The Titan Flange Lifter is a simple tool and safe method for installing and disassembling blind flanges. This removes the need to hire a welder to connect a lifting eye to the flange. The blind flange lifting device is time efficient and economic at the same time.

Titan Flange Lifter, designed to easily lift heavy-duty components like engines and transmissions. Offers a secure method for installing and disassembling blind flanges. Equipped with the TITAN SIGNATURE GRIP and constructed with premium alloy steel products formulated for heavy-duty use. Withstands tough and demanding work conditions. Patented flange lifter series for safe and efficient application. 



Each flange lifter has undergone pressure testing and magnetic inspection to ensure safety and quality. There is no need to hire a welder to connect the lifting eye to the flange. Hence, utilizing the tool is less time-consuming and cost-effective.

Moreover, our flange leveling tools have undergone stress testing and magnetic particle testing to guarantee operational safety and quality.

The gaskets and brackets can be interchanged to exactly match the required flange thickness. Titan Flange Lifting Tools lift and lower blind and welded flanges using bolts. Titan Flange Lifting Tools are the safest and most reliable way to move blind or weld neck flanges.


Safety and reliability are major concerns in the day-to-day handling of heavy equipment. To ensure such hazardous operations take place in the best and most effective way, and to protect your employees during this process, Titan flanged lifting tools are specifically designed to meet these needs.

Titan Flange Lifting Tools could be integrated on in a field setting to enhance the accuracy of lifting the flange of two-hole leveling. Other benefits of using these lifters are; simplifying the otherwise complex tasks, and diminution of safety hazards during flange attachment and installation processes.


● Material

Designs with premium alloy steel to withstand heavy duty use and demanding work environments. These lifters are also resistant to impact and corrosion for long term and everyday use.


Our flange lifters come with interchangeable spacers and brackets. This means you can tailor them to the exact flange thickness you need in any situation.


Titan flange lifting tools raise and lower blind and weld-on flanges using bolts. Hence, no lifting eye required. These simplified equipment increase workstation productivity with reliability and excellent performance.

Easy installation

All you need to install the lifter is to remove the lifter’s blind and weld neck flanges.

Simple Attachment

The lifting hooks are designed for easy application. They easily slide under the flange bolts with a secure hold. The hooks are placed underneath the bolts on both sides.

Sizing Convenience

We offer flanged elevators in a variety of sizes to suit in different scenarios you face on a day to day basis. Each model comes with adjustable plates to suit different flanges.

● Safety

Specialty Maintenance Products focuses on “best practice” industrial instruments designed for maximum safety and time efficiency. Moreover, each instrument is subjected to pressure test and magnetic particle inspection before delivery to ensure that you have the safest instrument.

Important Safety Reminders

● There is nothing better or safer than the Titan Flange Lifters when lifting bolt welding flanges and installing and removing blind flanges. Although tested and certified for maximum safety, there are a few precautionary guides to follow for a safe and smooth flange lifting experience;

● Do not exceed the rated load. Staying within load capacity rating prevents potential object fall hazards.

● Always read the instructions prior to installation and before use.

● Only trained personnel must be appointed to operate and supervise the flange lifters.

● Check the lift daily before use to ensure it is in proper working order. In case of detecting any faults during inspection, avoid any lifting procedures until it is fixed or replaced.



The FLA 112 is designed to carry weights up to 1000 lbs. As with the FLA 112, the levers pivot for quick, safe and easy installation or removing blind flanges. Brackets are made suitable for flange thicknesses up to 7-5 / 8 inches, and the FLA 212 is rated for loads up to 2000 lb

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