Introducing Safe-T-Stik; A No Touch Load Control Magnetic Tool

Available Sizes:

• SAFE-T-STIK XL (Extendable) STS002
• SAFE-T-STIK MINI (T-Handle Vertical Lift/Pull) STS003
• SAFE-T-STIK MINI (D-Handle Vertical Lift/Pull) STS003DH
• SAFE-T-STIK SR (T-Handle Short Reach) STS005
• SAFE-T-STIK SR (D-Handle Short Reach) STS005DH

Keeping your personnel away from work related incidents by increasing hands free safety is in constant demand. Safe T Stik creates a buffer zone between hands, and heavy metal objects during lift and move operations. By replacing direct hands contact with the Safe T Stik, this increases a safe distance from hazardous objects without sacrificing any controllability when positioning the load and adds to the administrative authority of personel while working.

In addition to convenience, effective guidance of a metallic plate, this strong magnets with handles despite the decreasing force requirement, also diminishes the risks imposed both to personnel and tools.

Load, unload, stack and separate steel sheet at the simplicity of a button with Magnetic Manual Lifter, enhanced with remote chargeability and innovative technology that supports you throughout.

Load, unload, stack and separate steel sheet at the simplicity of a button with Magnetic Manual Lifter, enhanced with remote chargeability and innovative technology that supports you throughout.

Manufacturer and Material:

Industrial Usability

Any industry and business handling road plates or steel trench plates, metallic poles and pipes, warehousing containers, faucets, water valve covers, steel fittings and moving, lifting and hoisting heavy objects can benefit from safe t stik magnet.

  • Oil refineries and drilling sites
  • Road Maintenance and construction sites
  • Shipyards and marine industries
  • Chemical companies
  • Warehousing and shipping containers

Function Mechanism

The very foundation of the Safe-T-Stik design is based on hands free safety, while managing, positioning and lifting of a various range of metallic and heavy objects during handling operations.

From the top, magnetic pulling tool is designed with an easy guidance “T” handle grip that offers ergonomic convenience, unparrallel precision and control, super strong neodymiun magnets that provide a direct alignment with the operator’s body for both push and pull actions. Furthermore, the main rod is built from technologic fiberglass non conductive, UV inhibited FRP tube that offers impactful force and is lightweight at the same time. The tube’s resistance, along with other parts, has been tested before dispatch for a reliable operation. Ultimately, the rod ends with a dual action swivel at the bottom, that permits free movement and easy position on an object without losing authority.

To set the Safe-T-Stik magnet into the position, a small title is enough, followed by a twist. Then the operator must keep the handle of the magnet on a stick tool in a 90 degree position in order to benefit from magnetic action, which is enhanced by a powerful magnet to reinforce a task with up to 400 lb, or 180 kilograms attraction force. Located at the lowest point of the rod, the magnet is designed for facile attachment and removal.

Key Features

As one of the most affordable yet efficient hands free magnetic stick in the market to handle heavy loads, as a trench plate lifting tool or road plate magnet, Safe-T-Stik positions the operator in a safer and more physically ergonomic position. The extendable magnet tool is created to last under toughest weather conditions while still executing the required tasks without jeopardizing the control.

As an extendable magnetic stick, authoritative load guidance and positioning, safe-stik features a variation of models with adjustable handle lengths.

How Safe-T-Stik Adds to Your Workplace Safety?

The rule of thumb is that anytime hands free safety is possible must be implemented. To avoid potential hazards, Safe-T-Stik magnetic tag offers an unmatched safety, 100% manufactured by American engineering and unrivalled product design. Hands, feet and the entire body are given a protected buffer zone and distant from hazardous situations by this ingenious magnetic guiding tool.

While available at a effective cost and easy design this complex tool comes in 3 models: SafeTstick regular, XL and Mini, the Mini version is a simple manhole lid lifter is extremely user friendly when it comes to pulling out water valve lids, small grates and other small objects that weigh less than 150 Lbs. The SafeTStick egular and XL are more widely user in maneuvering large, heavy, and potentially dangerous steel objects and thus is an ultimate no touch safety solution- by reducing both equipment damage and personnel injuries significantly. Elevate your workplace safety and keep your employees away from potential load lifting hazards with a small investment on the magna lift that goes a long way.

No tagline hook? check out our robust and innovative editions of Magna Grab that add to safety by keeping the workers out of a tight spot.

In a Nutshell

The no touch magnetic tag line product is constructed to increase workplace safety by providing an effective and safe solution, while promoting authoritative load control. As a leading hands free safety product in the market, the SafeTstik stick offers durability, ease of use, optimum control and affordability. Guiding, positioning, pulling and pushing heavy steel objects with maximum safety and ergonomic aesthetics by the no touch safe magnetic tool.

The Safe-T-Stik is featured by the RAAH Safety Company as a hands-free safety product that adds to your workflow efficiency. Our line of products are designed by the engineers in the same field of work, who understand and respond to workplace safety issues effectively. Click on a product below and order now.

Safe-T-Stik is a super strong, durable, magnetic tag line safety tool designed to keep your workforce safer by keeping them further away from hazardous situations without sacrificing control.


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