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Ridderflex Offshore and Marine Fenders | RAAHSafety

We provide a wide assortment of standard and customized marine fenders as efficient solutions to comply with a variety of tasks. While presenting premium quality material and performance, our fenders are also economical.

Rubber fenders provide practical protection to the berthing sections, in case of coming into contact with a marine vessel and facilities. If you are looking for premium quality fenders to add to your marine systems, you can rely on Ridderflex Offshore and Marine Fenders for durability, reliable performance and convenience.

Choosing the Right Fenders

Fenders carry out the procession task by providing a shock absorbent surface to neutralize the berthing energy during contact. Type and size of the fenders used are essential to provide efficiency and reliability during performances. Factors at play when choosing the right marine fender systems are; size of the vessel in question, compliance with particular applications, potential berthing velocity and method, sea waves and tidal currents in the area. Other factors to consider when purchasing are; size in contrast with function, hardness and choice of material, often between flexible PU and durable rubber fenders. We offer large size fenders to provide effective solutions to industrial marine set ups and heavy duty berthing facilities. The variety includes; D, M, & W fender, delta fender, square fender and cylindrical fender, along with customized editions. Do you need an assessment of the type of fenders that you need? Contact us to consult with our experienced marine experts.

General Characteristics and Benefits

To provide exceptional performance, fenders must highlight these features;

  • High Abrasion Resistance: according to their supportive task, abrasion resistance is vital to prevent tears and punctures during berthing operations.
  • Robust Design: the fenders are structured with a robust style to boost their protective function, while keeping the overall design simple for straightforward installment and use.
  • Load-Deflection Response: the deflection curve is both responsive and progressive in order to create the ideal reaction to berthing velocity and impact. This feature also contributes to accommodating the high levels of stress.
  • Additional Support Accessories: Our premium fenders come with a full package of chains for installation, support bars, ladders for maintenance, brackets, inflation adopters, together with optional accessories such as socks and spliced lanyards.
  • Offshore and Marine Fenders: Standard Varieties


    The main purpose of the D fender is to function as a amp marine boat dock bumpers. For easy installation, they come with a flat backside that can be attached with bolts, strips or chains. The design offers generous mounting options, in horizontal, vertical and diagonal positions. These features provide an exceptional and flexible barrier between the berthing station such as anchoring docks and different types of vessel. When it comes to flexibility, our cylindrical fenders present meters-long stretching ability.

    Here are the available categories of D fenders:
    ● D-shaped, reinforced with an inner chamber
    ● O-shaped, also with an inner chamber
    ● Solid, with no inner chamber

    Delta Fender

    The delta fenders provide a minimal surface for berthing contact, while providing a reliable vessel protection. The design offers easy installation with several mounting holes, both at the top and bottom surfaces. Furthermore, the performance is enhanced by accommodation of a large inner chamber that results in a higher shock absorbing property.

    Cylindrical Fender

    Cylindrical fenders are easily installed and offer outstanding shock absorption. As the name indicates, they are constructed with cylindrical shape and can be mounted in horizontal, vertical and diagonal positions- according to versatile task requirements. They also provide excellent progressive reactions for both large and small vessels.

    Square Fender

    square fender is made for rugged applications, when a more sturdy berthing protection is called for. They are a perfect replacement for D fenders, used in a wide range of heavy duty operations, used as belting tugs and workboats fenders. The design is robust, featuring a circular bore to increase the wall’s thickness and service life cycle.

    Keyhole Fender

    keyhole fender is structured to provide progressive reaction to greater forces, hence used as a shocks and impacts fender forlarge ships and other heavy duty industries. The construction features two standard holes for fixtures on the boat or even quay walls. They are usually installed vertically and by using fixing pins.
    For optimal protection to the bow and stern of the vessel, the composition is further reinforced with an Ultra High Mechanical Polyethylene coating.

    M Fender

    The M fenders are versatile in application and used to bring protection to a variety of berthing surfaces. M fenders are one of the best boat fenders, installed by using three reliable opening and fixing pins, on the bow or stern ofboats, pontoons, quays, etc.
    These fenders are usually installed vertically with great flexibility to cover the contour of different shapes of the bow or stern. They are also a perfect replacement for W fenders, where a less-heavy fender edition is required; M fenders are lighter and cover a smaller space when mounted.

    W Fender

    The W fenders are particularly designed for absorbing heavy force and shock and withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. These sturdy fenders are arranged for utilizing around workboats, including pipe and cable laying vessels.
    The installation is easy and always performed in a vertical position and with fixing pins. The structure features two standard holes for mounting.

    Offshore and Marine Fenders: Customized

    Besides standard varieties, we can tone up our super duty fender designs or draw a model from scratch to meet your exact expectations; whether adjustments in hardness, contact surface, mounting specifications, or other particular domains. You can also check out our other Ridderflex Products

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