Introducing Drill Pipe Connection Guide Tool

Falling to lock up pipe connections appropriately can result in mechanical damages to the pipes, resulting in costly consequences and accidents for nearby operators. The correct handling of tortuous trajectories must be precisely assessed to prevent such complications.

This factor is especially important when it comes to maneuvering rotating drill pipes that need precision and control as well as buckled drill pipes. To prevent these complications, using the right drill pipe connection guide and reliable handling devices is the key. High resistance to corrosive materials, sturdy construction and excellent grip are among the top mechanical features of a Drill Pipe Connection Guide Tool thus keeping hands clear of potential pinch point areas.

Industrial Application

These tools are designed for tubular connection handling applications around drill floors and specifically for drive pipe handling systems.

Why to Use a Drill Pipe Connection Guide?

To ensure the correct alignment of the pipes before stabbing, all the connections must be set in the right calibration. This is important to prevent inappropriate joining of the roughnecks and the pipe racking systems. Facilitating the appropriate pipe connection furnishes the following advantages:

  • Reduces injuries both from non-ergonomic tasks when handling low efficiency tool joints and faulty pipe systems
  • Decreasing the possibility of shoulder damage, both in single or double shouldered connections
  • Reduction of time consumption by increasing the workflow efficiency
  • Gives the driller a better overall visual of the connection, thus reducing the possibility of tread damage.
  • When used correctly and in conjunction with other forms of PPE, this tool can also greatly reduce the operators exposure to harmful drilling fluids.

Hands Free Drill Pipe Connection Guide

This drill pipe clamp guide is manufactured to solve one of the most painstaking issues across the oil and gas companies when handling pipe joints. Since handling drill pipes is considered among the high-risk activities, the drill guide for pipe offers a hands free solution and eliminates the need for any direct contact with the pipe while creating a connection.

Along with hands free safety, this innovative tool also provides exceptional authority over the movement with maximum precision. Therefore, the drill pipe connector guide leaves no more concerns about the rig personnel to face pinch point and crush point injuries, or inappropriate joining of the drill pipes.

Whether used for regular pipes or heavy weight drill pipes, this tool delivers exceptional control, reliable performance and safety.

Advantages of Drill Pipe Connection Guide

Hands free safety and precision over the drill pipes are the top benefits of integrating this tool into a rigging system.

In practice, the drill pipe connection tool replaces the use of hands to guide the drill pipe in the correct position. It also provides a better perspective over the task, as the personnel are slightly distant from the pipe. Hence, with an improved visual, the quality of task performance also increases, which helps reduce the pipe connection issues such as thread pipe damage, stabbing, under torquing, cross threading, etc.

To prevent drill pipe failure, the drill pipe connection guider assists with wiping down the hazardous drilling liquid by an inner radius rubber with tight fitting of the rubber seal. If the personnel are equipped with additional PPE safety equipment such as gloves and overalls, the rubber feature helps eliminate the harmful contact with drilling liquids entirely.

Features and Specifications

The construction of the drill pipe connection hazardous activity tool includes a twin section that each sits on either side of a central clamp. For the best function, it is advisable to be operated by two personnel on each side of this clamp. Such an arrangement helps increase the stability of the tools and control of the pipe connection.

Using the tool along with wrist lanyards results in prevention of accidental tool drop and safeguarding the personnel from any impact caused by rotating equipment.

The handles provide a buffer one between the operator’s hands and the pipe, which is the main purpose of the drill pipe connection guide tool.

Here are general specifications of the tubing drill guide;

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