Pipe Wipe Pro; essential Pipe Handling Tool Kits

Handling drill pipe is known to be one of the most hazardous tasks in oil and gas companies. There are many factors that can cause injuries and harm if the pipes are touched directly and without the interfering of the appropriate handling tool. Such factors include; extreme temperatures, corrosive drilling liquid, crush points, etc.

Pipe wipe pro is designed with durable material to a particular address the issues with hazardous chemicals that are present in drilling liquid. By providing a safe buffer zone, pipe wipe pro eliminates the need for the personnel to come in contact with the drilling or fracking pipe.

Industrial Utility

Effective pipe handling equipment is essential for safe, convenient and profitable drilling operations. The drilling tasks are a combination of manual, tool and mechanized handling solutions. However, the inclination of the most innovative companies is to reduce manual handling and maximize hands free safety.

Besides other assortment of drill pipe handling equipment, RAAH offers premium quality pipe wipe pro to ensure a safe drilling operation across the offshore and onshore drilling platforms in the Oil & Gas industry.

Features and Benefits

There are many products in the market that claim to be the best solution for increasing the safety when it comes to drilling pipes and corrosive liquids. However the Pipe Wipe Pro is noted among the top Offshore Handling Systems. Here are the main features of this tool and its beneficial aspects;

  • Hands Free Safety
    In a commitment to increase hand free safety and buffer zone between the operators and hazardous tasks, pipe wipe pro supports hands free operation away from hazardous drilling fluids. This way, the company can hit the zero incident milestones each time handling the drilling pipes
  • Convenient Use
    While offering a safe solution, the benefits of this tool do not stop there. It is designed with an extremely simple silhouette that meets the job requirements impeccably, the simple design makes it highly convenient to use and easy to handle.
  • Robust Structure
    We use high quality material to manufacture our pipe wipe pro tools. This way, they can withstand the harsh environmental factors often present in oil and gas sectors. Lastly, the design features resilience against extreme temperatures,
  • Ergonomic Profile
    Made for the hardworking drilling crew, the tool is designed for ergonomic handling. It is available in two lengths to choose from according to the pipe size and proximity to the operation. Moreover, the handle provides an outstanding grip and a large enough space to permit the use of safety gloves.
  • Rubber Integration
    Use of premium rubber makes this tool stand out in the market, which helps prevent splashing with a raised flanged construction. Additionally, rubber helps achieve a clean wipe and hence provides maximum protection.
  • Superior Material
    The main part of the tool is constructed from high quality NBR with a rubber cord. The size is also designed in a way to match the requirements for the standard drilling pipe sizes.

How does it work?

An addition to drill guiding tool kit, the drill pipe wipe down device is designed to reduce the contact of the crew members with the corrosive drilling liquids; these chemicals can cause corrosive material burns, blindness and loss of other tools and protective down hole pipe and equipment.

To prevent the liquid of a drifting pipe from splashing, the operator requires wiping it down. Here is where the wipe down safety tool comes into play.

It offers handling points on each end, while the middle section is responsible for cutting swarf both at the time of wipe down and rack back of large drill pipes. The contact area is enhanced with durable rubber for a clean whip, while the handles are designed for perfect grip- and to prevent mid-operation accidents.


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