The stinger rolls are used to carry out the pipelining procedures, installation of cable lines, and critical umbilical links for safe accessibility to the subsea wells. Hence, pipe roller supports are an inseparable part of offshore pipe installations.

Vessel operators require pipe stringers to support pipe laying systems with reliability, even in the most challenging environmental conditions. To meet the performance demands of these tasks, our innovative pipe support rollers are made from polyurethane to deliver the best results.


Any pipelining should be performed with maximum support and fastening of the pipe in order to avoid jeopardizing the entire system by unwanted movement of the pipes. Other functional applications of the stringer rolls are in deep-sea industrial drilling and offshore pipe lining stations, and also used as tank turning rolls.

The technical application of the pipe supports covers four principal areas;

  • Providing anchorage to the pipe during installation; This also increases maneuverability of the welded pipes while setting a pipe into the water.
  • Assisting guidance; Precision in guidance of the pipes during the seabed emplacement operations.
  • Shock absorbent features: To protect the external layer of the pipes and cables, shock absorption is essential to prevent potential impact and breakages.
  • Supporting heavy loads: Handling seabed pipes is a heavy duty operation and requires withstanding heavy loads. To avoid mid operation miscalculations, please refer to the load capacity of the stringer rolls before purchase.

As a general rule, the stinger pipeline is designed according to operational factors and load capacity.


The pipe is rolled using the stringer and its pipe support rollers for a controlled submersion into the water. We use Ridderflex pipe rollers for their optimum performance and reliability and sustainable life cycle. These rollers are made from durable polyurethane to offer an outstanding grip for controlling the operation, while safeguarding the outer body of the pipe- such operations are considered sensitive in nature- since a small crack and breakage can cause leakage and unfavorable financial or environmental outcomes.

To maintain operational balance and precise pipe laying, the pipe is attached to a stringer, offering an even control over the orbit of the pipe. This is to ensure accurate establishment of the pipe over the seabed. We have also the other product of Ridderflex- Offshoreand Marine Fenders.

Innovative Pipe Support Rollers

The pipe support rollers serve two primary purposes; one, providing accuracy through tensile force, and two, prevention of pipe damage. Unlike rubber pipe roller wheels, the polyethylene edition offers superior performance and longer life cycle. Our rollers are available in a variety of length, thickness, color, hardness, and additional coating for further protection.

During the manufacturing process, each batch is tested for safety standards, including resistance to abrasion, UV, corrosive chemicals, and performance stipulations such as hardness, load bearing, protection level, etc. On each purchase, you will receive a test certificate with detailed specifications.

Here are the major highlights of our Pipe Support Rollers;

  • Extent of Thickness; based on application, environmental factor and client’s requirements, the pipe rolls support’s thickness varies and is available in costume built editions.
  • Tensile Resistance (hardness): the standard pipe rollers for welding are available with a tensile resistance of 60 Shore A to 95 Shore A, along with customized varieties.
  • Color Code: polyethylene material permits a variety of coloring schemes. Our pipe rollers heavy duty editions are available in a handful of standard colors as well as custom made.
  • Epoxy Layer Coating: to provide further protection from seawater and corrosive elements, any area of the pipe track rollers that is not covered with polyethylene, such as the steel surfaces, can be coated with epoxy coating.

Features of Polyethylene Rollers

Our pipe wheels rollers are designed for excellent resilience and performance. Here are some of the most notable properties of our high-geared pipe rollers;

Customize Your Pipe Laying Systems with Our Fail Proof Pipe Support Rollers:

Ranked as the elite supplier of stinger Singapore, Raah Safety is a distributor of standard and customized linings for pipe rigging rollers and stinger production equipment to numerous marine stations and offshore pipe laying industries. If you require consultation to find out about the perfect thickness or hardness of the rollers in your system, our team of experts can help you narrow down the perfect option accordingly. Contact us today to place an order or get a quotation.

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