Introducing the BHA Wash Tool

BHA Washer (Bottom-Hole Assembly tool) is a premium drilling operations washing tool. Used around the core bit, outer core barrel, various subs, and the drill collars, it eliminates the need for personnel to use manual HP cleaners. It improves safety on the rig floor by keeping operators out of red zones and exposure to overhead injuries.

The high level of safety of modern drilling operations around the world requires special mechanisms, including intelligibly designed equipment. Most of the rings have fully automated pipe handling systems.

According to some local governments, the regulations prohibit personnel from working on the rig floor while using the automatic pipe handling systems are in use.

However, the use of HP cleaners when installing the BHA remains a lingering issue. To prevent such measures, we offer you a unique and easy to use solution; The BHA Wash Tool. 

Pulling BHA in oil base mud on a Maersk Rig.

How Can the BHA Wash Tool Revolutionize Your Rig?

The bottom hole assembly (BHA) is a key component of the drilling system. It comprises various components and tools (including the drilling rig itself) that work downhole and perform physical drilling in the rock. Hence, the drilling operations washing remains one of the most vital, frequent and hazardous tasks across the industry. Utilizing our innovative BHA Wash Tool enhances the following aspects in your rig site;

Increasing Safety

Using the BHA cleaning tool, the BHA can still be cleaned under high pressure without exposing personnel to the hazards such as falling objects or being exposed to remote controlled machines at the bottom of the rig- such locations are marked as “Red Zone” with critically dangerous elements.

Increasing Time Efficiency

Since drilling costs depend on time, using the right drill bits and drilling operations washer is critical to drill faster and less costly. Equipped with a body cleaning tool and open hole magnet, the BHA minimizes movement, reduces operational risk.

Excellent Performance

For enhanced performance and workflow productivity, the BHA flushing tool is specially manufactured to suit almost any drilling rig. The BHA Flush Tool cleans is an ideal BHA washer for Red zone, rigs, and other irregularly shaped and sized units in the drill string.

Featuring Compatibility
The BHA wash tool could be positioned above the switch, bell nipple, or flare choke. Moreover, it can be directly connected to the rig HP wash system.

Adaptable to Specific Needs
The design offers a convenient control system, where the high pressure water flow activation can be applied either at the well site or remotely in distant stations. The design is rugged and certified for the marine environment in offshore rig stations.

How It Works

The tool utilizes high pressure water in order to minimize the consumption to very limited volumes. It complies with both vertical and directional drilling BHAs and will be installed after running the diverter and stays in its position during the entire operation. This BHA wash equipment features 4 to 6 high pressure nozzles facing the center of the rig well.

Furthermore, the BHA high pressure cleaner’s nozzles will be connected to the rig’s high pressure system directly. Alternatively, the nozzles could be installed in a dedicated high pressure unit. After the installation is complete, the water flow is activated -whether remotely or locally on site.

High pressure water flow activation can be performed locally at the wellsite or remotely from the rig. The BHA Wash Tool is fully marine certified. No debris on the rig floor or windows due to the use of a handheld pressure washer. During the process, no debris and dirt would remain since it is designed to keep all debris below the rotary.

Specifications & Benefits

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