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Our lockout tagout signs and locks help you communicate safely next to lockout points. You can easily attach them and warn workers about dangers.

Keep your workers out of danger with the right Lockout Tagout solutions. They're available in various color codes, headers, formats, and designs.

We use our years of expertise and knowledge to help businesses keep their workers safe when working on potentially dangerous machinery. Raah International, A parent company of Raah safety, is a unique organisation in that we are one of a very few specialist providers of lockout tagout systems, trapped key interlocks and valve operating equipment globally.

We help organisations who are seeking to implement safe isolation, safe working practices. Our range of portable valve drive systems help workers involved in the laborious task of valve operation and exercising. We can advise and deliver a solution that will negate the risk of workplace accidents as a result of unexpected machinery (energy) start-up. By working with us you can expect to:

- Acquire exactly the right equipment needed in your work environment.
- Educate your workers on the risks and means to avoid risk.
- Avoid costly HSE FFI (Health & Safety Executive Fee for Intervention).
- Reduce downtime.
- Generally improve safety.
- Whether you’re in need of lockout-tagout consultation, procedures, training, auditing or software, Raah International can help.

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