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The PITBULL Torque Tool eliminates the use of handheld sledgehammers and even the need for a torque wrench manual mud pump fluid end caps. With its innovative design, it ensures that correct and controlled torque is applied when making up end caps. What makes it even more amazing is that this terrific tool can be used right at your workplace!

PITBULL Torque Tool, innovative new tool for securing your hydraulics. Ensures correct as well as controlled torque when tightening caps. Highly efficient design that reduces manual labor and saves time. Eliminates the need for torque wrenches or sledgehammers. Mitigates risks such as impact hazards, pinch, and crush points. 


End caps can be a pain to put on, but there is a tool that will change your life. All you have to do is press the tip of the PITBULL Torque Tool against the end cap and twist your hand. It doesn’t get any easier than that! There are many different ways to put together a long-length pipe, but they all involve one thing: knowing when you’re applying enough torque. If you “misjudge” and apply too much force, the pipe might snap. Too little, and the end caps won’t tighten correctly. For that reason, many people rely on a sledgehammer for force, even though it’s impossible to know just how much force is being applied. PITBULL Torque Tool is an excellent tool for professionals in several industries, such as; automotive, oil and gas, mining, construction, hydraulics, and more.

What is a Pitbull Torque Tool?

The PITBULL Torque Tool is designed to correct and control torque as applied when making up end caps; this way the operator can apply just the right amount of force needed to rotate the cap. It’s a great tool for engineers, equipment manufacturers, and anyone else who is working with mud pumps.

How Does the Pitbull Torque Tool Work?

The PITBULL Torque Tool’s patented design allows it to safely release an end cap up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. For example, if you need to remove tightened end caps, the tool can release the end caps in only 10 seconds while avoiding over-tightening. The unique design also protects your hands from being hurt when working with delicate hardware.

Features & Benefits

To make hazardous work environments, such as rig platforms safer, the Pitbull torque tool have been introduced as an automatic torque tool to tighten fluid end caps. These types of tools are much safer than using sledgehammers.

The Pitbull Tool is crafted with sturdy construction and made with stainless steel. To ensure correct and controlled torque, the applied when making up head caps. They are suited for use under extreme conditions. These types of torque can be issued more easily than manually loosening and tightening the mud pump caps.

Fluid end caps are usually tightened and loosened by use of sledgehammers and using a sledgehammer can be hazardous to personnel. It can cause accidents while handling mud pump fluid end caps. The PITBULL torque tool eliminates this hazard by eliminating the need for physical strikes.


  • Durable design
  • Resistant to rust, corrosive chemicals, and impact
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Tailor-made construction
  • Comes with a performance testing certificate

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Our Advice

The PITBULL Torque Tool for Rig will give years of satisfactory service but may need a little care and maintenance to remain in good shape. For your information, these machines come with a manual which should be read thoroughly before operating the machine. Following these instructions ensures a long service life and safe use of the Pitbull torque wrench.

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Enhance the safety of your workplace by replacing the old-fashioned sledgehammer with our innovative Pitbull toque tool. For more information about the Pitbull tool or other hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrench for mud pump or to get a quotation, contact our field experts at RAAH Safety. Order today and enjoy our discounted prices.

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