High Voltage Protection with Raychem RPG Dielectric Footwear

With the widespread utility of electricity in modern society, electrical protective equipment stands as an important factor. In addition to its many benefits electricity has a destructive side if not handled currently causing injuries, financial losses and even fatalities. Any live conductors or energetically charged equipment may result in unforeseen electric shock and other electrocution incidents. Therefore, every person that may come in contact whether intentionally or accidentally with live environments must be safeguarded with electrical safety tools and PPE requirements for electrical work particularly electrically insulated gloves and boots.

What Are Electric Boots and Safety Shoes and why they are necessary for Electrical Work?

Dielectric boots are especially engineered to prevent conductivity through feet. They are designed to provide protection against high voltages safeguarded with materials that prevent current grounding. Large enough electric currents can destroy cardiac and nervous systems and cause tissue burn. By using the electrical rated safety shoes and boots are a part of routine electrical safety drive essentials when working in live electricity environments such accidents and fatalities can be avoided. Wet flooring is one of the major causes of electrical shock incidents, which can easily be avoided by using a pair of Dielectric safety boots.

Industrial Application

Several industries handle high voltages as a systematic task; most of the documented electrical fatalities are often recorded due to damp flooring, digging and maintenance work around large electric cables by accidental intervention or cutting the line, power station maintenance and likewise. Here are some industrial application categories that make the use of electrical connector rubber boots and insulated footwear;

Key Specifications

Our electrician work shoes and boots are marked under electrical security essentials, protecting the wearer throughout a workday. They are designed with lightweight material for seamless wear through long hours with fully insulated features from electricity, water, and temperature. The cushiony insoles provide a comfortable feel around the heels for decreasing fatigue and structural injury. Every edition sold is tested before reaching into your hands. The general outline of Raychem RPG Insulating Boots include;

Tests for Our Dielectric Boots

To guarantee a safe workplace when it comes to Electrocution safety, the safety boots must comply with electrical hazard boots standard while working around high voltages. Every line of Raychem RPG boots is tested for a variety of factors in addition to electrical insulation such as ergonomic use of shock resistant shoes, impact safety, etc. This overview helps you to understand the utility and exact benefits of these work boots electrical hazard protection;

  • Compliance with EN ISO 20345:2011 safety footwear
  • Energy Absorbing Heel for ergonomic utility
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Fuel and Oil resistance for fall prevention
  • Robust Structure for reliable use
  • Toecap engineering for impact resistance
  • Rigged bottom outsole for impeccable grip( 30% improved group compared to traditional safety shoes and boots)
  • Non-wicking nylon lining
  • Cut, abrasion, and puncture resistant
  • Moisture drawing insole

Raychem RPG Safety Footwear Model

Categorized under Class 0 variations, these boots are noted among the best safety boots for electricians, and integrated with high-quality materials for electrical safety, reliability and durability. These electric insulating working shoes are designed to offer protection where there are chances of electrification in a work environment. Each pair of Raychem RPG KAMFET boots boasts the following technical features;
  • Chemical, electrical, and thermal resistant outsole
  • Rigged bottom and slip free
  • Compliance with EN ISO 20347 OBE HRO SRC
  • Designed for live working at up to 1kV
  • Every boot sole is tested for 10,000V
  • Enlisted as essential PPE for electricians
  • Available in different sizes
  • Designed in color code Red

Why choosing your Insulating Boots at RAAH Safety?

RAAH is a preeminent supplier of PPE and workplace safety solutions, with a focus on product’s design and manufacturer’s abilities when it comes to high-performance standards. Reliable safety is at the core of our industry and each of the products that are introduced for your use.

Our line of high quality insulating footwear is distributed across the globe and several industries to provide high voltage protection and prevent injuries. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information on Raychem RPG electrically insulated boots, or to get a quotation on bulk orders.

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