Cable and Nylon Hose Chokers

Cable Hose Chokers

Accidents with hose assemblies happen for a number of reasons; but mostly it comes down to faulty or damaged fittings and improper safety protocols. In essence, liquid and air hose safety cable chokers are used whenever a pressure rating more than the traditional hose whip check is recommended.A whipping hose can be dangerous; especially one operating under high pressure can have severe damage to workers or machinery in an event of hose failure.

Cable Hose Chokers are manufactured from sturdy metal and utilized for safeguarding pipes and hoses with high pressure connections including air, water, steam, slurry, oil, etc. The essential purpose of this restraint is increasing safety and prevention of accidents or injuries, should a high-pressure hose failure occur.

Nylon Hose Chokers, 100% manufactured in USA, with a robust braided metal whip. AIW products which provide exceptional release control in case of a connection failure. An essential for all pneumatic supply hose applications. Mitigates risk when using pressure hoses for air, water, steam, sandblast, or other pressure applications. Controls excess whipping on hoses up to an impressive 15000 PSI.


Designed from a robust braided metal whip, the hose safety cable/nylon chokers provide an exceptional release control to a point of a complete shutdown of the air/fluids.

These Safety hose chokers present the ability to withstand pressures with over a ton of force. Each end is secured with a nylon spool which acts as a cinch lightener when pulled. This mechanism holds the hose in place while decreasing or completely stops the flow. The tightening continues until the pressure is cut off from the source. 

Use and Safety Tips

Prior to application, it is highly recommended to calculate the force in order to match the cable size with pressure rating of the whip arrestor. This ensures a successful management in case of potential failure of gas, liquid and air hoses. Practically, the ultimate working pressure rating of each hose is considered only by half of the fluid rating. To reduce the hazards of during a failure or accidental disconnection, avoid calculating the hose working pressure as static load. Moreover, these factors should be taken into consideration to determine the appropriate cable in contrast with its safety hose chokers application:


The Raah Safety Nylon Hose Choker is a safety equipment and boasts a choking action for tightening down the hose in case of functional failure.

Established as safety restraints with high-pressure hoses in various industries, the nylon hose chokers are designed for easy installment and exceptional results when it comes to hose failure incidents.

These high pressure hose nylon choker easily slip over the hose coupling at a distance to control the cinch tight in case of accidental detachment and hose connection failure. For keeping the safety grip in place, you can use a rubberized tape during installation to prevent cables from slipping off. Furthermore, it can help control the spill of hazardous contents to a great extent- especially important in hose safety for chemical industry.

Use and Safety Tips

For providing an excellent retention, always use the figure-8 double loop ends on the matching small diameter hose.

Always replace the nylon hose chokes when it has undergone any blowout and hose failure events. When used outdoors or in demanding work conditions, it is recommended to replace the choker once every two years.

According to MSHA & OSHA pressurized safety requirements, all high-pressure hose connections, except those functioning under automated shut offs, must be equipped with safety chains and locking mechanisms to prevent hazardous incidents.

Also, any pneumatic power tools must be safeguarded with whipcheck safety cables, such as a nylon hose restraint, in case of accidental disconnections.


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