Presentation of Electrical Safety Essentials; Raychem RPG Insulating Gloves and Boots

Insulating gloves and boots are engineered to avoid electrical incidents. They act as a safe barrier to stiff conductivity and electrical transmission from a surface or ground to the human body. Operators of electrical maintenance as well as all the personnel working in an environment close to live current wires, arc flash, substation switchgear, power generations and likewise environments must wear electrical safety boots and glove sat all times on the job.

Are there any differences in the Class of insulating gloves?

In general there are five classes of electrical equipment safety available, categorized as Class 00 to Class 4. These gloves for electrical shocks are designed as contact level hand protection when exposed to electrical environments. After running on a safety assessment the right class of insulating gloves must be selected for protection against general voltage range, arc flash protection and other electrical hazards works. These personal hand protection gears are classified according to the voltage insulation capacity, ozone resistance, acid and temperature defiance as well as wear and tear durability. Class 4 insulated gloves for instance; maintain a dynamic 50 cal protection, while Class 2 is resistant against lower voltages. Similarly, Class 3 dielectric boots offer higher protection to a Class 0. Moreover, insulation gloves must be reliable and manufactured under worldwide safety standards. Besides their durability and receiving value, they must be tested before market release to prevent any electrical shock and mid-operation incidents. Compliance with regulations such as IEC 60903 and EN 60903 standards guarantees the gloves safety as each pair is individually tested and then certified before releasing to customers. Beside classes, electrical equipment gloves are arranged under three major types:

  • Standard:
    Standard insulating gloves are manufactured from natural rubber, which guarantees effective piezoelectric properties. Due to the non-resistance feature to puncture and abrasion, it is highly recommended to top these gloves with a pair of electrical leather gloves.
  • Mechanical:
    As the name indicates, mechanical insulation gloves are engineered for protection against mechanical tear and puncture. Unlike the standard varieties, there is no need to use over gloves with these types of electrical hand protection ppt.
  • ASTM D120 Tested for:
    American Society for Testing and Materials or ASTM is the most extensive and notable advanced safety standard organization, which makes the buyer sure of the quality and claims of an insulating pair of high-voltage safety gloves throughout utilization.

Electrical Insulation Gloves at RAAH

Here at RAAH Safety we have combined on field experience with safety expert’s opinion to introduce the must-have insulating glove editions. Factors including ergonomic features task suitability, comfortable with soft interior and exceptional dexterity are considered in your choice besides safety. Find the pair of electrical insulating rubber gloves that fits your requirements below.

Before purchasing an electrical current insulation gloves, pay attention to the following factors in contrast with your job environment and safety requirements;

  • Class category
  • Voltage resistance
  • Color code
  • Sizing
  • Types and safety standards
electrical insulated gloves

Raychem RPG is one of the most innovative safety product suppliers in the market, never failing to deliver what they promise; electrical safety at work place. Their glove sizes range from 8 to 12, which meets the size demands for men and women. Let’s look at the features before diving into the models;


Latex Models;

KL-AXY Latex Gloves

These Class 00 rubber gloves for electrical work offer conductivity protection up to 500VAC. They are resistant to Ozone and Acid Exposure, and can handle very low temperatures. They are available in beige color.

KM-BXY Latex Gloves

Enlisted as a Class 0 insulated gloves variety, these gloves are designed with resistance against Ozone, acid and extreme temperatures in addition to electricity insulation up to 1000v. They are available at the usual 36 cm length and in red color edition.

KM-CXY Latex Gloves

Similar to all Class 1 insulated gloves, this pair offers electrical conductivity protection up to 7,500V. Designed with white aesthetics, they also offer acid protection and are tested for low temperatures.

KL-DXY Latex Gloves

The major feature is their high electricity protection ability, reaching up to 17,000V live voltages. They are engineered with maximum comfort and yellow color.

KL-EXYZ Latex Gloves

Acid resident and temperature tested heavy duty insulation gloves with maximum voltage use of 26,500V. They come in green color code.

KL-FXYZ Latex Gloves

The most effective pair of rubber electricians gloves are available in orange color; a Class 3 pair of insulated hand protection, suitable for high voltage reaching to 36,000V.

Mechanical Models

KM-AXY Composition Gloves

Designed for puncture resistance in beige color material, this pair is categorized as Class 00 with a maximum of 500-voltage insulation.

KM-BXY Composition Gloves

These insulating gloves are categorized as mechanical Class 0 with 1000V protection, resistance against physical damage for guaranteeing long-term durability. They are available in the red color code.

KM-CXY Composition Gloves

These Class 1 mechanical gloves are best used against electrical currents up to 7,500V, available in white.

KM-DXY Composition Gloves

These yellow colored Class 2 insulated gloves offer conductive protection with a maximum threshold of 17,000V.

KM-EXY Composition Gloves

Tested as Class 3 electrical safety gloves with green color code and a protection up to 26,500V.

KM-FXY Composition Gloves

For maximum safety at a workplace, use these orange colored Class 4 electrical safety gloves, offering our selection’s most voltage coverage and up to 36,000V.

Latex Gloves

Mechanical Gloves

*Obtaining the category authorises an additional of 0.6mm Signification of category letters:
A:Acid – Z : Ozone – H : Oil – C : Very low temperature – R : A + Z + H

Models of Electrical OverGloves

ESOLV Overgloves

Abrasion free, protective and stylish, these gloves are classified as Class 00, and Class 0, handling currents up to 1000V.

ESOMV Overgloves

A perfect over-worn design for electrical latex gloves, they can resist strong mechanical impacts, and voltages up to 36,000V. They cover Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 categories.

Insulating UnderGloves

These short gloves are the first line of hand protection in electrical safety. It is the innermost layer that comes in contact with skin and assists the top layers against conductivity. Here are some key specifications.



ESU Under Gloves

They are available in natural cotton color, white, which comes in a single size that fits any requirement. The moisture absorbent feature of these gloves helps better mobility and reduces conductivity risks.

RAAH Insulating Boots

Electrical safety gloves are often accompanied with a range of other conductivity insulators and safety equipment for an integral approach to a safe workplace. Among these electrical safety kits are the dielectric and waterproof insulating boots. While low insulating shoes can result in fatal outcomes, a pair of cable excavating boots can save lives. They are designed with non-conductive padding on the insoles and the interior. They are essential additions to anyone at the risk of electric shock.

Raychem RPG make KAMFET are crafted with insulating material on the exterior,and safeguarded with an additional polymeric cap for an enhanced protection of fingers. The interior of these high ankle insulating boots is manufactured for maximum comfort even for long hours of utility. Check out the specification of these all-rounder electrical boots below.


The size availability of our insulting boots is as follows;
  • FR 36 37/38 39 40/41 42 43 44 45 46/47 48 49/50
  • UK 3 4.5 5.5 7 8 9 9.5 10.5 11.5 13

Final Words

Choose the insulating gloves according to their utility, sizing and always match them with other correspondent safety equipment such as the step voltages protection boots. Furthermore, inflate each safety glove by gently blowing into it to ensure its functionality and to avoid any injuries. For inquiries about our insulator gloves and boots, or to order the electrical safety kit all together, constant us now- when it comes to safety, every moment counts.

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