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Lifting and rigging

Lifting & Rigging

Our line of lifting & rigging tools presents the solutions for hoisting rough loads and rigging operations. Get blocks, capstan hoists, haul systems & more.

Increase your workplace safety and efficiency with our general-purpose & specialized lifting and rigging supplies, hoists, winches, wire rope, etc.

Lifting and hoisting operations are one of the major causes of fatalities and serious incidents in global Exploration and Production (E&P) activities. Improper load suspension and overloaded rigging components can cause injury, and even death, to individuals working in the oilfield industry.

Every type of lift has a set of risks that need to be managed if the lift is to be undertaken in a safe and efficient manner. RAAH Safety provides Lifting and Rigging safety solutions. We are the suppliers of lifting and rigging products with brands like Ingersoll rand air winches and hoist in Singapore, Indonesia, India and worldwide. Raah International also deals in other such as compressors and hoist.

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