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· Voltage Detectors

· Phase Comparators

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· Short-Circuiting Systems

· Portable Earthing Equipment & Kits

· Life Saving Intervention Kits

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· Insulating Rubber Gloves

· Insulating Matting

· Arc Flash Clothing

· LV up to 1000 volts

· HV up to 52kV (including 11kV 33kV)

· EHV above 52kV (including 66kV, 132kV, 275kV, 400kV)

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Summary of Electrical Hazards:

Electricity is the most used form of energy for our daily lives. But sometimes it can be a dangerous form of energy as it can cause injury. A current of 120 Volts at our home can lead to cardiac arrest or may cause death. Let's see the hazards that can cause due to electricity poses in details:

1. Electrical shock:

The passing of electrical current from the body leads to electrical shock. It happens when an individual touches both wires of an energized circuit. The amount of current flowing through the body, current path, length of time the body remains in the circuit and the current's frequency are the factors responsible for the severity of Injury.

2. Fire/Explosion:

Excessive resistance can lead to the generation of heat which can lead to Electrical fires or Electrical Explosion. Following are the things that may lead to excessive heat:

● Overcurrent protections fail

● Damaged electrical sockets

● Poor or Old wiring connections

● Flammable gas or dust mixture in the air can lead to an explosion.

3. Arc Flash Burns:

If a conductive object gets closer to an energized part can lead to Arc Flash. The temperature of the arc can rise as high as 35,000° F. This can lead to vaporize elements in the material.


1. It is too dangerous as arc flash can lead to severe skin burns due to direct heat exposure and igniting clothing.

2. The heating of air and evaporation of metal can cause pressure waves which damage hearing and might lead to memory loss and other injuries.

A variety of electrical safety products for Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Marine, Food & Beverage, and Engineering Industries rubber gloves and sleeves, etc. to improve protection, support, and productivity.

At the workplace, old wiring, flammable materials, fallen powerline, electrical cords that run under carpeting can cause electrical risks that can lead to serious injuries such as shocks and electrical burns.

RAAH Safety quality-based electrical safety products offer electrical life-saving kits to workers at the workplace for high-performance. These electrical safety ppe kits are excellent in quality, better insulation, grip, arc flash resistance, and dexterity.


Personal Protective Equipment for Electrical Safety

For electrical hazards shielding gloves plays an important role. It is the most essential equipment for protection against hazards. These safety gloves for electrical work protect the workers from facing injuries such as cuts, scrapes, chemicals, biological, etc.

These electrical safety gloves protect from this damage to the hands, wrists, fingers, and lower arms. Whereas most of the time it helps from hand protection and to safeguard against death.

A wide variety of gloves available for different categories of gloves such are disposable, general-purpose, cut-resistant, chemical-resistant, etc. Also, the other category that should not be overlooked is electrical insulating gloves.

At RAAH Safety we are having many types of electrical safety equipment available for worker's safety. Our potential clients are frequent buyers due to our quality-based products. But still many industries are not aware of electrical safety products for utility workers.

Types of Electrical Hazards

Not touching an electrical circuit does not mean that an individual is safe from electrical hazards. However, the maximum electrical injuries result from electrical burns occurring from an arc flash and ignition of flammable clothing. It is necessary for employers to provide personal protective equipment to employees

Arc blast created from an electrical arc flash can generate further injury to individuals and resources due to blasting equipment.

There are mostly 3 types of electrical hazards such as electrical shock, arc flash, and arc blast. These hazards are associated with working on energized equipment. This mostly happens in industries where low-voltage (under 600 volts AC) equipment is typically in use and high-voltage electrical utility plants.

Dangers that can cause due to electrical hazards:

Electrical Current can cause injuries to internal and external organs. Sometimes this can also cause cardiac arrest and leads to death. Its effect completely depends on the individuals and the amount of current passing through the body. Its effects range from mild tingling sensations to heart attack and electrical burns of tissue and organs, which also result in death.

Electrical Safety Program

Proper training and electrical safety program should be arranged by Employers to ensuring electricians are suitably provided with the proper protecting electrical safety clothing and equipment.

The training program should cover the electrical safety work practices for both qualified and unqualified persons. It should also cover the training for strictly obeying warning signage and staying outside flash protection boundaries for those who are escorting visitors within a plant.

Proper guidance and basic instructions to follow to avoid the accident. Motivating employees to avoid getting panic during risks.

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