Introducing PETOL Rig Wrenches

Rig Wrenches are used to tighten pipes on higher pressure oil rigs. You can find rig tongs or wrenches in various sizes depending on the application they are used for. These figures are commonly employed when adjusting rig floor pipes but are also used in mechanic work to adjust nuts and bolts on every type hydraulic bench machines.

PETOL Rig Wrenches, engineered in the USA. Features a complete selection of top-quality rigging wrenches, used in breakout, drilling, measuring and installation areas. Perfect solution for breaking, tightening, or moving pipe (typically used in rigs) and casing. The newest addition to the Rig Wrench product line. Matches both industrial needs and budget constraints.


Rigs typically use rig tongs for two reasons; pulling apart or tightening the drill pipe, casing, or tubing. PETOL Rig Wrenches can withstand harsh and heavy-duty industrial use and deliver to perfection; because of the quality material and high-performance engineering of their designs. They have a complete selection of top-quality rigging wrenches, mainly used in four areas; breakout, drilling, makeup, and tubing.

PETOL™ Rig Wrench

PETOL Rig Wrenches are designed with a non-jamming feature in order to protect the longevity of the inserts grip in the work piece. The PETOL Rig Wrench also features a rugged handle in order to reduce added wear and tear when in use.

The new series of rig wrench has the capability to make up or break out drill pipes on rig floors, making it safer and more efficient. With a PETOL RIG WRENCH and its self-adjusting features, this product provides faster connection capabilities when needed.

An added expense of breakage is greatly reduced with high-quality Rig Wrenches having a rugged design. Extra care has been taken to ensure that the wrenches are not easily removed from the jaw. The Rig Wrench Inserts are seated in dovetail slots which prevent them from being sheared on the housings. They are available in two models.

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PETOL™ Drill Pipe Tongs

Rig tongs are the workhorses of the oil patch. Whether breaking out or making up the casing, tubing, or drill pipe rods, Rig tong tools are king in the oilfield. But there are many kinds of tong types to know about depending on your needs.

PETOL™ offers drill pipe tongs for use on rig floor pipes. When strategizing the correct tong to use, one thing to note is that to use a pair of tongs in two different connections – one connected to the rig by cable or chain, and the other connected by the cathead machine. The torque means something in this scenario; you can calculate it in any number of ways, including multiplying force with distance to determine when necessary torque is required.

The PETOL™ DRILL PIPE TONGS are particularly tailored for making up and breaking out drill pipes, casing, and pneumatic drills. These torque wrenches are found on all brand new rigs because of their ease of handling, quick application, and durability. Besides they offer ease in handling, quick application, and the ability to withstand everyday rugged use. They are available in multiple models.

PETOL™ Bull Tongs

PETOL Bull Tongs are user-friendly tools used for handling rugged tasks on a day-to-day basis. These tongs come in three different models- combining versatility, quality, and self-explanatory models.

PETOL Bull Tongs are the most versatile tools for making up and breaking out tool joints in the shop and on the drilling rig. These chain tongs provide a positive grip while providing perfect ratcheting while non-crushing and non-jamming. Adjustable Length, this tool is the ideal choice for many jobs.

PETOL has engineered their LA16H tong with downward gripping and ratcheting upward motion. Ideal for searchable, yet fast latch/unlatch, the LA16H comes standard with the most common 2-2 chain combo and optional 2-1 chain combo.

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