Prevent Slips Trips and Falls with SafeMate Safe Plates

RAAH Safety SafeMate Safe Plates is a one stop solution to contributing to workplace safety by providing high end quality non-slip flooring products. Cracked flooring, uneven stair cases, wet, oily and slippery paving, and similar elements contribute to fall-related injuries.

Incorporating new solutions like non-slip walkway safe plate offers slip protection by providing a gripped surface for passage, stairs, walkways and draining spillage areas hence creating an even gripped non-slip surface. These anti slip plates are also used for pedestrian passages in a common workplace, pantry, or building pathway for creating a better transaction to walk on.


Benefits and Industrial Use

Companies can save on medical costs and increase man work hours by avoidance of slip injuries which are among the most common worker injuries across all industries. With integrated safe anti slip for industrial floor coverage.

For instance, stairs are an inseparable passage access across several workspaces, which addto the high number of staircasefalls and injury hazards by loss of foot traction. Projects can save medical costs and accident man hoursif they reduce stair-related slips and trips by integrating anti slip nosings, stair tread covers, step grille plates and non slip metal plate at site/workplace.

Another common cause of physical injuries is slipping on wet and greasy surfaces. Our work station santi slip plates are enhanced with small gaps to facilitate drainage, and differing non-slip surface despite being wet or dry. Let’s have a look at the general benefits of using safe mate panels;

• Decrease slipping incidents by increasing step traction
• Safeguarding passages, steps, entrances and doorways exit anti slip
• Decreasing the skidding distance in case of fall
• Easy repair to compare to normal flooring
• Easy installation and cleaning
• Slip free during exposure to oil, lubricant and water spillage

Any industries handling heavy pedestrian traffic as well as extreme worker project sites movement can benefit from features of impact resistance Safeplate. Here are some industrial utility examples;

• Cargo and shipping companies flooring
• Antislip plates for mining
• Oil and petroleum rigs and refineries
• Safe plate for food lines
• Piping and hardware productions
• Underground stariway safe plates
• Cityscaping
• Antislip plates for production lines of all kinds
• Emergency evacuation tunnel anti slip flooring

Key Specifications

Safemat plates are used to add anti slip features to indoor and outdoor flooring, steps and passages for public and industrial sectors. Their sole purpose to prevent ski incidents. They are designed to be long lasting for heavy duty and industrial use, affordable and reliable in terms of safety.

To ensure their functionality, all our grated floor mats at RAAH International are manufactured under safety regulations set by OSHA’s recommendation for walking surfaces, and comply with ISO 9001- 2008 and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards.

Below are General specification of these flooring materials.

• Providing high friction with non slip steel plate
• Embedded with hard aluminum as grit bonding
• Chemical, heat and frost resistant
• Available in large sizes, planar shape and custom made
• Easy drainage system
• Available in simple bright safety yellow color
• Available in GlowMateversion(antislip plates for dark)
• Coated with long lasting 2 part epoxy spray technology
• Customized color, size and gritting for certain applications
• Antislip tested for dry and wet condition and approved by NATA
• Resistant heavy traffic indoors and outdoors

Installation Guideline

Safemate Antislip plates are designed for installation over steel grating, concrete and wood flooring. They are available in a range of cuts and grating, although we can customize any shape and coating according to your workplace demand. Contact usfor a presentation to best suit your needs for Anti slip flooring solutions.

Antislip plate for wet and dry surfaces are available with ionized saddle, mushroom head metal with bolt- nut which are coerced in protective and non-slip coating. Other varieties include stainless steel saddles for moisture prone, and spillage zones. Before installation, the required holes must be drilled through the plates. All drilling applications must be carried out from the bottom side.

For metal and timber surfaces, self tapping metal screws are adopted for installation while Open Grille plates are fixed by Universal Grille Clamps. Furthermore, concrete and masonry surfaces are safely plated using mush-head hammer spikes.

Factors to Keep in Mind

There are a few points that call for your attention, for a fault free safe mate plating.

While ordering Dimensions:

Size is the first and most important factor involved in ordering a Safemate Antislip Safeplate. Planar shapes, uneven and sloped surfaces must be taken into consideration.

Grades of Safemate:

There are three standard grades of skip technology available; Fine, Medium and Industrial. These are respectfully used for non splash zones, medium spillage exposure, and lastly heavy and dense spillage such as oil, lubricant and grease floor exposure. Assessment of the grade of flooring in contrast with your workplace spillage is the key to a safe choice.


For its high visibility, safety yellow is available and recommended. Although we can customize according to your requirement.


Our anti slip metal sheet panels offer extreme hardness and resistance against chemical exposure, heavy traffic and machinery weight, etc. However, high pressure steam cleaning, usage of metal scrubs and harsh detergents is not recommended. Simply mopping the floor and washing with a normal hose pressure is the best way to clean the Safemate.

Factors to Avoid:

Wrong installation of Safemate can result in accidents and is considered more dangerous than unpaved flooring, ensuring professional assistance for correct installation of safe and non skid step covers.

Inappropriate footwear also contributes to fall and slipping. A workplace needs to be assessed for the right PPE equipment including footwear, protective hats, etc.

In a Nutshell

Among the significant and effective industrial anti slip safety products, Safemate flooring provides an anti-skid surface for both projects onshore and offshore. The right assessment of the grade of panels, sizing and customization for a perfect utility is essential in the overall efficiency of a safety panel.

Our experts at RAAH International are eager to help you make the appropriate and safe choice for your workplace. You can contact us by email and or through our telephone lines to receive consultation or place an order.

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