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“Ultimate Solutions for HSE Managers, Rigging, and Slinging Trainers”

Stiffy push pull tool or Stiffy Safety tool, 100% manufactured in USA, assists to keep hands off loads and protects workers from finger and hand injuries. Adapted by several major industry players in implementing hands off policy by Avoiding pinch and crush points with our hands-free lifting tools. Mitigate risks by equipping workers with the Stiffy Hand Safety Tools for suspended loads.

Available Sizes: RAAH SHH – 21″ Handy Hook, RAAH SHT2-42 – 42″ , RAAH SHT2-50 – 50″, RAAH SHT2-72 – 72″

RAAH Safety Hand Tool – also known as RAAH Safety Safety Tool, RAAH Safety Stick, Push Pole, Push Pole Stick, Push-Pull Safety Tool.

RAAH Safety manufactures a line of safe hand tools to provide HSE Managers, Rigging, and Slinging Trainers real solutions to create safer working conditions.

The Stiffy Push Pull Hand Tool is crucial to the implementation of Hands-Free and Hands-Off Policies.

Raah Safety are Authorised Distributors / Sole Agents in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and more.

The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool keeps workers out of hazards by forming a buffer zone when handling suspended loads. Use for any hands-free safe lifting. Mitigate risks by equipping workers with the Stiffy Hand Safety Tools for suspended loads. Avoid pinch and crush points with our hands-free lifting tools. 

When used effectively and as designed, the RAAH Safety Push Pull Hand Safety Tool™ provides a buffer zone of safety where personnel can guide, maneuver and spot suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points.

The RAAH Safety Hand Safety Tool™ gives operators a way to mitigate risk by equipping and training workers to not place themselves in danger by working in unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.

RAAH Safety Push-Pull Pole Safety Tool for Manouvering & Guiding Suspended loads and Snagging Taglines.


Do hands-free devices reduce accidents?

Protect Fingers, Hands & Arms with Stiffy Push-pull safety hand tool. This hands free lifting tools is specially designed to provide more reliable working conditions for HSE Managers, Rigging, and Slinging Trainers.

This no-touch tools safety helps to protect in avoiding injuries at work while working with suspended loads or maneuvering objects.

Stiffy Push-pull sticks help in safe handling by maintaining proper body position also supports the management of heavy loads, movements, and maintaining pipes position and tubular. Easily grab slings and taglines with hands-free push-pull sticks.

Hand Free Safety Tools at Raah Safety are designed to safeguard the hands while performing tasks that involve a potential danger. Activities such as hoisting or landing heavyweight loads, sharp objects, and hazardous chemicals and objects with extremely high and low temperatures.

By keeping the operators at a point-blank range, Hand Free Safety Tools avoid finger and hand injuries caused by mechanical and chemical hazards- including crush- point, Burn-point, and Pinch-point. Due to the high number of workplace injuries, Hands Free operation had become a popular trend in companies.

Here at Raah Safety, premium hands-off safety tools are designed in accordance with the most recent scientific discoveries and intelligible engineering. We depend on the field requirements to address the safety needs of operators- to keep the hands off when needed- permitting our customers to choose from a wide range of products for hands free operation of otherwise hazardous tasks.

Over a million workers visit the emergency room for hand and finger injuries each year. Raah Safety company is dedicated to increasing the personnel’s safety by providing substantial and innovative solutions to in-field hazards and hand injuries.

Working with safety should always be your first choice. No matter whats the situation. Safety care should be followed to avoid accidents, injuries, and delays.

RAAH Safety offers a premium level of safety devices to reduce accidents and versatility when it comes to loading control and material handling.

Working with suspended loads and using your body can be dangerous, Using hands-free safety tools can help workers to manage and control the load.

For improving control on loads and cargo taglines, check out Pipe Handling Tool- an ingenious addition to hands-free safety and offshore handling systems.

Hands-free lifting tools are the best choice when it comes to safety at the workplace, as it helps for body positioning while lifting heavy and hazardous parts, tools, boxes, pipe, bars, and more.

It is controlled and specially designed to manage challenging work conditions like dockyard, drill rigs, packing sea freight, and much more.



The RAAH Safety – RAAH Safety Safe Hand Tool – Push-Pull Pole supplying the original Stiffy Push-Pull Pole Tool.

The SHT-2 is the most popular Safety Stiffy Tool. Extended carbon sleeve & solid fiberglass push-pull rod increases the strength of the tool on the neck where the tooling fixture is attached.

If Stiffy Hand Tool breaks while using it accurately this is the indication that you have saved yourself from the potential injury. That’s why we have stated Stiffy Tools-Safe Hands-Save Hands.

Stiffy Push pull tool- United states


Key Features and Benefits of Hands-Free Devices:

Most frequent questions and answers

The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool is designed to mitigate risks associated with working near hazardous suspended loads. It equips and trains operators to maintain a safe distance, thereby reducing the potential for accidents.

Hand safety tools are crucial because they help enforce hands-free and hands-off policies, reducing the risk of hand and finger injuries caused by contact with hazardous equipment.

These tools create a buffer zone of safety around workers, allowing them to guide, maneuver, and monitor suspended loads without getting too close to pinch or crush points.

Implementing hand safety tools involves providing proper training and ensuring that workers understand and adhere to hands-free and hands-off policies. This helps create a safer working environment for all employees.

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