LIFE SAVING KITS FOR M.V. SUBSTATIONS – Save victims in case of an electrical hazard

An Introduction on Electric Life Saving Rescue Kit

A part of sustainable life saving equipment, the Electric Life Saving Rescue Kit is a safety innovation used in Electrical industrial fields that handle high/medium voltage energized zones on a regular basis.

Life saving substation kit is designed to eliminate electric current from avictim; In case of an electrical accident, quick action is essential, by saving seconds, you get more chance to save life.

By providing safe access to the arc flashing object or conductively surfaces, the Electric Life Saving Rescue Kit helps maneuver the situation by making the victim and the energized source accessible to a rescuer.

Which industries can benefit from electrocution life saving kits?

Safety is a universal concern, and in a world dependent on energy, PPE for high/medium voltage and electric safety remains an inseparable part of an extensive array of industries.

Here are some industries that can benefit from Life Saving Intervention Kits;

  • Oil and Drilling platforms both offshore and shore
  • Energy generating companies
  • Power sector
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power generation industry
  • HV/MV transformer maintenance companies

When to Use the Kit of Electrical Lifesaver Equipment?

It is important to understand that when an accident occurs, the severity of electric shock damage depends on three key factors; magnitude of electric current, the distance of the person to the source, and duration of exposure.

A few seconds less or more in use of electrical safety high voltage equipment may determine a noticeable difference in the final outcome; including burns, tissue shock, central nervous and cardiac system dysfunction, etc.

Electrical life saving kits are mounted on the wall in the electric incident-prone areas for quick access. The intervention to the electrical accident becomes easy and efficient, without putting the assisting person in any danger.

How the Electric Shock Rescue Kit Works?

The electrical safety kit standard function has two main purposes; rescue the electrified victim, and keep the rescuer safe. While taking precaution, the rescuer must immediately reach out to the wall mounted electrical kit, and remove the components. Similar to any other safety equipment, prior education on the function and usage of the kit must be provided to the personnel in a workplace to avoid any delay or mishaps while trying to save the victim.

Below, let’s have a closer look at the components available in electrical safety equipment list;

  • Insulated Electrical Safety Rescue Hook with Telescopic Function
  • Voltage Detector with Flexible Contact Antenna, Equipped with Insulated Handles and Autotest
  • High-Leverage Cable Cutter with Insulated Handles
  • Electrical Insulating Platform in Black and Red
  • Electrical Insulating Gloves and Boots
  • Electrical Warning Signs
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive tape for Insulating Electrical Wires in Black and Yellow
  • Talcum Powder container to decrease Friction and Occasionally Dry Out Moisture
  • Usage Instructions and Emergency Directions in English
  • Cabinet with Wall Mounting for maximum accessibility to compact case electrical kit

With utmost caution to avoid coming in an uninsulated contact with the victim or conductive surfaces nearby, the rescuer reaches to the safety kit including insulating gloves and boots; boots are importantespecially for moist and other conductive ground areas.

The next step is to cut down the loose electric source by using a clear judgment of the situation, and incorporating the electrical safety hook for hands free safety, and other tools and safety equipment in the saving kit as per required.

After taking the necessary steps to stop conductivity, the rescuer must still take precaution and confirm his assumption by using the voltage detector available in electrical emergency intervention kit. These measures are vital to avoid any further electrical incidents by undermining existing electrical hazards during an electrical shock rescue.

The Electric Shock Aftermaths

If there is no current detected, the safety operator must immediately attend to the electrical shock victim and look for any sign of shock and vital function disturbances including; breathing difficulties, heartbeat irregularities, partial or total loss of consciousness. Medical attention is highly recommended even if the rescued person shows minor injuries.

Safety Precautions Against Electric Injuries

Here at RAAH Safety Company, safety is our core value and the search for the most effective safety equipment is our passion. Electrical incidents are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries with various degrees. With the right electrical rescue equipment, these injuries can be avoided all together, or reduced to insignificant amounts.

We are ranked among the top high voltage safety equipment suppliers, offering ready to use and customized Life Saving Intervention kits that comply with IEC Standards. If you need your company logo hacked on the Telescopic rescue stick kit cabinet, or need a quotation for bulk purchases, and even if you are not sure this is the right safety equipment you are looking for, contact us today and we will be readily available to answer all your questions.

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