GlowMate; a Floor Safety Essential

Fall accidents are increased even more when there is a lack of appropriate lighting, sudden power cuts and in places that operate at nights. To help decrease slip, trip and fall occurrences, glow mats offer a safety solution to create an outlined passage using luminescent floor coverings.

As an innovative response to any environment with a common power outage, these mats are designed to support by self illumination the floors for many hours. Let’s have a look at their benefits and industrial uses of the glow mats.

SafeMate Glow in the Dark

Utilitarian Aspects

As the name indicates, GlowMates are floor laminating sheets that glow in darkness. So any environment including pathways,exit points, dark stairs light floor requirements could be padded with the glow mats for increased visibility.

This system uses extremely self-illuminating mats and glow grip tape to achieve this result. Any industry that is prone to very dim lighting or subjected to electricity cuts and requires enhancing the fall and slip safety can benefit from the glow in the dark caution tape. Here are some industrial instances both indoor and outdoor glow in the dark tape and mats include;

  • Vehicle interiors including trucks, busses, trains and planes
  • Chemical plants
  • Electrical facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing factories
  • Concert halls and cinemas


Glow mats require no external power source due to their highly resistant and reliable inbuilt recharge system. They are easily rechargeable without compromising the intensity of glow during the next use or requiring an electrical source.

As a sustainable system, all our safety glow mats need to recharge is being exposed to a source of light. Besides the eco-friendly and sustainable use, these mats are non-toxic and do not use radioactive substances in their manufacturing. Here are some of the main advantages of glowmats;

  • Compatible with different floorings including Steel, Concrete and Timber
  • Straightforward installation
  • Slip free when moist or oily
  • Impact Resistant
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 4586-2004 & ASTM D2047-04 standards
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-2008
  • Glows without power supply and batteries
  • Photoluminescent uses for intentional regulations
  • Aesthetically elegant even under the normal light
  • Come with a 5-year Warranty


Glow mats and a tape that glows in the dark have a main purpose; to prevent slipping and fall accidents by illuminating the floor and dark stairwell passages. It is manufactured from a luminescent substance that recharges only with light, without any battery or electrical attachment. Our safety glow mats are designed with international standards, and in various sizing such as glow in the dark stair nosing cuts, simple floor silhouettes in different widths and safe plates. Only a short time is enough for these fluence floor mats to recharge themselves in the sunlight to offer over 8 houses of intense glow. While they are still capable of charging in milder light sources such as room lighting, they may require slightly longer time to recharge. SafeMate Glow in the dark andare manufactured with a robust structure to suit their purpose as a floor mat in the first place. They can handle high amounts of weight and impact without adversely affecting their luminosity. Further mrem, the surface is rigged to create a step slip protection feature, in case of getting wet and oily. All our mats comply with international standards in their manufacture and operation.

How Does GlowMate Work?

The atoms inside the glowmat pigments absorb the light in the form of energy and start to move, which is represented as photon rays. These pigments use the surrounding light, and retract it as an afterglow once surrounded by darkness. Our mats use a combination of phosphorescent materials and aluminum oxide to produce a unique alkaline blend for longer wavelengths than the one initially received; this appearance as a glowing green light.

The phosphorescent characteristic is one of the most sustainable systems available that does not impose or use any toxic materials. So it could be used as a safety measure having no adverse effects.

How to Install the Glow Mats?

Always inquire experts to help install the glow mats– any puncture and inappropriate placement may compromise their utility. Depending on the floor material, the method involving mat installment changes slightly.

The mat must be pre-drilled from the underside surface. For grills, clams and bolt systems could be used, while metal flooring can benefit from self screwing bolts. Traditionally, mush-head hammer spikes are used for stone and tile floorings. Timber surfaces are mechanically secured with self-tapping wood screws and unlevel surfaces benefit from glow in the dark stair treads.

Importance of Maintenance & Cleaning

Keeping the glow mats clean is crucial to their functionally; Dirt, oil and grim acan cover up the surface and dim the light intensity. This could also affect their chargeability, since a coating of grim can block the light from entering significantly.

The surface must be clean and transparent to provide a flawless glow and brightness. To clean our safety glow mats, you can use high-pressure hoses and industrial cleaning agents that do not have any corrosive properties. When it comes to temperature, you can also use high temperature water with pressure for a thorough removal of oily substances. We do not recommend floor mops and cleaning agents.

Grip Strips for Stairs

As a comprehensive solution, glow in the dark strip is used together with glow in dark mats or alone. Glow in the dark grip tape is used to provide indication on staircases, passages, fire escapes, walkways, and even as glow in the dark strips for cars. They feature robust and chemical resistant characteristics. In addition to creating glow-in-dark signaling on the floor or as glow in the dark stair treads, they are designed with antislip technology while presenting resistance against impact.

Any industrial or public place prone to blackouts and power outage, can use glow in dark tapes to create luminescent indications. Our anti slip glow in the dark caution tape boast phosphorescence properties; it means they radiate with yellow-green intensity when dark and recharge on their own.

Key Specifications of the Reflective Glow in the Dark Tape

Here are the general features of our tapes;

Final Words

Glow in the dark mats increase workplace safety in case of sudden power outage and having to walk through non-lit passages. This can both decrease personal injuries as well as reduce the company’s accident related costs. These mats are a one time expense that are made top last. They don’t require any maintenance and charging costs as well, due to their sustainable re-chargeability.

For any demands on sizes, or for particularly shaped photoluminescent stair nosing such as angular coverings, we can provide you with customized varieties in compliance with your exact requirements. Order your GlowMats Now!

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