Petol HammerTight Wrench Retainer

PETOL HAMMERTIGHT Wrench Retainers are high performing wrench retainers, used for slugging or hammer, torque, and back-up wrenches. They are designed to handle complex tasks with ease and reliability. The primary purpose is to provide hands free operation of a nut threading into a stud by incorporating an innovative spring-loaded plate, safer and faster. All it takes is a single operator to perform the hammer wrench tasks that previously required two people. 

Petol HammerTight Wrench Retainer, manufactured in the U.S,  designed to hold a striking wrench with maximum safety. Engineered with easy-to-use and ergonomic structure. Offers outstanding control for the striking application. Mitigates pinch and crush point injuries. Hands-free safety standard tool. Made with robust and high-performing construction. 

Place wrench on nut and thread retainer onto stud.

Lift up on wrench to compress spring loaded retaining plate.

Reposition wrench on nut and release spring loaded plate and continue.


The Hammer Tight slugging wrench retainer offers an exceptional tool to replace the direct manual operating with this hands-free tool. In addition to increasing wrenching precision, the striking wrench holder also reduces the potential hand injuries because of probable risks involved in hammering tasks.

The striking wrench holder retainer offers a unique design; there is no need to remove the retainer by the spring-loaded retaining plate. The function is enhanced by keeping the box-end wrench in a fixed position. This way, the operator can simply thread the HammerTight wrench retainer onto the stud with ultimate safety and speed. Also the HammerTight Wrench Retainer calls for 2 to 3 threads only to operate a full tightening or loosening rotation.



While enhancing the workplace safety, the PETOL™ HAMMERTIGHT™ Wrench Retainers increase the workflow speed. Here are some of the most notable benefits of using a retainer tool;

How it works

A high number of people are subjected to hand and finger injuries, due to crush and break point when using unsafe slugging hammer wrenches. With this tool we give you the possibility of replacing hazardous hammering motion with easy wrench handling.

The HammerTight slugging wrench is crafted at the meeting point of innovation, intelligible engineering and performance. This hands-free hammering device is essentially used for mechanical handling of pipes, loosening, tightening and even breaking outs of the bolts when required.  The function is rather simple following these three effortless steps;

  • HammerTight & Wrench

First, position the slogging ring wrench securely onto the nut, whether offset or straight, while placing the thread retainer on the stud subsequently.

  • HammerTight compressing Action

By lifting the wrench in an upward motion, the motion charges the compression spring loaded retainer– which reduces the need for the required force mechanically.

  • Adjusts the position of the retainer nut wrench

Re-adjust the position of the wrench on the nut. Then release the spring loaded plate for continuing the action. Repeat to continue.

  • Move to the next nut

When done with the tightening or loosening enough, you can move to the next nut. All you have to do is to pull back on the hands-free hammering device. Hence, the retaining plate will have clearance over the nut, empowered by spring loaded function- all without having to move the retainer.

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PETOL™ HAMMERTIGHT™ Wrench Retainer — Standard Sizes

PETOL™ HAMMERTIGHT™ Wrench Retainer — Metric Sizes

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