Offshore Pipe Handling:A complete range of hand safety pipe handling tools

Offshore work industry environment often tells stories of Hand Injuries of pipe handling accidents, carrying or lifting pipes incidents as one the most common type of accident. A successfully managed risk of this area can be by introducing Offshore Handling Tools range to rigger on board. These innovative, high quality, durable designed tools are an important addition to the success of achieving zero incidence workplace.


The 10” PRO Pipe Handling Tool is manufactured for the primary pull and push function, while drilling, handling casing joints and other high risk maneuvering of large pipes up to 10” inches. It is designed as a multi-functional tool to contribute to hands free safety for work environment on rig floor and catwalk area as well as fishing tool, as a versatile utility function in other hazardous environments such as oil and gas rigs, chemical companies, electrically charged surfaces etc.


Designed with an arc shaped silhouette, this tool aims to facilitate handling of large pipes or pipe bundles. The Drill Pipe Casing Tool alsooffers a convenient tagline retrieving hook for safe and practical hands free operation. It is considered an effective solution when handling large pipe joints, tubing and casing, and drilling conjunctions while offering exceptional maneuverability.


Devised to replace direct hand contact with pipes and other round surfaces on rig floor workplaces, the larger drill pipe guider tool decreases pinch point and crush point significantly while handling drill pipes as a hazardous activity. In addition to safety, these Drill pipe connection tools offer great maneuverability and precise control over the targeted area. It comes with a rubber seam to wipe down the drilling fluids, hence protecting the operators from harmful corrosive drilling liquids.


Known for its intelligible designs, the tool caters to versatile tasks and a range of functions in challenging workplaces and high risk tasks related to cargo handling. It is structured with a Vshaped attachment to cater to 4” inch box iron frames, while offering exceptional precision and authority to the rigging personnel over each movement. It also comes with a tagline retrieving hook to accommodate easy push and pull functions.


The Pipe Handling Tool is a great addition to the pipe handling tool kits for suspended pipes with exceptional load control. It offers great control over the pipe weather in horizontal or vertical positions; they are made from marine grade aluminum and offer stability and great control over the load. Comes with a double U shaped attachment head, one forward facing and rear facing used to facilitate the control of a suspended drill pipe up to 5⅞ inches. These series are aimed to cater utilities around drill floors, maneuverability of large pipes, bundles of hoses and installation of BOP service lines.


Drill Pipe Multi Handling Tool is tailored to facilitate push and pull function around drill pipes. It offers utility in vertical and horizontal position pipes, as well as suspended pipe maneuvering tasks. These tools are particularly designed to accommodate the well casing pipe dimensions from 2⅜” to 6 ½” in size that are attached to no mechanical components. This multi functional casing tool can be used for drilling, fishing and hose handling in and round rig floors, catwalks, and any space with restricted surface area. It facilitates hand free operation with a secure grip, easy twist and a construction for single hand operation with precision.


The Drill Pipe Set Back Tool is structured with the purpose of increasing safety and control while handling tasks in setback areas. It protects hands, fingers and the personnel’s feet in case of maneuvering vertical pipes. Whether it is impacts, crush points and corrosive drilling liquids, the drill pipe set back tool guarantees a safe handling for push and pull function of the pipes- whether in a fixed position or while being suspended. It is built with U shaped connection, an aluminum staff and a rubber handle for an impeccable grip. On the rear end comes with shoulder attachment that allows the user extra control that is required to position the pipe in the vertical position, whilst being at safe distance from the landing area.


As the name indicates, the Finger Saver tool is designed to prevent hands and fingers from potential pinch points. In addition to offering great precision, the tool is shock absorbent and excellent safety equipment when handling hammer impacts, splinter-prone tasks during hammering operation is confined spaces. The Hands Free working rig tool are lightweight yet robust safety tools that are resistant to a wide range of industrial factors such as exposure to ozone, corrosive chemicals, puncture and abrasion. Comes in 3 sizes.


The Grating lifter tool is manufactured to support machinery space operators to carry out routine inspection tasks safely and conveniently. Whether it is maintenance, routine inspection, and other world around grating platforms, this tool offers multifunctional assistance, it helps to increase ergonomic position of the personnel and hence decrease the back and neck injuries while performing removing heavy grating tasks. In addition to permitting the removal of grating in an upright position, the tool provides outstanding control without moving any mechanical compartments.


The Hands free tool storage station is vital to the life cycle and functionality of your hands free tools and equipment. All the hands free storage stations are designed from strong polyethylene and secure with a mounting clip to fix the tool in position. This category of drill floor crew casing tool is crafted with compact and lightweight profiles, hence requiring a minimum storage area. Other highlights include adjustable attachments, capability of storing up to ten different tools, and a canopy cover to keep the station and the interior tools safe from external weathering factors.


The Offshore Handling Systems Pipe Catcher is another tool dedicated to drill pipe movement in vertical and horizontal positions. It comes with a lightweight swivel head that is safeguarded with instant release mechanism. This Hands Free working pipe tool is a complement to handling systems for the movement of drill pipes of various sizes including hoses as well. Vinyl-coated noose with non-slip rubber grips and protective sleeves makes this tool stand out in the market.


Pipe Wipe PRO 1200 & PRO 1500 tools are used for handling dangerous drilling fluids and cutting swarf or rack back. Operators can benefit from ergonomic features, user-friendly and practical features of this tool when handling drilling operations. It presents exceptional mechanical highlights to provide precise control over the pipes and joints.

They are designed to reduce the risk of drill floor crews who are in contact with hazardous drilling fluids and cutting swarf during wipe down and rack back of drill pipe. The drill pipe bundle load push tool provides the personnel with a user friendly and safe solution to the wipe down of drill pipe and tool joints.


The PRO Pipe Gripper Tool is manufactured to assist pull and push function while handling large diameter pipes ranging from 4” up to 13”, while drilling, placement and maneuverability. This multi functional tool is suitable for a variety of pipe movement activities in order to create a buffer zone between hands and hazardous task areas. Each tool is made from high-density polyethylene and industrial grade aluminum. They are designed for single hand operation with a sturdy design to withstand even the harshest environments.


Rigger Assist is designed to provide precise work to a wide range of activities, such as offshore and onshore rigs and oil and gas stations. The idea begins by the tool is to provide hands free operation around the rigging activities to provide a multi-functional tool that assists in positioning, moving, sling and retrieval for rigging operations. By replacing the direct hand contact, the Rigger Assist reduces the hand and finger injuries significantly. Comes in Short(Non extendable) and Long (extendable pole)

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Hands free operations and tools are an essential part of safety measurements around oil and gas rigs. RAAH Safety has dedicated a large section of its products to these categories of safety tools, without compromising the workflow efficiency and, above all, safety of the personnel. For customized pieces, get drilling pipe specifications, or to get a quotation, contact us today.

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