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Overview of Gas Grab

The gas grab was designed for a sole purpose, for safe handling of high-pressure cylinders and significantly reducing the risk of incidents when lifting or moving vertical cylinders. In addition to safety, this simple yet efficient design, contributes to an improved posture of the workers while lifting the gas containers- hence increasing ergonomic aesthetics of a workplace.

Designed primarily for high-pressure gas cylinder safety, reinforced by a variety of sizes and gas cylinder strap, to deliver hands free safety equipment.

Gas Grab, manufactured in the UK & designed for safe
handling of high-pressure cylinders with patented scissor action clamps.
Reduces incident risk when lifting or moving vertical cylinders. Comes with
efficient design, ergonomic features, and low cost. Improves operator’s posture
when lifting loads.

RAAH Safety – GasGrab™ was designed by Lionel Foster, a welder/fabricator, at a time when he was suffering from a complaint that gave great discomfort whenever he had to move or change a gas cylinder. Although Lionel was in pain whilst moving gas cylinders, his attitude was ‘work must go on’ and so in 2000, GasGrab™ was conceived. Since then GasGrab™ has been modified and improved into the patented unit we have today.


Simple and versatile, GasGrab™ is ideal for every industry where high-pressure gas cylinders (gas bottles) are used, for instance:
  • Hospitals and other Health Care establishments
  • Licensing trade and Restaurants
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Retail shops selling balloons
  • Events organisers
  • Building & Demolition
  • General Engineering

Why buy a GasGrab™?

GasGrab™ helps eliminate injury by allowing the operator to take a healthier posture while lifting or moving a gas cylinder – protecting the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. With GasGrab™’s patented design, the weight of the cylinder determines the clamping force required to lift the cylinder.

You can be assured that GasGrab™ has been tested well in excess of the weight of a full cylinder of gas, and as such has been issued with a test certificate – a copy is included with every GasGrab™ sold.

Listen to the Experts

In 2007 Bradford University carried out a study of the GasGrab™. The 34 page report that came from this study includes a large amount of technical data that highlights the health and saftey benefits of using GasGrab™ when lifting gas cyclinders.


Simple handing and decreasing injuries while moving the gas cylinder is the main utility of this tool. It was engineered in response to reducing physical risks, both to the carrier and gas cylinders. Any industry that compromises with high pressure gas cylinder can benefit from safe gas cylinder handling, some instances are;
  • Welding organizations
  • Supply and change of BOP closing unit’s bottles
  • Nitrogen gas charged bladder-type dampeners
  • Large-scale fire suppression system cylinders
  • Nitrogen cylinder charge of hydraulic brake accumulators
  • Large marine diesel engines with air-start-systems
  • Gas production chemical companies
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Compressed air cylinder used on lifeboats
  • Mining and offshore/onshore gas industry


For operating the Gas Grab, firstly the administrator must make sure to choose the right size of GasGrab and then apply the correct process for lfting the compressed gas cylinder. The operator also must make sure that they are competent to handle and maneuver the cylinder, by assessing the cylinder’s size and weight that is meant to be lifted. The most important factor while using the GasGrab lifter is recognizing its mechanism and using the correct application to grab both handles to apply equal upwards pressure at the same time; this is the core mechanism of the scissor cylinder lifting clamp action which clings to the body of the cylinder. Here are some steps to follow for the optimum functionality, according to the gas cylinder safety instruction;
  • Make sure of the markings on the cylinder grabber for the upwards facing side; this feature ensures the correct attachment and avoiding losing grips and incident while transferring the cylinder
  • After instalment, make sure to press the tool down to reach a secure and comfortable lifting position
  • Our experts suggest the gas grabber’s best lifting point is right above the center of any upright cylinder; this contribute to both an even weight distribution to share the load, balance as well as the operator’s posture correction for the lifter.
  • Then the operator must ensure to lift both handles in a skyward motion; the gas grab is designed with scissor cylinder clamps to create a tight fit. It is important to remember the grip mechanism and avoid relaxing the upwards handle pressure, in order to prevent the gas grab cylinder clamp’s loss of grip.
  • As mentioned previously, you can give up the grip by releasing the upward pressure on both handles, and a slight press down
  • Control must be practiced in all stages of cylinder gas lifting; lift off from the floor, while carrying, and after setting down.
  • The cylinder grabber is meant for short distance moving or lifting. If you and your team are new to the gas grabber, please read the instructions and follow through to get the best and safest results.

Feature Specifications

Our Final Observations

This tool offers a distinct scissor action to create a gas cylinder clamp that wraps tightly around the cylinder, supporting the administrator to pick up or move it with hand free safety. It also provides an easier handling by distributing the weight in an ergonomic manner, without weakening the strength.

Noted among the safe grabbing toolsgas grabber is used widely across the several industries for eliminating injuries and easy movability of high-pressure cylinders. If you and your team deal with a high pressure gas cylinder on a routine basis, order gas cylinder here.

RAAH Safety provides a range of safety products that are both ergonomic and provide hands free safety– order now to increase your workplace safety by our extensive selection of safety tools to cater for the most elemental to the most specialized safety requirements.

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