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RAAH Safety Pipe Walking Antislip Mats

In an industrial environment, pipes and tubular tracks often cross the pedestrian passages, which result in trip and fall related accidents, and occasionally cause damages to the piping systems.

RAAH Safety Pipe Walking Anti Slip Mats are manufactured to provide an anti-skid walkway, while protecting the passing pipes at the same time.

Made from resilient material, these high traction walkways offer a unique and durable solution that withstands the most demanding work atmospheres.


Key Features

These antislip mats are manufactured with a two -times reinforced system; it uses an ant slip and high quality GRP non slip strips at the top, embedded on the industrial grade rubber webbing. This way, the top layer offers traction for step stability and impact resistance under load pressure, while the rubber bottom keeps the pipes and tubular safe with its flexible structures. Rubber helps the even weight distribution, which prevents from creating a pressure point hence creating damages and raptures in the pipe system.

Additionally, the GRP layer is resistant to chemical exposure, including oil-field liquids, and abrasion imposed by mechanical contact. Furthermore, they present dielectric properties which make them suitable for electrical line coverage and utility around charged surfaces.

These rubber walkway matting are flexible and be stored in the form of rolls, and purchased in customized or standard varieties. All our mats comply with international standards and ISO 9001 quality assurance policies.

If your company follows a particular hazard code system expressed in particular colors or written warning indications, you can contact us and we will have it made according to your exact requirements.


When it comes to installation, the slip proof mats are extremely easy to set up. Refer to the installation instruction for a secure installation either by use of adhesive or mechanical fastening. Read the overview of our safety pipe walking mats below;

  • Standard Varieties
    You can choose from our prefabricated selection to cover your pipes and ensure the safety of your workers with high traction steps.

    Standard variety is available in highly visible yellow color with black edges, with 2, 3, 4, and 5 feet in length.

    Standard pipe and cable covers are sized in 20, 24, 36, 48 inches, in width.

  • Customized Mats
    You can order these Pipe Mat Rolls according to your custom requirements with different colors, including “glow-in-the-dark,” editions or having signs and indicative writings. Custom lengths are available to a maximum 10′.
  • Material & Composition
    The top layer of our pipe mats is made with 1/8 in Pultruded Fiberglass (FRP) while the side in contact with pipes and tubular is made from non-conductive rubber insulation material.

    Industrial Aluminum made pipe mats options are also available for non-conductive environments.

  • Resistance Features
    Our heavy-duty anti slip mats are resistant to impact or load pressure, while maintaining a lightweight profile consequently. They are also resistant to electrical current, chemical and corrosive substance exposure.
  • Traction Grades
    The grades vary according to utility environment including
    1. Super Coarse Grade for highly slippery conditions such as oil rigs with common lubricant spillage
    2. Extra Coarse Grade for marine platforms and providing anti slip roll for decking
    3. Coarse Grade editions for industrial and heavy-duty construction utility
    4. Fine Grade for commercial use, Extra Fine Grade for residential and school environments
    5. Super Fine Grade for direct contact with skin and walking bare feet.
  • Color Availability
    Safety yellow is our standard production color but customized color codes and marking can be provided on demand.

Safety Mats Industrial Applications

From public gatherings such as fairs, festivals, and conferences to harsh industrial conditions such as mining sites and oil and gas rig platforms, these slip resistant mats help to prevent trip-and-fall hazards.

They are designed with strong fiberglass material that can handle a load pressure of almost half a ton, which ensures your pipes’ safety under pedestrian passages and light vehicular traffic.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Ordering

Our pipe and cable covers are designed in compliance with international standards to meet your requirements wherever you are in the world. Here are some factors to consider when ordering your heavy-duty rubber mat. This information helps us to provide you with the perfect match in accordance with your workplace.

  • Size: Length and Width
  • Grade or Surface Grit Requirement
  • Company Color Safety Codes or Visibility Requirements
  • Safety Indications and Markings
  • Installation Preference- Adhesive or Mechanical

Pipe & Cable Covers Installation

Installing our pipe walking mats is pretty straightforward. They are compatible with wood, steel, and concrete. You can approach your installation by using adhesive attachments or mechanical fixing.

Adhesive Installation
This method is suitable for surfaces that cannot be drilled, or when used for temporary and semi temporary coverage of pipes and wires- such as music festivals or parquet floorings.

Mechanical Installation
Some generalized steps to follow for mechanical installation are;

1. Make markings and perform precise measurements before drilling the floor placement area.
2. You can either drill your own covers or let us know and we will send a pre-drilled cover, ready for mechanical installation.
If you are doing the drilling yourself, make sure to leave at least 1” space from the edges for the best results. Also use a Drill Bit Chart to get the perfect size.
3. Again, use the Drill Bit Chart to find your exact bolt and screw size, according to your drill hole size.
4. Position the cover over the placement and substrate the screws. Make sure to follow the instructions to achieve an appropriate pilot hole depth. And avoid over torque during the fastening. This may result in cracking the fiberglass and inappropriate fitting.

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