SLIDE SLEDGE:The World’s Safest Hammer

An Introduction to Slide Sledge Hammers

As a striking tool, traditional chisel and hammers are one of the most dangerous tools, often imposing crush point and sledge hammer punch injuries. Occupational incidents with traditional sledge hammers and heavy duty shears range between 10 -18% of the total injuries, affecting hands, chest, neck and head.

An excellent alternative to the traditional hammer and chisel. 100% manufactured in USA. Operate the tool single handedly. Deliver a precise impact and increases safety and efficiency during striking applications. Powered by sliding the steel drive bar back and forth to reduce effort and increase safety. 

Among the hand free safety tools’ innovations, Slide Sledge hammer provide controlled maneuver, higher safety, and precision, they are handled only by one person instead of two- and consequently a diminished percentage of total risks.

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What Is a Slide Sledge Hammer Used For?

Slide Sledge hammer uses include several heavy duty maintenance jobs that can benefit from slide sledge heavy equipment hammer. In general, any work involves handling and manipulating tire bead, replacing bush/bearing/seal plate, extracting rusted and nonfunctional pins, removing bucket tooth pins, driving bolts in or out, insertion between ripper teeth, etc. Here is a closer look on the Utilitarian use of Slide Sledge Hammer;

Construction • Auto, Locomotive and Areo Mechanics • Off-shore and On-shore Drilling Platforms • Petrochemical industries • Mining hammers • Railroad • Agriculture • Military


The tool is designed with a linear structure with a relatively long handle that is attached to a variety of pins to deliver precision. What differentiates the practical aspect of this tool is its amplified sledge hammer impact force and maneuverability, as well as creating a buffer zone that leaves hands and fingers far from the operation zone, incase of missing a blow that otherwise would cause Slide Sledge hammer injuries.

As an precision sledge hammer, the tool is powered by a central bar that draws back and forth, attachable to a range of head attachments, including interchangeable upsets and quick-change tips specially designed to remove track pins and sprocket bolts allowing easy access to hard to reach pins as well as a drive bar to enhance accuracy of use and efficiency, while reducing the overall energy requirement through the steer of the tool’s dead centre.

Aside from an improved safety, this tool offers a further functional precision to prevent destruction or damage to machinery, in case of failure of maneuvering and glancing blows.

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Features and Types of Slide Sledge hammer

In technical terms, a Slide Sledge hammer offers several extensions for an advanced efficiency during a variety of jobs. There are three general categories of design including; slide sledge multi-head hammers, slide sledge pull hammer, sliding sledge hammer, and slide sledge precision hammer. The slide sledge hammer sizes vary accordingly and each innovative tool consists of shared compartments. The main Sledge hammer parts include;

  • A drive bar; the sledge hammer shaft designed not only for an extended buffer zone and safety precautions when using a sledge hammer, but also with functionality feature and improved maneuvering
  • Interchangeable tips

Multi-head hammers are widely used among many industries. They are often used in response to heavy duty and power-inquiring tasks, alongside changeable pin drivers for a variety of implications on the impact force of sledge hammer, and accessing hard-to reach surfaces.

In a nutshell

Traditional sledge hammer and chisel are potentially one of the most dangerous tools with difficult maneuverability. Instead of this high-risk tool, the modern tool innovation has introduced Side-sledge hammers, with top-notch standards 100% manufactured in the USA.

The idea behind this innovation is to decrease force requirement, time consumption, and operator strain and hammer injuriesThe safest hammers are those that are incorporating an extended precision, and high-quality task deliverability for a variety of pin insertion, removing rather difficult fork fasts and driver seals, etc.

Here at RAAH Safety, our team of experts are gathered to offer the right solution to any working environment with two general motives; upholding the principles of safety for hard working professionals, and a heightened efficiency in mechanically and physically demanding tasks.

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Slide sledge
Some of its benefits:

• Increases profitability by:

1.Eliminating special equipment or additional operator by using task specific tips, so man operation and
3.down time hours reduced to minimum

• Simplifies field maintenance / repairs:

1.Remove & install pin on any type of field equipment
2.Cuts & shears rusted bolts in seconds
3.Reaches between bucket teeth for easy removal & installation
4.Adapts to separator forks for fast & easy change outs

• Promotes a safer work environment:

1.Minimizes operator effort & risk of injury
2.Reduces muscle strain
3.Diminishes flying debris associated with hammer and chisel

• Adapts to numerous applications

1.Accommodates interchangeable application specific tips that allows one tool to do job of many
2.Adapts to quick change of tips

• Delivers powerful & precise impact

1.Constructed of induction hardened steel for long life
2.Delivers maximum (18,000 psi) impact force
3.Can use additional 5 lbs hammer weight for additional impact force.

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