Titan Pipe Wrenches are hand-held tools designed to rotate pipes and to tighten and loosen pipe threaded and round threaded fittings. What makes the reversible chain tongs different from other wrenches is their excellent performance, where high torque is required. They are available in a variety of configurations, including versions with ductile iron or aluminum handles.


The tongs are convenient and high practical tools to make your work more convenient. The reversible chain wrenches are engineered to handle ratcheting tasks, losing and tightening applications in confined areas- where ordinary pipe wrenches can not easily reach.

The design is ideal for auto repair applications, or plumbing, plumbing, maintenance of oil filter, and pipe fittings or various shapes.



● Easy Application

With reversible chain tongs, you can turn the pipe in any direction with minimal exertion. Besides, the convenient design permits maneuverability without removing the tong or unhooking the chain.

Excellent grip

Our wrenches use a unique system for maximum locking force; the jaws are arranged for better grip and are easy to sharpen if required.

Robust Design

The handles are made of forged steel and have a reinforced I-beam design. The jaws are forged from high-quality special steel and treated to withstand harsh environments.

Durable Material

All sizes are equipped with special heat-treated PETOL chains. The spare parts are interchangeable with other standard brands of reversible chain clamps; they are packaged and labeled for maximum convenience.

Resistant Coating

The external surface is treated with resultant paint, for corrosion-resistant.


For adjustability of application, the length of the chain can be easily modified. Hence, these tongs can fit most pipe handling applications.

Installation & Advantages

We provide tools designed to simplify increasingly complex drilling operations while improving efficiency, maintaining safety, and improving environmental conditions for platform crews. Here are the main advantages of integrating the Rigtools Elevator Handling Tools into your system;

● Easy Installation

Simply install the elevator handling tools with a winch at the center of the elevator. Secure its place by closing the elevator around it. Ideally, install the tool when your elevator is hanging on the bail.

● Sling Free Applications

There is no requirement for using slings. It is recommended to avoid traditional elevator lifting methods such as using chains and slings to prevent damaging the elevators.

● Easy Transport

Pick up and transfer your elevator on the bail fast and with efficiency. Since the elevator handling tool is already placed at the center, there is no time wasted on attaching and detaching slings.


For more information such as the overall weight, gripping width, etc on both Standard models and Reversible Chain Tongs with Extra Long Chains, contact us or refer to the catalog.

Safety Guide

  • Personal protective equipment is a must-have when using reversible chain tong tool; such as non-skid safety shoes, hard hats, eye protection, etc to reduce the risk of personal injury.
  • Avoid using handle extensions with rigid chain tongs as they may damage the wrench.
  • Do not use a threading machine to install or remove (make or break) fittings. This can cause striking or crushing injuries.
  • Do not incorporate the reversible chain tings with chain hoists, backhoes, threading machines, or other mechanical or pneumatic devices; our chain tongs are designed for manual handling.
  • Avoid using the tongs if their handles are bent or twisted; this may result in accidents and malfunctions like breaking out connections tongs.
  • Ensure current and ergonomic position f your body when using for better control and prevention of falling off balance.
  • Avoid impact loading both onto the wrench and with the reversible chain tongs. This can destroy the wrench, chip wrench teeth, or result in injuries.

Utility Tips

  •  Petol Titian Chain Tongs are compatible for handling on the round pipe and threaded fittings, or soft round stock. It is not recommended to be used for handling square, hexagonal, or other non-round objects.
  • Applying excess pressure on chain tongs, especially when handling thinner tubular and pipes, can damage the shape.
  • Ensure the compatibility of the pipe size with the proper size and type of reversible chain wrench for the task. Stay within the size rating for practical and efficient application.
  • Always remember to inspect the wrench and its chain before using it. Moreover, select the correct size and type of wrench for the job.

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