RAAH Safe Lifting Slings;  Manual Lifting Slings 2 handles

Hands-on lifting of pipes and tubularcan often result in hand and back injuries. To increase weight lifting efficiency and provide hands free safety, Manual Lifting Sling offers an ingenious replacement. These webbing straps are tailored for assisting the lifting, maneuvering and transfer operations of the pipes and other objects around an industrial setting or offshore rig.

Manual Lifting slings, strops, clamps, and other handling aids are indispensable tools for various industries, especially in demanding environments like offshore oil and gas sites. They are designed for versatile use, whether on-site, in workshops, or warehouses.

These handling aids boast user-friendly features, making them easy to attach to objects for lifting and moving tasks. With specially engineered handles, they offer enhanced grip and minimize pinch points, ensuring safer and more efficient handling of loads.

Manual Lifting Slings single handle
Manual Lifting Slings single handle
Manual Lifting Slings 2 handles
Manual Lifting Slings 2 Handles

Advantages of Hand Lifting Aids

● Safety

Whether handling pipes in a workshop, warehouse, onshore drilling site and offshore platforms. The workers always experience pinch points, crush point and abrasions as a common accordance. Manual lifting slings replace the direct hands grip; making achieving no touch and zero incident milestones becomes possible.

● Ergonomic

In addition to hands free safety, these slings are extremely ergonomic in construction. While boasting a simple design, they provide a system that helps keeping the spine straight and shoulder blades in the right positioning while lifting. In generalthe tool helps eliminate unnecessary bending and lifting.

● Easy to Use

There are several pipe lighting aids in the market, often with a complex mechanism. These personnel lifting devices however provide easy liftingprocedure. The design is made in a way for a snug hold during the operation.

dual hand manual slings

Industrial Utility

Several industrial sectors have adapted this secure tool to improve their safety, increase work efficiency and ergonomic innovation. Any industry handling pipe, ironwork and tubing sections, can extremely benefit from this safety equipment. These industries include;


The Handling Aids are designed with a simple profile that ensures maximum comfort and performance. The device is made out of a premium polyester webbing strap attached to two handles on each side. The webbing itself is tested and certified for tensile force to withstand heavy weight and harsh industrial environments.

The grip section is coated with comfortable and anti-slip rubber for easy handling. Moreover, the size of the strap can be adjusted with adjustment hoops to offer a perfect length for a variety of applications.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Application

This product is particularly made for manual handling, lifting and maneuvering of the objects by hand. The Manual slings are not to be used along with machinery, such as mechanical rigging lifting equipment and forklifts, application can be extremely hazardous.

Inspect the webbing and handle each time before use. In case of any signs of tear and abrasion, utilizing a damaged tool can result in mid-operation incidents. Replace the handling aid in such circumstances.

The equipment is designed for handling pipe, ironwork, tubing sections and any other object with round and tubular shapes. Avoid using it in systems that involve burdening hot temperatures, sharp edges and fabric-corrosive chemicals.

Double handle manual lifting slings are most suitable for heavy loads and are best handled by two people, holding on to each handle for a balanced weight proportion.

How Our Manual Lifting Slings Work

The strap easily fits around the pipe or tube. By simply passing the strop beneath the load, the handles should be passed through the strop eye. This is done to make the fit, aka “choke” hitch. You can also install the equipment by slipping the strop eye over the pipe ends.


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