Increased Safety & Efficiency on Drilling Rigs with Tool Drop Protection 

One of the most common occurrences around drilling rigs is the accidental tool dropping in drill holes. Rotary table skirts offer an innovative yet simple design to create an effective drop-tool barrier cover. A harmless looking tool when dropped into expensive drilling machinery can lead to unimaginable damages, which can be prevented by beforehand assessment and the appropriate covering of the pit.

RSS Rotary Table Hole Cover

Why to Use a Rotary Table Skirt?

Cost-related issues are at the core of rig hole tool drops, such as down hole drill hammer, by multiplying the costs first, due to the loss or damage to the tools or drilling tubular, second and more importantly, interfering with the drilling process.

By using the rotary table maintenance work safety becomes effortless. This design provides a functional and durable solution and a reliable addition to down hole drilling equipment safety kits. Utilizing these drill hole covers are especially important to provide protection in case the personnel drop their tools while tubular maintenance. 

On many occasions, the projects should be stopped to take out the tool, which results in slowing down on the workflow and increasing the costs.

Rotary well drilling rig covers features Tool Drop Protection for Drilling Rigs, which is used during maintenance periods and shutting off the drilling for technical or geological factors. Besides cutting down the costs and increasing the uptime for workflow efficiently, these rig hole covers are designed with durable features that can last in the rugged drilling environment.

While particularly constructed for oil rigs both offshore and onshore, these designs are an ideal addition to mining industries, marine industries, fish farms, well construction and any other business dealing with drilling the ground or creating hydraulic drilling machines and pipe systems.

Functional Specifications and Features

The design is further enhanced with a tested weight ratio that both handles tool drops and provides efficient rig hole protection. Moreover, they are easy to remove and install by a single person without demanding much effort.

Our tubular covers are lightweight and require no metal or complicated tools for their installment. They are effective to use in a variety of tubular for a tight and safe fit. The safety aspects in this design is further highlighted by the safety yellow color of the design for visibility at night, in the fog and other visual obstacles. 

These round protective skirt covers are constructed with hook-loop strips on the edges, which helps secure the cover in its place against rain, impacts and tool drops, etc. the easy instructions of use does not require any particular training on how to use a rotary table cover.

Horizontal Rotary Table Covers Features

  • Lightweight and easily installed
  • Crafted from waterproof Vinyl
  • Made for heavy duty use
  • Round construction for tubular fit
  • Double layer construction for maximum safety
  • Adjustable strips for safe fitting around pipes
  • Coloring combination: Dirt-proof black side and visible yellow safety
  • Compliant with OSHA standards

If used in combination with anti slip equipment and tethers tools the rotary hole covers can shield your workplace from tool drop occurrences that can lead to considerably expensive and negative results. 

Increase Safety on Your Rig & order the Rotary Skirts Now

The costs involved in purchasing a rig hole cover are insignificant when compared to potential issues and shut downs that tool dropping in rig drill hole hazards. Our safe skirts are made to last, created with durable vinyl that can handle any tool drop from any any height.

Here at RAAH Safety, guaranteed workflow and safety remains our core principle. We provide mandatory safety equipment to industries, with a focus on oil and gas drill rig components. We draw our inspiration from on-field experience and compassion for safety standards that can change the entire work experience by a simple step taken towards the appropriate introduction of safety products- such as the rotary drill hole cover. Contact us now to place a  bulk order, or get in touch with our expert for any questions.

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