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Rigtools clamps are utilized as a safe substitute to control vertical or straight OD tubular, handheld subs, or straps. These clamps offer an efficient alternative by enhancing hands-free safety by decreasing pinch points and crush points.

RIGTOOLS Clamp for an increased Safety on the rig

As innovative solutions to maneuver the lifting subs, rig tool clamps have become an integrated part of both a offshore plugins pin and onshore rigging stations. They replace the requirement for loose compartments in handling the lifting subs, hence making the process safe and straightforward while dealing with Bottom Hole Assembly Tubular, and also during well construction.

In addition to replacing loose equipment that may just slip off and create injuries, the secure clamping solution adds to the overall workflow efficiency. Instead of wasting time on examining the manual fixtures around the studs, finding a correct hold, or anticipating the safety aspects- the clamps stand as an all in one solution without having to worry about the risks usually involved in manual handling.

As both a safe and efficient solution, the rigtools clamp purpose aims at vertical as well as horizontal stud lifting. The clamps securely clutch around the tubular, by incorporating hooks which are tested for both resilience and reliability while operation.

Putting safety features aside, your rig personnel would also benefit from the ergonomic aspects of the rig tool clamps; they require much less muscle strain, while offering a convenient lifting posture. Therefore, most operators consider these clamps requiring much lower manual labor while enhancing their mental assurance of the safety of their workplace.

Do I Need RIGTOOLS Clamp?

Having a look at the history of the drilling clamps, they are produced by the engineers who worked at the drilling rig sites and understood the dangers of manual handling of tubular studs. As a response to the safety requirements of the rigging stations. They are engineered with a quick rig clamp which offers affordability, safety and efficiency all gathered in one tool addition.

The idea behind this innovation was to reduce the amount of unfixed compartments while maneuvering studs in Assembly Tubular; the traditional chain and shackle encasing were replaced by ineligible clamps that were locked around the hold, and reduced the chance of apparent risks by many folds.

After releasing the first line of the product, the workplace safety around the rigs increased significantly while handling lifting studs became much easier; these two characteristics earned fame for the rig tool clamps which soon became a popular addition to many rigging stations worldwide.

Key Specifications of RIGTOOLS Clamp

Riff tool clamps are constructed with dexterity for a reliable use, and replacing outmoded and unsafe methods when it comes to handling lifting studs regarding rigging tubular maintenance or operating. Here are the general specification of the built and utility of the rigging clamps;

Types of Rig Safety tools – Rigtools clamp complementary tools

For comprehensive risk reduction, your rig requires an integral approach to safety oilfield tools equipment that safeguard the most widespread incidents around offshore and onshore oil and gas rigs.

Speed Gonzales Pin Cleaner

Rigtools Clamp are positioned around the lifting subs without the usual instability that is present in the shackle and bolt mechanism when dealing with lifting subs.

BHA Drilling Washer Tool

BHA Drilling Washer Tool is used for an increased hands free safety, and to eliminate the manual maneuvering of the cleaning procedure involved in Bottom Hole Assembly and heavy duty rig pipes by a rotary wash drilling motion.

Elevator Handling Tool

Instead of manual handling, Elevator Handling Tool utilizes moving and replacing the pipes during maintenance and well construction. Drop pipe elevators are designed with slings and shackles to secure the pipe when suspended.

Drift Cabinet

20 attachments of DP, HWDP, DC and other tubulars, all constructed from corrosion free and robust stainless steel, are gathered in a cabinet as an all in one and safe solution to drilling rig requirements.

Hit-hat Doper

To keep the bucket content safe, Hit-hat Dopers are structured with a bucket lift stand and a lid, fashioned from resilient stainless steel. The high hat cleaners equipment is used to keep impurities and dirt out of valuable dopes.

Pipe Wash & Dope Tool

Crafted with an automated derrick, Pipe Wash & Dope Tool is used as a hands free safety equipment to efficiently wash the DP and DC, wherever personnel are restricted from reaching by safety measures.

Poncho Hole Cover

Poncho Pipe Hole Covers are crafted to prevent objects from falling in and creating costly consequences. Poncho with arm holes come with Velcro strips in a circular shape to cover the tubular or wells.

Rigtools Backsaver

As the name indicates, Back Saver is a slip lifter that is powered, while cutting down the need for manual lifting of heavy slips around rigging stations.

FOSV Handling Tool

Whether it is a cable or bail, FOSV Handling Tool helps to optimize the lifting and maneuvering precision by handling the valve operation.

MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer

Debris and mud is a common issue to deal with around rigging stations; MONSOON Shaker Screen design offers a completely automated solution to wash and safely dispose of a waste container.

PITBULL Torque Tool

PITBULL Torque Tool was designed to replace the hand-operated pumps and end caps and provide control over the closure, opening or moderation of the fluid end caps.


Typhoon water pipes are constructed as a substitute to manual cleaning of the rings red zones, TYPHOON pinch tab wiper blades increase the efficiency while using a diverter system or casing string funneling.

Horse Flowline Magnets

The heavy snapping ditch magnets help to loosen the mud by attracting metal compounds available in the mud composition by mechanical filtration. Drilling magnets are easy to maintain and structured for installation of the flow box system.

Rotary Table Hole Cover

Made from durable nylon, Rotary Table Hole Cover is a simple yet effective addition to the rigging system to cover a drilling hole while out of operation or under maintenance to avoid tool drop. Additionally, the safety color of these hole covers remains visible even at night to the eyes of personnel walking at proximities.

Our Final Advice

With years of on-field experience, our experts at RAAH Safety highly recommend the replacement of the traditional stud lifting methods with the simple yet innovative rig tool clamps. Your safety is our first objective and must be yours as well when working in highly hazardous environments like oil rigs.

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