Offshore Tool Series: PRO Pipe Gripper Tool

The PRO Pipe Gripper Tool is classified under the oilfield pipe handling tools, with unique features that ensure precise and fail proof maneuverability. These series of pipe handling equipments are designed from a rugged construction that offers excellent performance in the harshest environments. Besides practicality, the Pro pipe gripper handling deviceoffers a hands free replacement for the direct manual intervention when directing and positioning suspended pipes, which adds to the safety of the operators.

Industrial Use

The PRO Pipe Gripper Tool is primarily designed for working with capabilities for a wide range of suspended drill pipe (BHA) and large diameter pipes such as casing joints and hoses ranging from 4” up to 13” around the oil and gas rigs and catwalk areas. The Pro Pipe Gripper tool is the only product on the hands-free safety industry that was researched and developed for the handling of high risk activities involving large diameter tubing and casings


The pipe gripper for handling suspended pipes is manufactured to furnish push and pull functions to a wide assortment of drill pipes as well as other large diameter pipes and cylinders; any pipe, casing joints, and hoses with 4” up to 13” in diameter can be navigated using this tool.

The pipe retrieving tool can be deployed for maneuvering and stationing pipes, drilling tools, and fishing functions. By generating a rigorous control over push and pull motions, the tool helps direct the pipe in the desired position even in confined places. These innovative rig floor tools are available in two sizes for handling diverse maneuvering tasks, including 1200mm and 1500mm.

It is constructed with a robust shaft which is equipped with a handle on one end, and the mid-shaft handling point. The staff itself is made of medium density polyethylene (MDP) and marine grade aluminum, while the clutch points are covered with rubber coating for an enhanced grip and comfort; the handles are available in enclosed hand grip or open hand grip varieties.

For ease of engagement and guaranteeing a secure hold on the larger drill pipes, the pipe movement hands free gripper is sustained with a webbing with a tensile capacity of 2000 kg. This heavy duty webbing sits around the pipe thoroughly and fixed to a release-lock buckle that is tested and certified for a 600 kg weight handling capacity. On the attachment side, the contact point with the pipe is enhanced for anti slip features using an industrial grade rubber garment.

Whether for altered length, grip mechanism, additional enhancements, you can contact us for customized models of these remarkable large drill pipe gripper tools.

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● Hands Free Safety
The tool creates a buffer zone between hands and the pipe, which eliminates hands and feet injuries when hazardous factors are present, such as; corrosive drill liquids, potential crush and pinch points, and extreme temperatures.

● Ergonomic Construction
Hands-on handling of the pipes not only endangered the personnel directly but may impose posture related health issues in the long run. The pipe handling safety tool is designed with a standard length to prevent spine and knee injuries. Furthermore, the handle sections are covered with rubber garments for a comfortable and stable grip throughout the operation.

● Durability
The sturdy design of the pro pipe gripper tool can withstand the harshest environmental conditions, with a great resistance to UV, salt water, corrosive chemicals, etc.

● Lightweight Profile
Offering flexible utility, the tool is tailored with a remarkable lightweight material that, besides being robust, is extremely easy to maneuver.

The Proper Way to Use Pro pipe Gripper Tool

The Pro pipe moving tool comes under the category of personal protective equipment with a hands free tool utility. It is highly recommended to combine the tool with other protective gear according to the environmental hazards for maximum safety.

It can only accommodate pipes and similar objects with 4” to 13” in diameters. Keeping within the giver range ensures the optimum performance of the tool. The release buckle can be used to loosen or tighten the webbing grip.

Installment of the pipe gripper should be only pursued when the load is in stationary position. Furthermore, avoid standing under the load directly and incorporate taglines for enhanced control and safety.

When Using the pipe gripper for handling suspended pipes, grasp the handle with both hands to engage the tool for maximum leverage. For larger joins and pipes, collaboration of two personnel simultaneously is highly recommended to prevent off balance load accidents and a better precision during rig pipe handling and guiding operations.

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