Handling Suspended Drill Pipes with the Multi Handling Tool

Oil drilling rigs deal with large-scale tasks, heavy machinery and operations accompanied by hazardous circumstances. Handling drilling pipes particularly require careful handling for the presence of highly corrosive drilling liquids. The heavy weight of these massive pipes often imposes danger to the handlers causing accidents or crushes and pinch point injuries. To help prevent such incidents the Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tools wasincorporated as an appropriate pipe handling equipment with other PPE tools is a must on Oil Drilling Rigs.

The Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tools are manufactured to assist handling, positioning and placement of the drill pipes through push and pull action. They are easy to use, convenient and highly efficient both in terms of safety aspects as well as in providing control over the motion of the suspended drill pipe.

Why to Use a Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool?

Firstly, to create a buffer zone between the oil rig personnel and hazardous tasks, the drill pipe multi handling tool can offer hands free operation on the rig floor and catwalk areas when dealing with suspend drill pipes. They can be employed in performing the following task;

  • Maneuvering the suspended drill pipe
  • Handling horizontal drill tools
  • Precise handling of bottom-hole assembly
  • Placement of pup joints
  • Slick line operations
  • Vertical pipe storage and pipe racking
  • Handling pipes in repair stations and manufacturing sites
  • Movement and placement of pipes and bulk hose lines, etc.

The enclosed handle multi pipe tool is designed for compatible use with the standard taglines, which makes it easy to install and maneuver. During the operation, the handler can exude precise control over the suspended load whilst movement or landing the drill pipe.

Operational Details

The Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool accommodates pipe handling by facilitating push and pull motion in a precise manner. This drill pipe moving tool is regarded as a multifunctional device for handling a wide range of pipe diameter, in both vertical and horizontal positions. This feature makes this drill multi tool stand out, while other similar tools available in the market are often designed with a one tool-one pipe diameter approach.

Apart from operational convenience, the tool also provides safety by creating a safe buffer zone and efficiency in workflow. The ergonomic feature and intelligible design increase the speed of operation significantly.

Features & Specifications

The Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool is designed with a robust shaft made from industrial grade aluminum. The shaft is facilitated with the handling point one at the end and other in the middle to increase control and operational precision. The enclosed handles are coated with rubber coating for a reliable grip and comfortable use.

On the attachment end, the drill pipe multi guider tool is arranged with two L shaped attachments to grab the pipe with a 35 degree rotation and twist actions. This structure permits a secure attachment and a grip from two opposing directions. The attachment is also enhanced with a rubber lining for a non-slip grip and also by wiping down the drilling liquid to prevent related hazards.

There is no requirement of moving the mechanical part which ensures a fail proof operation. Here are the general specifications of this large diameter tubing guider;

How to Use the Multi Handling Tool Safely?

  • PPE
    It is always recommended to combine the tool with the appropriate PPE equipment for total safety. For instance, when working on an active drilling rig, face protection, gloves, and coverall suits are imperative to protect the skin and sensitive organs from corrosive liquid splash.

  • Communication
    To avoid any mishap and uncalculated move, communication between the crane operators and rig personnel who are handling the pipes must be maintained. This is especially important when maneuvering heavy and suspended pipes.
  • Safety Assessments
    Before starting any tasks in hazardous worksites, including drill pipe rigging, the operator must calculate the possible risks and propose the standard solutions. These solutions must include PPE, the appropriate path to task execution, and identifying escape paths.
  • Tool Attachment
    It is suggested to install the tool to the body of the pipe when it is in stationary position to avoid any injuries and incorrect installments. Ensure of the pipe’s girth beforehand; the multi handling too is designed for pipes with diameter ranging 2⅜” to 6 ½”

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