About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, RAAH SAFETY is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAAH International. RAAH Safety focuses on innovative and specialised safety products for clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Petrochemical and Refineries, Marine and Shipbuilding, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Aviation industries.

Health and safety is an important part of any industry, and more so in the offshore sector, which is identified as a major hazards industry. Reducing the number of dangerous occurrences and injuries is among the top priority of the leaders in the Energy industry. The industry’s absolute commitment to continually improve process safety standards is another indication of the importance placed on safety in this industry.

Mission Statement


To be a leader in innovative solutions for detectable and undetectable hazards at workplace


To achieve HSE and Process Safety excellence by raising industry safety standards and decreasing human risks through innovation, creativity and plausible solutions

RAAH International is committed to offer innovative solutions in meeting client’s needs and resolving client’s challenges by: Suggesting alternative products and services, Maximising our physical presence in prime locations in Singapore, US, UK and India offices, Capitalizing on technology, Using our experience and qualified expertise

RAAH Safety focuses on innovative safety products

RAAH Safety’s mission is to contribute to the industry in raising safety standards and providing innovative, creative and plausible solutions for the safety of the workers. RAAH Safety offers specialised yet simple equipment for detectable and undetectable hazards at workplace.