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Safe Lifting Technology solutions with Magswitch Magnets

Among the fail-proof innovations in magnetic technology, magswitch hand lifting magnets are designed to deliver dexterity, precision and safety- while reducing work process downtime. Whether known as magnetic sheet lifting magnet, or battery operated Magswitch lifting handles, the application of these hand lifting tools varies from lightweight life, transport and positioning for handling flat objects.

Magnetic Manual Lifting, assists in lifting and fastening metallic products. Handles both flat and round products. Made with fail-safe magnetic technology. Strong, compact, low-maintenance, reliable hands free lifting solution. Mitigate risks by reducing crush and pinch points. Magnetic Manual Lifting leads to higher work efficiency and a safer environment. 

What are the benefits of Magswitch hand lifts?

The ideal application of magswitch hand lifter was established as an instant solution to lifting flat metal object, while they are considered an integral addition to magnetic handling systems.

  • Straightforward operation, enhanced productivity
  • Automated utility requiring only a single operator
  • Accuracy in lifting and positioning
  • Load surface protection
  • Affordable sheet, pipe and other industrial lifting magnet


Lifting magnets have become an inseparable element in our modern technologies and lifestyles. Although some industries benefit from magnetic plate lifters more than others. Designed for smart usability and increasing lifting magnet safety, a handful of these industries are enlisted below;

  • Automotive production sites
  • Steel processing and handling
  • Chemical productions
  • Train and aerospace engineering and maintenance
  • Plastic recycling
  • Steel and iron productions
  • Offshore and onshore oil rigs

These companies can use magnetic hand lifting and transport for any Ferromagnetic material including steel plate, iron, pipe and cylinders, and shafts and rod stock and more.

Models and certifications;

In this article, we introduce two of the most popular and well-reputed hand lifting magnets in the market, backed with expert reviews and years-long customer satisfaction. These series of Magswitch material handling magnets are particularly designed for handheld use.

Each of this table top magnetic lifter has been hand tested before dispatch and monitored for compliance with HSE regulations and safety policies.

Magswitch Hand Lifting Magnets

Magswitch lifting magnets are the perfect solution for lift, and fastening of metallic products, particularly in forms of sheets, flat and rounded surfaces or other handling difficulties. They require no fastening reinforcement; all that the operators require doing is to attach the magnetic sheet lifter to the surface and use the electric or manual lifting magnets switch to turn them and then lift or transport according to the task requirements- integrating both efficiency and safety features.

Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-CE Series

Engineered as a single hand operated heavy duty magnets lifter, it offers round-the-clock usability duration without fail, given the battery has been charged fully with innovative wireless chargeability.

To use the magswitch lifter, the operator needs to turn the magnetic hand lifter on, using wireless control or switch on button. The battery light shows the statistic of its functionality, ready to carry up to 35 kg. By attaching the lifter to the desired surface, prior examination is required to ensure from the connection. After correct installation, it can lift, move and position the surface, without harming or leaving any marks. By turning off the device, magswitch lifting magnet releases the tension hence detachment from the surface.

Key Features

Designed particularly for ferrous steel, the magswitch lifting magnet tool also works with gauge metals, although the thicker the metal, the better is the attraction force. Furthermore, Hand Lifter 60 is not compatible with few materials such as welding clamps or electrically charged materials.

Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-m Series

Designed to carry, lift and handle on and off steel and ferrous objects, Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-M offers manual lifting magnets with a slightly higher lifting capacity in comparison with the prior model.

Usability is rather similar, starting with attachment of magnet to the surface and turning it on. After making sure of a secure hold, by lifting the object an inch, the operator can carry it in the required position, the magnet must be turned off once positioned down securely.

Magswitch Mini Multi Angle

The magswitch mini multi angle device boasts a knob with 180 degree rotatability that acts as a switch on and off button. Additionally, the magnetic sheet lifter comes with a pivot magnetic lifting handle with several settings to facilitate transport of sheets, sharp-edged material and other hazardous elements- by creating a strong magnet grip and safety buffer zone. Full saturation or minimum thickness requirement in magswitch dual hand lifter edition is at 12.7mm.

  • On/Off Magswitch Magnet control
  • Safe load indicators up to 60 lb. or 32 kg
  • Magnetic break off force at up to 200 lbs or 91 kg
  • Pipe groove for round surfaced objects and various size pipes
  • Designed with a locking handle vertical for a better grip
  • No touch safety with efficiency
  • Suitable for carrying small to heavy objects
  • Secure and durable

Prior Use Precautions and Instructions

While the magnetic field can be compromised by presence of dirt, liquid and solid debris, particular type paints, etc, the surface must be cleaned and prepared before use for compliance with device’s lifting requirements. Ensure from the linkage and surface tension between the magnetic lifter and object, by examining the capacity of the hold. Always remain within the range of capacity compiled by each model; exceeding the limit may result in incompletion of task and work related incidents.

Before commencing on the Magnetic Manual Lifting, make sure it is correctly attached to the required surface. Furthermore, shock forces must be avoided in order to prevent breaking away of the magnet. Lastly, safe working temperature reaches up to 180° F (80°C), any temperature above these levels may result in damage to the electromagnetic field and an incomplete lifting procedure.

All these factors should be taken into consideration for a safe usage and prevention of damage to device or object surface as well as incidents.

Closing Thoughts

Safety is at the core of this tool’s design, with an overall consideration to lifting and handling of sheets and ferrous objects system demands.

As one of the few distributors of lifting magnetic sheet Singapore and worldwide, RAAH Safety Company, our magnetic lifting products respond to your needs for plate handling, sheet position and detachment as well as assisting heavy loads lifting. Instead of traditional shackle and tagline lifting, we offer you with products that offer authenticity, safety and innovation by integration with magnetic lift systems- at affordable rates.


Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-CE is our one-handed magnetic lifter delivers more control with the use of only one hand. Turn on and off at the push of a button to lift and release steel. We built a fail-safe into our technology so if the power runs out while working and the unit is under load, the magnet stays on and the steel won’t fall off! Comes with two rechargeable 4V lithium-ion batteries, charger, and holster.



Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-M is a manual On/Off combination magnetic hand lifter/sheet dragger, for all your small steel handling needs.


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