High Voltage Protection with Raychem RPG Dielectric Footwear

Working in environments prone to arc flash such as energy stations, high voltage machinery and maintenance of electrical cables obliges the workers to be equipped with safety garments. In simple language if an arc flashes where a flashover of electric current leaves its path, is a phenomenon that travels through air from a single conductor to another source, or to the ground. This can result in often fatal accidents and if a human is in close range to the arc flash, serious injury or even death can occur.

arc flash clothing

The Arc Flash Clothing Protection includes an inner layer topped with insulating clothing pieces that are worn on the outside, such as jackets, sweatshirts, pants, softshells and whole body coveralls as well as other accessories like helmets and boots.

All of our arc flash protection garments are made with premium material and in accordance with arc flash safety policies, tailored for reliable and secure use. Offering impeccable arc flash protection, these protective clothing for electricians are designed with visible markings for working in a variety of environments and available in distinctive colors.

Advantages of Using Arc Flash Clothing

Our arc rated clothing’s offers not only safety, they also present everyday comfort, for working over all day with no discomfort. They are made from allergy free, non-toxic and easy to wash and dry materials, without compromising the initial protection. Coverall arc flash clothing is designed with waistbands, belts, and buttons to offer a form fitting silhouette and hence a better maneuverability to the operator. To increase convenience, they also come with several tool and personal belonging pockets on the inner part as well as exterior for easy and quick access. All our arc rated garments are constructed with triple stitched seam to guarantee durability even after being exposed to arc flash incidents. Here are some activities that call for using arc flash clothing:

  • Data Centers
  • Substations
  • Energy sectors
  • Cable Maintenance and installation companies
  • Electrical work in residential and industrial sectors
  • Wind turbine maintenance
All of our arc flash clothing is tested and in compliance with the European Directives regulating PPE, also each purchased garment comes with a traceability code and safety certification for arc flash, visibility standards, corrosive substance exposure and PPE regulations.

What Is Arc Flash?

If high voltage electricity jumps out of its usual current, it creates a low impedance connection with another surface, such as an object or people’s bodies, which results in the release of energy and heat. This discharge is often extremely destructive and results in fatalities by an instantaneous and out-of-control explosion of electricity. The energy discharged through arc flash explosions can reach up to 9,000ºC.

Accidental Results from an Arc Flash

  • Burns (Non Fire Rated clothing can burn onto skin)
  • Heat (upwards of 9,000ºC) Arc Flash Clothing Protection PPE
  • Flying objects (molten metal objects)
  • Blast pressure (upwards of 2,000 lbs/sq.ft)
  • Sound Blast (noise can reach 140 dB – loud as a gun)
  • Fire (could spread rapidly through building)

How to be Prepared for Arc Flash Incidents

Using arc rated garment is the first line of protection when it comes to arc flash prone atmospheres. They are created to protect by a thoughtful approach to layering garments for an increased safety, including base, middle and outer arc rated clothing.

The first factor that is to look for when purchasing arcflash protection garments is Cal rating. Each arc flash prone site is categorized under a rating, hence safeguarded with different grades of clothing. This understanding helps to provide adequate protection to the workers and prevent accidents by an affordable and efficient approach. If in doubt, refer to FPA 70E guidelines to arc flash clothing requirements based on arc flash hazard categories.

Arc Flash Clothing includes several pieces that are worn singularly, or combined according to the safety assessment of a workplace.


Polo Shirts:

Arc rated polo shirts are fashioned with a long sleeve and high neck silhouette for maximum coverage. They are soft in tried and tested for arc flash and flame resistance: hence, they can also be used as welding flame resistant clothing. In addition to safety, our arc flash protection shirts are also stylish. They comply with Category 2 ARC with 14.2 cal/cm² protection. Other electrical protection grades are also available in demand.


The arc flash coveralls offer general head-to-toe protection, designed in mandarine, safety yellow and navy colors, and marked with highly visible, reflective material. PPE coveralls feature pockets for phones and other tools with flap covers, knitted color fastening, Velcro secured cuff tabs, adjustable waistband and hoodie for overall protection.

The arc protection grade of our ppe suits cal rating range from – 6 cal/cm², 8cal/cm2, 9.5cal/cm2 and more. Contact our experts at RAAH Safety to find out more about the cal rating corresponding to the voltage intensity of your workplace.


Crafted from arc rated and flame retardant clothing textiles, these arc flash trousers are constructed with dexterous material, thrillers stitched seam, kneepad pockets for a comfortable knee protection enhancement, enhanced crotch and jean style waistline fastening. These electrical protective equipment are available in the following arc ratings classifications: ARC 4 Cal, ARC 8 Cal, ARC 25 Cal, ARC 40 Cal.


The arc rated jackets are designed with inner fleece linen for additional comfort and skin soft touch, while reinforcing the jacket for winter use. Each jacket is tested and certified for arc flash resistance and moisture management for outdoor use.

The silhouette comes with arm pockets as well as flap top side pockets, and stretch rib hem for a form hugging fit. We offer different varieties of protective jackets for working in live environments with arc ratings including ARC 4 Cal, ARC 8 Cal, ARC 25.


Our arc rated helmets range from Class I and Class two varieties, available in simple or upgraded design with digital voltage detector. All our helmets are lightweight and ergonomic for seamless wear all day long without causing irritation or excess sweating.

The general categories include; integral helmets with hoods, helmets & visors, and face-shield only with neck coverage. The arc ratings include 8.4 Cal, 24 Cal, and 40 Cals.

Insulating Gloves

Hands are considered on the first line of hazards when it comes to handling charges surfaces and arc flash. Using the appropriate pair of insulating gloves is known to decrease electrical incidents by 50 percent. Our gloves comply with 8.5 and 50 cal arc ratings foe handling tasks near charged surfaces such as high voltage switch opening. However, we offer a variety of insulating gloves as inner and outer layers with different arc ratings as well.

Combine these PPE with other electric safety garments and accessories such as boots, undergarments for additional comfort and burn protection.

Final Thoughts:

All companies must follow the requirements of the Arc Flash Hazard label educating the workers to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), use of insulated tools and other safety related precautions. This includes not working on or near the circuit unless you are a “qualified” worker. If you require additional info on product’s arc rating, material and sizes or in need of consultation to find the perfect arc flash attire and personal protective equipment for electrical workers, please contact us and our experts at RAAH Safety will guide you through. Get the best deals on bulk purchases today.

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