Stiffy Snare Tool


As a response to a safer working environment, the Stiffy Snare Tool is an innovative creation in accordance with industrial hands free tools policies. The snare swivel tool is designed to establish a neutral zone between personal safety and handling heavy loads that are often subjected to crush points and harmful exposure related incidents. The design implications help in curtailing the risk factors that workers are exposed to while operating in potentially hazardous situations; given the correct training to use the tool and quality standards of the snare tool itself.

Ideal for movement of Drill pipes of various sizes in both vertical and horizontal positions. Stiffy Snare Tools offer non-slip grips, automatic locking, and a sturdy shaft. Available in dual or single release varieties. Stiffy Snare Tool creates a buffer zone between personal safety and handling heavy loads. 100% manufactured in USA it is useful in offshore rigs and on shore platforms, road trucks, construction and industrial factories, and other similar industries.


The usability of the Stiffy Snare Tool engulfs any area with a hazardous proximity, whether imposed by extreme temperatures, chemical perils, or heavyweight loads. In any case, the workers are required to maintain a safe distance.

On shore platforms and offshore drilling rigs: while most of the weight around such platforms is controlled by axial and automated loading, there is still a substantial manual administration of heavy-duty tools and substances while repairing and maintaining the mechanism. As a functional pipe catcher, maneuvering drill pipes and suspended loads require a close touch, which can be kept at a reliable buffer zone with a high-quality snare tool and expanding this zone with stiffy snare pole.

Over the Road Trucks: workers are often exposed to pinch and crush points while loading consignments on OTC trucks. Even in case of using crane load maneuvers, the process still requires controlling, spotting, loading and unloading the freightage manually.

Construction and Industrial factories; industrial production is synonymous with handling heavy loads of goods, whether in line of receiving raw material, production, or delivering the goods. Similarly, construction works, from small habitable buildings to skyscraper construction sites, require hands free solutions for potentially hazardous work loads.

Stiffy snare tools have a widespread use; in order to specify your needs of a similar safety stick around bundles of drill pipes, we recommend you to discover the new lines of OHS pipe catcher.

Notable Features

Depending on the job requirement, the utility attributes of snare tool may differ. Although understanding the features and briefed training on mechanisms of this automated noose tool is of utmost relevance for an increased efficiency.

It is vital to understand that these new generation stiffy snares are an innovative take on the late generation safety hand tools that maximize the buffer zone and usability convenience. Here are some highlights on the Stiffy Snare;

The STIFFY SNARE TOOL features improved non-slip grips, automatic locking mechanism and super strong aluminum or stainless steel shaft. The Dual Release uses a spring loaded noose release to extend the cable through the tool to release the tubular or the slide control which instantly drops the noose from the tool for an increased controllability.


RAAH Stiffy 24″ Snare Tool Single Release Aluminum

RAAH Stiffy 36″ Snare Tool Single Release Aluminum

RAAH Stiffy 48″ Snare Tool Single Release Aluminum

RAAH Stiffy 60″ Snare Tool Single Release Aluminum


RAAH Stiffy 36″ Snare Tool Dual Release Aluminum

RAAH Stiffy 48″ Snare Tool Dual Release Aluminum

RAAH Stiffy 60″ Snare Tool Dual Release Aluminum


Final Thoughts

With a high number of hand injuries due to crush and pinch points, the Stiffy Snare Tool was introduced as an alternative to hand-on load management, providing no touch tools safety. In addition to decreasing the number of related injuries, it also displays a higher efficiency in time and energy while doing so.

The comprehensive guide above is an introduction of features and mechanism of the tool. It is recommended to control the utilitarian features each time before utilizing to avoid incidents. Always use protective wear and other safety measures based on the nature and requirements of the working environment.

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