RAAH Cross Over Solutions: Pipe and Cable Guidance

The crossover is engineered to protect the subsea pipelines and cables. Established as an effective and high performing solution, Ridderflex cross over pipe guidance covers are known for their long service life and reliable protection, as well as cost cutting features in the long run.

Pipe protection guidance is a heavy-duty task that requires precision and fault proof function: and to carry it out, only premium quality materials can be incorporated in the best PU protection plates for cable guidance.

Why are PU protection plates for cable guidance important?

When lining pipes at the bottom of the sea, it is vital to protect them from damages and jolts on the outer layer, by using the appropriate cross over cable guidance. Accidental impacts while maintenance or caused by natural elements can cause breakages of the pipes. This may result in irreversible environmental effects and expensive outcomes for the company; polyurethane coatings for metal surfaces also help management of troubles with ice formation which cause blockage and breaking the pipes in cold regions such as Arctic oil and gas stations. Third party interference is the most common cause of damages on the seabed pipelines, which is recorded to include about 40 to 50% of all accidents on pipes, often leaving a great number of fatality and financial damages. Moreover, without the right oil pipe protection covers, any damage to the seabed pipelines can cause an interruption in the workflow until the full repair of the damage, which again means additional costs on the repair crews. To prevent such occurrences all together, PU protection plates for cable guidance is an optimum solution. They protect the pipes and cables but also increase the lifespan of clamps and joints. You may also check:Ridderflex Offshore and Marine FendersStinger rolls

Industrial Utility

The PU protection plates for cable guidance are designed for offshore projects including;

  • Used to provide essential protection to offshore oil and gas pipelines and flow lines
  • Particularly made PU protection plates for Sweetwater pipes and transportation systems
  • Providing reliable solutions for costly electrical cable burial used in offshore wind farms

Features and Specifications

PU protection plates for cable guidance are manufactured with premium material and a durable polyurethane coating. The external layer provides additional flexibility that can withstand versatile impacts and harsh environmental conditions, including preventing water pipes from freezing. These polyurethane cable jacket sheets are available in rectangular form, proved to be the most efficient design for providing protection. Depending on the seabed depth and other atmospheric conditions, there are two classes of polyurethane product hardness according to 60 Shore A to 95 Shore A. These highly resistant PU protection plates for pipe are also available in customized forms to cater to the exact demands of the worksite, pipe sizes and functionality.

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