capacity.

Safety Features

Here are technical safety additions that are introduced to your workplace along with EGA Master tools;
Here is a quick overview of the EGA Master product features;

Final Thoughts

A simple dropping of a tool or choosing the wrong set of equipment can lead to loss of life and heavy operational costs at times, covering over fifty percent of work related incidents.

Here at RAAH Safety, guaranteed workflow and safety remains our core principle. We provide mandatory safety equipment to industries, with a focus on oil and gas drill rig components. We draw our inspiration from on-field experience and compassion for safety standards that can change the entire work experience by a simple step taken towards the appropriate introduction of Anti Drop safety tool to your Maintenance and HSE Team. Contact us now to place a bulk order, or get in touch with our expert for any questions.

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