Kenco Multilift: A Game changer Concrete Lifter

Lifting heavy loads such as concrete slabs and blocks is a routine task on construction sites, industrial production lines. While these tasks were being performed in a mix of manual handling and mechanical lift, Kenco MultiLift was designed for automated handling of such occasions. With a highly innovative sliding grip to adjust around the objects’ edges, a concrete lifter cuts off the use of other hydraulic mechanic lifters and manual manipulation.

The precast lifting devices are innovations that impose a tremendous impact on the speed and safety of construction industries across various sectors.


Usability across the Sectors

In essence, any company that requires lifting of heavy slabs can benefit from this concrete lifting equipment, by reducing the number of required personnels, additional hydraulic devices and increasing the general safety. The Kenco MultiLift sees through an extensive range of lifting tasks in the following industries and more sectors;

  • Construction industry from small to large scales
  • Landscape maintenance and care
  • Industrial hardscaping and cityscaping
  • Mineral slabs, refineries and stone block warehouse
  • Mining and dam building sites
  • Warehousing and shipping
  • Airport, marine and military platform maintenance

How It Functions

Here is a quick glance at how to lift precast concrete steps and other heavy objects; to facilitate a wide range of lifting grab, the precast concrete lifting devices are designed by a diversified range reaching up to 88 inches, or 223 cm of gripping range. While widely known as concrete lifting devices, it handles a wide range of objects, including;

  •  Concrete blocks and slabs
  •  Precast airport and marine station flooring
  •  Stone and granite curbing
  • Precast steps lifter facilities
  • Used as a wall block lifting tool
  • Prefabricated building parts such as kenco roofing
  • Sidewalk lifter

The operation of the concrete slab lifting devices is rather straightforward. At first, the legs are fixed to the ground for maximum central stability, which is done by setting a simple lever that is modifiable in width accordingly. The lever is constructed for both flat surfaces and sloped areas, and safeguarded with a circular pad angle that is adjustable to several directions. The pads offer a reversible lifting clutches to grasp the slabs from back-to-front whenever needed. They facilitate free flipping and rotation, which permits grabbing an object from both outside and inside out- in case of hollow loads.

The multilift’s pad angles are also replaceable in case of damage or interchangeable to cater the lifting of diverse materials such as stone, metal and plastic. Polyurethane pads are specially designed to attach to sleek surfaces such as steel plates. By using a sling and secure shackle hold mechanism, the load is secured throughout the transport.

After the object is delivered to the required position, the Kenco MultiLift’s tongs release the grip on the concrete lock block and are positioned for the next load lifting immediately.

Furthermore, by contacting our company officials, you can order custom made pads for particular precast sizes and materials, namely; including in rock feet, extendibility of the legs, pad materials, etc.

Each of the concrete lifters is tested before release for customer use to ensure a safe and reliable application according to global standards including OSHA, CanOSH, ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards, and other US patents; the country of origin for controlling the safety regulation policies.

As a one of a kind panel lifting equipment in the industry, what makes Kenco MultiLift stand out is its adjustable grip and accurate lifting precision that adds to the work efficiency and decreasing damage to the load, while significantly cutting down on slab-lifting related incidents.


Performance and Feature specifications

Whenever an adjustable loft, grab and transport is required, the MultiLift is designed with a variety of adjustable attachment to carter for particular requirements in order to maneuver block lifting.

An Innovation in Slab Lifting Industry

Besides being a relatively recent addition to the construction industry, the Kenco Multilift has become a prominent part of companies for lifting objects such as granite blocks, concrete lifts and more. The entire process of use from surface positions with stable concrete lifting anchors and adjustable attachment to slab grabs and release is rather straightforward and requires a short time.

Cutting down the work time and investment compared to traditional lifting methods the mechanical the Kenco Multilift makes lifting operations effortless. It functions on both smooth and rough surfaces and designed for outside and inside lifting holds and as well as different types of lifting devices.

Depending on the model you choose from the Kenco Kalamazoo lifter series, the Kenco Multilift lifting equipment has the capacity of lifting from uper3000 to 8000 pounds, and a variety of range of attachments. RAAH Safety Company, as an authorized distributor of multilift inc, presents you several models below to check for the block lifting device that suits your work environment needs. Contacts us for further information and customizable additions.

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