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To ensure the safety at your workplace, you need safety products that are reliable and reviewed by experts for their functionality. We introduce to you Catu Arc Flash Protection, a well-reputed manufacturer of arc flash clothing requirements and accessories specializing in ARC Flash Safety.

An Arc flash can be caused by human error, technical difficulties or accidental factors. Any worker who is in contact with electric current, particularly with high voltage categories, needs to follow electrical precautionary practices. The violent nature of such incidents can leave a worker severely injured which can be avoided by using the appropriate arc flash protective clothing and gear.

What Is Arc Flash & How to Protect yourself with Arc flash gear?

Electrical current has the ability to travel through air, starting from a conductor tip and landing on another conductor; it could be a metal surface, human body or the ground. Such circumstances could leave fatal injuries if the person is close enough to an Arc Flash the extent of injuries depends on the current’s potency, circuit resistance, the distance from the conductor and temperature.

The initial cause of an electricity flash include; dirty and dust covered conductor surface, impact force to the tool, accidental contact, acid, air and water corrosion, systematic fault or installation mistakes, and more.

Similar to any other highly hazardous atmosphere, arc flash safety gears are the first protective line between the workers and arc flash fatalities. In addition to following the universally set protection boundaries, a handful of other precautionary methods are proposed to safeguard the personnel from electric hazards. Each operator must be integrated with arc flash ppe kit, using gloves, headwear or a complete electrical protective clothing– depending on the nature of their tasks.

Furthermore, the qualified employees must supervise and provide adequate advice to other employees who have no qualifications in electric circuit safety.

Industrial Uses

Any industrial electric environment is prone to several arc flash hazard categories. With insufficient safety furnishing Arc Flash can lead to human injuries and even fire incidents on large scales. Our Catu Arc Flash Protection protects you when handling large electric cables and high voltage current whether as a secondary facility or core industry element. Listed below are some of the most vulnerable industries to Arc Flash incidents;

Raah Safety Dealing in Catu UK Electrical Safety products:

1. Insulating Gloves for Arc Flash Protection CG-11

Catu Gloves are an insulated pair with Class 0 arc protection with the voltage insulation up to 1000 V. They are constructed with the sole purpose of providing a protective insulation against electric shock. In addition to electricity, CG-11 gloves are also heat resistant.


• RC material- resistant to oil, ozone
• Resistant to extreme temperatures
• 1000 V Flash Arc protection
• F1959 standard compliance

electrical insulated gloves catu

2. Nomex III Undergloves

These under gloves are engineered to withstand high temperatures, reaching to 100°C. They are worn on the bare skin and topped with insulating gloves for a comprehensive solution for arc flash safety. Catu Nomex (95% Nomex, 5% Kevlar) III under gloves are allergy free, durable and hygienic.


• Temperature resistant up to 100°C.
• Durable
• Suitable for fire performance
• EN42 Standard compliance
• Available ein single size

3. Arc Flash Gloves CG-65-CAL

For a higher heat resistance, you can choose the arc rated insulator gloves, CG-65-CAL. They offer a reliable protection for hands with electric arc insulation of maximum 65 cal/cm2. These gloves come with a variety of test certificates, including compliances with 1506-02A, ASTM F1959 and NFPA 70E regulations.


• Quilted with protective Kevlar
• Constructed with Nomex 33% and Kevlar
• Available in single size
• Test certified

4. High-Visibility Arc Flash Parka M-882082

This edition is tailored with 100% waterproof material, featuring arcprotection gear with resistance against flames. It is constructed with a high neckline for minimizing the skin exposure, with spacious flap-top pockets to keep the essential handy.


• Single size, weighting almost 1kg
• Arc flash and flame resistant
• Waterproofed
• ASTMF 1891
• ANSI 107 Class 3 Level 2

5. Arc Flash Face Shield Kit (10 cal/cm2)

The shield kit comes with a top helmet for arc flash protection, covering the face with a UV resistant polycarbonate sheet, created for facilitating long-range view. It is designed with three sections with following specifications;

• Electrician Helmet Section: MO-182/1-B

It offers the standard safety of ABS helmets, padded with arc rated insulators. This safety helmet is in compliance with EN397, EN 50365, ANSI Z89.1 20kV.

• The shield section; M-881956

It includes a Face shield, manufactured with a chin cup for maximizing the coverage. It provides insulation up to10 cal/cm2. When it comes to UV exposure, this frame displays an efficiency of 99.9% UV absorption and 70% light delivery. The shield is tested and complies with ASTM F 2178 regulations.

• Storage section: M-87384

Every purchase comes with a carrying bag for maintenance and correct storage of the face shield and helmet to avoid scratches and dis-functionality.

6. Arc Flash Jackets and Protective Coverall Kits

Classified as arc flash protection clothing, Catu electrical safety overall kit is available in a few models. However, each edition is crafted for maximum comfort with lightweight material and arc flash resistance. The following units pinpoint to the arc rated incident energy that the suit can safely withstand;

  • KIT-ARC-08-C: 8 cal/cm2
  • 1 KIT-ARC-10-C: 1’0 cal/cm2
  • 2 KIT-ARC-10-J: 10 8 cal/cm2
  • 3 KIT-ARC-10-JP: 10 8 cal/cm2

The above model’s weight ranges from a total of 3 kg to 4400 kgs. Every kit includes arc rated components comprising; face shield, helmet, safety glasses, protective coverall 8 cal/cm2 or coverall 12 cal/cm2, flash blue suit jacket with 12 cal/cm2, trousers, and carrying bag.

Final Words

Your workplace is at potential risk with Arc Flash occurrences, which need to be safeguarded. With Catu arc flashprotective clothing for electricians doesn’t mean less ergonomic function; they are designed with practical esthetics while upholding the highest levels of safety standards and durability.

For more information on the model availability and quotation, contact our team of experts at RAAH Safety, an authorized distributor of Catu electrical safety kits.

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