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A Survey of occupational injuries showed that the incidence rate of total recordable cases cannot be ignored. There is no denying the fact that the safety of the workers should be the most important part of any industry. Controlling the number of unsafe incidents and injuries should be the key concern.

Considering this, the safety engineers have combined innovative technologies to bring a safe substitute to the ineffective and risky rope. Traditional rope taglines can get knotted. At times, as a crane lifts the load the rope may wrap around the worker’s leg or other surrounding object causing a potentially dangerous condition to workers and may even damage equipment.

Accordingly, a rigid core that prevents turning on itself and wrapping around objects was designed. Anti Tangle Tag line,100% manufactured Europe and is widely adopted by major industry players in Oil & Gas, Offshore, Energy sectors, Shipping, Construction, Mining and more.

Traditional rope and taglines are a thing of the past, handle your suspended load with Tag Attach, offering magnetic tractability, safety and durability.

Key Features

Problems faced when using a regular rope of poly, nylon or sisal as tag line:

When a regular rope of poly, nylon or sisal is used as a tag line; it tends to enfold around objects. The major problem is it gets trapped in pinch points. Furthermore, they get glossy when wet or unclean with grease.

Outlines to Follow

It is important to ensure that you choose the right Anti Tangle Tag Tagline length for the application. Workers or people around should under no circumstances stand under a suspended load. It is essential to confirm that the rope is rolled out completely before starting the lift.

Most importantly, do not wrap tagline around hands or other body parts. Try to replace direct human contact with the load. Keep a safe distance from the risk spot

It is important to get the Taglines scrutinized regularly. Tagline recovery poles should be used when retrieving it. Using a planned tag line makes the lift go very effortlessly without anybody getting hurt.

It is important to keep in mind that the products you buy are systematically inspected. Besides, the delivery should be in accordance with the order specification. There are many in the market offering this item but you need to choose the right name.

Wrapping up

Be alert! Accidents injure so never step back when it comes to assuring safety. Stop accidents before they stop you. At RAAH, we provide you a range of safety tag lines to keep you protected in the working environment. Designed by experts to deal with definite challenges during the movement and positioning of loads by supplying a strong safety solution to each functioning activity. We attempt to provide you tools that lessen the need to physically place your hands on the load.

RAAH, a dynamic company attempts to come up with innovative thinking and a fresh approach to daily safety risks. We aim to bring change to your everyday safe environment. Our commitment to your protection is focused on providing high-quality products. We help you keep your workplace safe!

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